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Inter Milan [ 0 - 1 ] Bayern Munich || Goals || 23-2-2011

Tottenham-Milan 9-3-2011|The war of the Devil |PROMO HD|

Inter × Bayern Munich

The game was in full swing, it was open from around 60 minutes, the percentage chance of an attack can make what was about 4:6 Bayern Intel.Where rough personality that I thought both teams are out tan. A pair of defensive fantasy Intel still great.Never get tired of watching it. But Leonardo was slow because there is no build-up the whole.
In order to remove the mark Sneijder during the attack outside the anchor role of the press wanted to take a high position while actively change,
(Zanetti, Cambiasso que Sneijder estará cerca de lo que voy a trabajar duro Motta.) Posición en el receptor, ya que estaba a medio camino alrededor de la mitad puede ser la línea de la espalda, Eto'o finalmente aislado.
Stankovic was a little spicy from good to even start to form after turning Haruja possible. Whether I was not injured Ranokkia put ... I have a problem.

Bayern have not only seen as CL, good spirited attack scenes do not remember much from the beginning (a recent story I can say.)
Time getting used to the game during the second half, increasing the chance of inching up possession of the ball, however raise the alarm and start the game and brought in Robben Ribery to a higher position.So important is pretty much how to prevent or until it runs. If winning is luck or lack of decisiveness on the other, she'll surprisingly tolerable. -Such a place like the German team. Also, if there are two points to about Robben and is not behind Muller.

Well, the next section, but to increase the manpower at Intel. If you can not only leave the game players, or at least the top two, I only hope that there is no try.Figo shot three covers and Baresi and Leonardo? Innovation gonna have to be troubled by itself.


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