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Inter : Nagatomo vs Roma 長友 ローマ戦 デビュー 2011/2/6

Nagatomo 60,000 cheers shook the Holy Land! Acclaimed debut

 Prestigious world's leading Serie A Japanese national who moved to Inter Milan's city DF Nagatomo Yuu (24) September 6, 30 minutes later in left-held at home against Roma (SB) played on the way, played a long-awaited debut in the big club.

 The opportunity to direct and immediately cross twice exert attack. Take a big cheer from the 60,000 spectators that filled the sanctuary Giuseppe Meazza, (Intel supporter) was fascinated. Also the game 5-3 victory in his debut accompanied by flowers.

 Yuu Nagatomo is wearing a blue and black uniforms, tore up the left side of the shrine. 30 minutes late, great cheer shook the hall calls in the middle of the play. 34-minute finish remains the 、Low in the left side of the pin-point cross for Eto'o FW. Cambiasso 37 MF according to the MIcon had decided to play a fine line on both goals. Instead of greeting the impact was enough.

 First-class know the big time. Also share the same breath with those around why join five days. "Excited. Sleep today. Siro (formerly the stadium) is special because after all, Stand on the pitch at the heart trembled. She is the director felt remembrance to arrive early to get out there in the game. " Adrenaline does not stop after the game. It was hysteria in the interview area.

 The shock was transferred two days later won the Asian Cup on January 29, every day be finally settled the turbulent stage of being put into place his real ability. Enemy territory against Juventus next 13 days 、Europe Day 23 CL against Bayern M have to wait. As part of the world's most powerful army, and certainly step forward Yuu Nagatomo.


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