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Usain Bolt 9.58 100m New World Record Berlin [HQ]

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Fastest man in the history of mankind, but Usain Bolt, suggesting soccer turned into. In an interview with BBC and, four years after the "debut" hope.Manchester United is a dream club, MF would like to play as.In Jamaica, but did he kick the ball from a young age, day dream come true What will come.

(Bolt) says the following. "I believe that certainly can be a footballer. In Jamaica has been kicking the ball from a young age,It was a dream to play in the Premier League footballers to become reality. But now is impossible. 9 seconds, because four out absolutely never be broken. During the four years from now I want to achieve. " Bolt is now 24 years old, in age is certainly a realistic story. Incidentally,Eto'o and company Puma has signed a contract with the same best friend relationship. Information obtained may have a variety of football already.

Therefore, it is worrisome position. 196cm, 96kg in stature and tough as the big sprinters are called bolts. Rapid alive again, FW surprising answer came back too and I thought what you want, playing on the wing.

"Well, I'd probably, MF defensive or aggressive as I want to play," Really, four years after the fight and how? ?


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