The Inter Milan Milito "Forlán's leading players of" real

The Inter Milan Milito "Forlán's leading players of" real

 Argentina's Diego Milito FW Inter Milan on March 30, Italian paper "La Stampa" in an interview,About FW Diego Forlan from Atletico Madrid since the representative of Uruguay, gave legitimacy to the height of its power.

"Forlán knows that well. In the past (the days of Zaragoza), from a player who I played against many times. I can affirm that, Inter Milan is a great player that won.

He's a real major player that can make a difference. His experience and motivation, will it help us win the title of a great team. "

 Milito is a cry to the failure last season was explained that in the conditions of the new Wanquan for the season.

"You can celebrate the season in good condition and have been very satisfied. Through the experience of last season, I became more patient.However, once you stand on the pitch "emergency brake" It's not catching. If you play such long, I think that off the Pike "

 On the other hand, Sukudetto (the title of Serie A) for battle, showed the view that there is more chance of winning teams.

"I am the absolute winners this season, thinks not. Milan, Inter Milan, Naples, Rome would have said the same level"


Ejiru _Real Madrid_Barcelona_German _Bild_Spanish Super Cup _Zaragoza_La Liga

Ejiru Real Madrid. "We are on the same level as Barcelona"

 MF Ejiru German team Real Madrid, the German paper "Bild" said in an interview on the status of the team.

Ejiru first to comment on the Spanish Super Cup was held on August 14 and 17, stressed that the fight to compete with Barcelona but has missed the team title.

"In the Super Cup defeat had bad luck. But in those two games, was proved to be the same level as Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid now,"

 Real Madrid's 6-0 victory at Zaragoza in La Liga opener. Ejiru noted the importance of victory in the opener.

"The results have been very satisfied. It was a great victory, victory in the opener has an important meaning. To start the season in good form values ​​from lead to confidence."


Historic victory to Arsenal Manchester United, Rooney hat-trick

Historic victory to Arsenal Manchester United, Rooney hat-trick

Man U is Rooney (10th) took a hat-trick eight goals, such as, containing historic victory to Arsenal

 Section 3 Premier League was held on May 28, Manchester United (Man U) vs. Arsenal game is to defeat Arsenal 8-2 in the Man U goal rush home, Adorned the third straight season, along with Manchester City. Rooney for Man U in this game and decided to PK FK two, a hat trick.

In addition, Ryo Miyaichi Arsenal in his right foot discomfort, the members were not convened.

 Throughout the Man U, showed an overwhelming force was a game. Man U in turn created the opportunity take the shine off Arsenal's path from the beginning, the score an opening goal on 22 minutes Welbeck's current top form.

Get a chance to tie the PK to get even 26 minutes Arsenal, Robin van Persie's shot is blocked by GK Dehea.

Then 28 minutes after that, Man U will take the second point and decided to shoot bright young middle, and as early as 3-0 with goals from Rooney from 42 minutes to FK.

It returns a point in the first half injury time goal for Walcott to Arsenal is also celebrating a half-time leave of inferiority.

 Arsenal has begun the second half but gradually regain the rhythm of the attack, killing a chance to continue playing with Arshavin, not give extra points.

Man U Conversely, when determining a match 4-1 as Rooney scored a goal 64 minutes from the FK again, from where they finish the show. What 67 minutes, Man U goal superimposed alternating sung to 70 minutes of play,

When a hat trick in the 87th minute Rooney PK decided to mark the first eight points in the middle kept the young shoots of injury time to.

Arsenal is a one-point drop in the bucket, but returned 75 minutes Van Persie, it suffered a humiliating 2-8 defeat against Man U.


Barcelona-Spain soccer victory departure

Barcelona-Spain soccer victory departure

1 Spanish league soccer 29, is made per game is third straight victory in Barcelona on 5-0 Villarreal, starting out with opening win.


Manchester United _European soccer leagues _England _Arsenal _Tottenham _Manchester City _Zaragoza _Real Madrid's _Ronaldo _Barcelona _Bayern Munich _Takashi Usami _Schalke _Atsuto Uchida

Manchester United and Real in the first place with three straight wins is a good starting question.

