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superpippo inzaghi goal collection

Parma has also been appointed from among his successors but Inzaghi FW Parosuki lot, moved to Genoa in the form of an old man pushed the power lost Crespo。
Serie A Morimoto Takayuki is currently spending every day in agony. J-06 debuted in the official game of the youngest ever league 15 years 10 months, and, J cited the official score will be the youngest in the league 16 years. In 2004, the J has won the league award for Best Newcomer.
Morimoto and goal of the match against Juventus in the other day, I felt like detracts from the per, there is the reason why I think still need improvement.

Inzaghi and the feeling that there is not much power in the chute, Direct hit a shot that the technology is there something exceptional, again, if the technology is no power, no power if the technology thing is I think there is a translation.


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