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Fernando Torres - The Monster

Luis Suarez - Welcome To Liverpool 2010-2011 HD

Well, hey go out to Liverpool Torres ・ ・ ・ I'm sorry. Destination is Chelsea, and you turn Arun. Well, I know it was his hope.

While Carroll was his first choice seems to Liverpool from Newcastle ・ ・ ・ but "The club wanted the money," he said with just a touch and his critics, where Newcastle would be the budget.

Liverpool is now the combination of bumps Suarez also scored a 2Top Uruguay.
You know, not a permanent move because Nagatomo deadline moved to Intel, "Cesena players," Well that is unchanging, but I'm, I'm rating high. Now, everyone can be active is the obvious question.

Torres is missing that, finally, you may be able to face the team in one direction. I admire the bold decision is a legend.And after his first goal in the decision to substitute Suarez way, even the mood of Anfield climax. It was a game worthy of newborn sail in Liverpool. At this point, but with the added Carroll, a team is going to be even more fun.

Change the owner and director, and the release of an absolute ace, Liverpool moved around dramatically during the six months. As far as today's match, off the floor, in front certainly, and I feel started climbing upwards. -Liverpool is such a welcome party this weekend, Chelsea were fate.
If you can get results now, thinking we can expect a late comeback.


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