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Barcelona vs Arsenal |Trailer| 2011*

Inter Mailand - FC Bayern 0:1 [23.2.2011] CL 11 Champions League Gomez

Best CL 16 Highlights

After Tottenham, CL 16 best highlights I saw. First of all, Barcelona vs. Arsenal. First goal of taking back the Villa. The tsunami, which had earlier praised the move out of the Villa, I thought enough.

After that chance to make many times and could not decide. What has changed is the flow into Arshavin. Robin Van Percy, Arshavin scored twice on reverses.

Wow, you know in Barcelona, I beat it this way.Then this brief highlights, but feel I wish I do not know.

Gunners Barcelona 2-1

Tottenham vs Milan next. Reon the ball over Zlatan mistake, it swiftly.
Milan can not deal with his speed.Crouch was waiting to pass the street in front of goal, goal.
Milan lost the tie Zlatan goal offside. It seems like the Tottenham defense. Yoshi Yoshi!


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