Italian and German national was the game in Dortmund Germany_Brazil's_Thiago Motta _Ranokkia_Kierrini_Juventus_Klose_Buffon_Inter

Germany vs Italy 1-1 - All goals & Full Match Highlights - Klose Goal - 09-02-2011

Top 10 saves by Buffon - Le migliori 10 parate di Buffon

Wednesday 09 test matches were held throughout Europe. Italian and German national was the game in Dortmund, Germany. Puts to the test matches during the season if injuries annoying member of the club is a subtle game. Italy, especially non-serious game, but I have a tendency to cut corners, W in that game against the old enemy, who plays in Germany and many in the Battles of the cup, a little game of getting a TV to watch an interesting thought. New to the Italian squad has been selected as Brazil's Thiago Motta was an Italian-Italian nationality. Puranderri coach, there even shorter training time, Based on the combination of the top two samples (Cassano and Pattsuini), center back duo of Bali yuan (Bonutchi Ranokkia and "hired. Were appointed to positions in the past the left-and Kierrini. The left Kierrini the They are tried in January after winning back the center Baruzarri club Juventus, has been put out good results. Italy is missing from human resources to a wing, Kierrini is converted to a left-right . The game was sweet and piercing a chance to mark a moment in team defense 17 minutes early, the preemptive Klose .

We fight back to Italy many times, but there is a scene in Italy at 2 PK that may be given, be unable to break the first half of the German defense in the end 0-1.

Italy's Rossi second half to the combination Borierro top two. This shift has paid off, giving a sense of speed to attack Italy, Rossi determine the tying goal with 36 minutes.

Italy launches the attack gained momentum, but still, it is not possible to take the game 1-1 in extra points ended. Show was well saved by Buffon, who returned as usual stable long represented. This member was called, was elected to her first Jovinko he moved to Parma, The one point I was as a replacement Jovinko before, because it was considered to be elected to represent, I am happy his election.

Inferior at the game, agile movements and a variety of paths, he wants to give effect to the other person very tired, started the second half.I am happy that now even a few elected representatives from Intel, and finally Italy.


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