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Totti is Great

Adriano Takes To Step up and Irritates Roma Coach - Roma vs Inter 25/09/2010 Serie A

Monterra home debut for the director, Roma 2-2 draw with Parma pain. The 19-minute games played captain Totti 600, PK from preemptive. 36 Juan minutes but additional points. But the late collapse,
Amauri scored two goals and suffered 79 minutes to 74 minutes. Minute 80, Paci sent off in the second yellow.

Roma coach emphasized physical problems. "I took 24 shots in 30 minutes. It does not matter or mental models.'s Team had a clear downturn.
Results or even play like today, but I believe within the top four. Would take time, have confidence, "

Just one more step to show limitations Roman victory. Adriano problems as well. He awaited the return is rejected out of the villa. Honor club, inexcusable behavior.If a professional does not act, that there is a termination clause.

Montali executive said, "Adriano not appear. We do a lot of things for players, it very hard. She had been selected as a member advocate.Certainly, his attitude today is unacceptable "

Captain Totti told the pitch and stood proud. "Rome is a part of myself. Victory against Parma in a different way.


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