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Zanetti 519 games played Players Interview Part 1

Theme: It's Inter.

Serie A game against Bologna on Sunday welcomed a record 519 games played record held by Inter, along with his .519 Beppe level waste, and player interviews Javier Zanetti.

Incidentally Serie ※ A record holder seems to match the best 648 players of Milan Paolo Marcello Lamberto Dini yuan.

Quote from Gazetta dello Sport today.

August 27, 1995, Vicenza Intel VS. Forget that this is the first game I'm not?

Like in the San Siro. I think it never forget. But sometimes you play against Boca in Argentina My team is playing with the tifosi have called 60,000 people have experienced that I did not.

Unforgettable game? -

In 2007, it is a game with Siena. The first Scudetto was won on the pitch. Cried so much that at the time, it was a long time.

Did not want to fight it?

What would you understand? The May 5, 2002. I've been fighting a year suffering, I'm wasted I got it all in 90 minutes.

The most difficult game as captain?

In 2006, You're game in Florence. Jachinto Faketti died 20 days. [Should have everything you had as a person. Would be lonely. Chao, Jachinto] I've played and written by Mark the captain.

Most suffered a blow, or gave the game?

Intel VS Juventus 1-0 with goals from Jorukaefu. Were beaten to do ... it was in play I had to be strong Juventus, and ultimately I guess it was approximately the same.

For the best goal? Goals and your goals and other players.

My goal is for the game in Verona in 1996. You're head over Jorukaefu But what a different world.

And when you laugh the most, if not cried?

When throwing a uniform face the Ruchesuku Taribo West. (Laughter) It was a hard fight back. I cried when he was injured in the match against Lazio when Ronaldo. Olimpico is silent, I can still remember got goose bumps.

"Failed!" Called on the play?

Maybe when you are allowed a goal back To Batistuta is well Pojoshon Pedroni.

The most difficult to do the stadium?

(Naples), it is San Paolo. Not hard to do is called the bad kind of excited to play in the Naples, I mean.

"Jeez, I have to do today marks him!" Player and you had to think?

You're Nedved. What time, what he and I faced off in the same zone! I remember 90 years and ran over here to there at the game against Lazio ran it without stopping it, also played two people.

Best teammates were relying on?

Baggio and Ronaldo to play with when I felt the strongest.

First, it was crazy? -

Taribo West, but it introduced in episode 2 Bucchigiri only one, 20 or 30 I have an interesting story. Lippi when he was coach, during practice, but I said to him Lippi. "Taribo, I forward toward more! "Once, twice, three times .... Taribo still did not. Lippi will suspend the practice and asked,.
"Why did I listen to what I say!"'m Taribo replied. "Why, God has me (a forward) is closer to the saying that."

The second episode?

One night, and I had invited religious rites are performed in his home and Ivan Zamorano me. "I pray for a bit, and then supper." And he said I was,The appointed time was 19:00. ... When 20 was still praying. 9:00 pm, was still praying. At 22, I was still praying.After all, who was just fed midnight.

Most teammates are feeling bad?

You're Chiriaco Sforza. I do not feel that bad, players were never laugh. Never, I.

Mates are feeling fit?

Barotta it. We spent two people have a hard time completely different outlook on life. You're about right.

Disagreed with the coach?

The relationship between coach and player Taruderri, but it had no less than that. (Not happened), just like him.

Disagreed with the referee?

Braschi was sent off but its only me, "Bravo." I said so to him. Is not the truth even. Bravo, but again Give me a break perfectly. "Had just become trash and Koronneze dismissal bell. And I'm taking hits were sent off to me too. (Intel vs Parma match of the Coppa Italia)

Best teammates help me?

It did Inter get by on that Intel was teammates with garbage Bell, and many told me I could understand.

Most players would have to waste your talent?

It Rekoba Cino. I do not know how much talent or even himself. Also because of his directors who is also because of .... I think it was a loss even for Calcio.

The successful joke?

At one point, the old spikes that had burned the Vinteru Inche. I got the frantic Inche (laughs). Gone wrong while he was in Naples, you're at the window and threw buckets of water from the hotel Galante. It has become the commotion I amazing.

Zanetti is a player in the game against Bologna and the captain put the game embroidered bell-record holder and the dust profile of his profile! !


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