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Roberto Carlos top 10 sensational goals

Roberto Carlos, mentally limited by the threat to transfer abroad ...

 DF former Brazil Corinthians 10 that it had received threats from supporters Roberto Carlos revealed.

 Unable to participate due to the Copa Libertadores first-ever Main Draw Club "came with his family threatened a phone call at home, The tail on a motorcycle and a car to go out, "confessed. "The situation is helpless," Roberto Carlos and mental state has reached its limit, That Brazil wishes to transfer to another country.

On June 5, at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich OB seems to be planning to hold a race. We did in Milan last year but vs Madrid, Bayern version of it now. In particular, such as Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos will play, the game would also have meaning for them tribute, he says. Bayern fight, do not feel anything ... I was always rough. Raul is usually applied in an uproar And just wonder why there is a feeling against Bayern Munich was sharp.Effenberuku standoff with or, as I was 03/04 when the dispute could have been. Roberto Carlos Ronaldo too, how fine. Glanced at the article, After the defeat in the Copa Libertadores Corinthians recently been burdened with the responsibility of defeat from the fan pretty hard, and sometimes threatening phone calls received, Roberto Carlos is also the possibility of transferring ...


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