Each European soccer leagues (22 to 28), England 8-2 to Arsenal against Manchester United Palace Emblem of two consecutive targeting, took the lead in the opening three straight wins.

Tottenham defeated Manchester City also, by goal difference in second place with unbeaten in three races.

 Strike delayed the opening under the influence of Spain was in the 6-0 victory at Zaragoza he scored three goals for Real Madrid's Ronaldo aiming to win for the first time in four quarters.

Third consecutive victory in Barcelona will face Villarreal on March 29.

 Germany will win 3-0 in Kaiserslautern Bayern Munich hat-trick of Takashi Usami Gomez, took the lead with nine points.

Schalke Atsuto Uchida second in the points chase the same.

 Twente Netherlands kicked off four straight wins. France from opening winning streak was stopped at 3 Montpellier.



The champion for the first time in Barcelona two seasons. European Super Cup  

The champion for the first time in Barcelona two seasons. European Super Cup  

26th European Super Cup soccer, held in Monaco,Last season's European Champions League (CL) champions Barcelona (Spain) European league champions Porto (Portugal), down 2-0, won for the fourth time played the first time in two seasons.

Barcelona and Messi to open the scoring on 39 minutes early goal FW, and additional points in the MF Cesc played 43 minutes during the second half.




Barcelona _Guardiola_Porto_Super Cup_European Super Cup _Puyol _Gerard Pique _Spanish national _Martin Montoya _プジョル_ピケ_代表選手

Barcelona coach Guardiola's "attack on Porto" real "I"

Guardiola was evaluated to maximize the strength coach of Porto will play in the Super Cup.

 Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola on July 25, faces the press conference the day before the European Super Cup against FC Porto,Failure to write about both a center back Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique in this game, "win or lose is not an excuse," and made clear.

"Puyol and Pique will not want to be sure. But it can not win just because we can not play two people's messenger. We should immediately as a difficult challenge,"

Guardiola also director for Porto's opponents were evaluated to maximize its power.

"Porto's team comes in overwhelming power to defeat the opponent. As soon as the ball take a high position in the" real "coming of attacking. Play they have a clear intention that each one The. Every year, many of the following players are interchanged, they continue to win the title unchanged "

 Meanwhile, the Spanish national was announced yesterday, was convened for the DF Martin Montoya belonging to the Barcelona B, Guardiola said: director interspersed with jokes.
"Once the players chosen to represent the organization's bottom I was surprised. However, this is a surprise in a good way. He definitely would be treated may be typical.If Puyol and Pique recovery, the team of which I would be aligned with the national team of 11 people "



FIFA rankings, is the first No. 1 on behalf of the Spanish Netherlands

FIFA rankings, is the first No. 1 on behalf of the Spanish Netherlands

  The 24th FIFA (International Football Federation) has announced the latest in the world rankings, was replaced in the first place the Netherlands from Spain.

But has maintained the top spot in Spain in July 2010, the defeat in a friendly match with Italy on the 10th month (1-2) resonance, was pulled down at that point in the Netherlands last year's World Cup final .

Meanwhile, since 1993 the Netherlands began to be ranked as aggregates, as well as the first crowned with laurel, Germany, Brazil, Italy, France, Argentina, next to Spain, became the seventh country and come out on top.

 In addition, the top 10 but faces change, except the Netherlands, England to fourth from sixth to seventh from eighth and Italy, respectively climbed from 10th to ninth Argentina.

Meanwhile, outside Spain, Brazil from fourth to sixth, seventh to eighth from Portugal, their ranking dropped to 10th from ninth in Croatia.

The latest FIFA rankings top 10 is as follows (points in parentheses) -

1位:Netherlands (1596)
3位:Germany (1330)
4位:England (1177)
5位:Uruguay (1174)
6位:Brazil (1156)
7位:Italy (1110)
8位:Portugal (1060)
9位:Argentina (1017)
10位:Croatia (1009)



Inter Milan transfer the Forlán

Inter Milan transfer the Forlán


1 Spanish league soccer, and Atletico Madrid's Uruguayan representative Forlán FW, Italy 1 league (Serie A) leading sports daily Marca, Spain and the aspect ratio of up to 25 and decided to transfer to Inter Milan with the task to which they belong and DF Nagatomo online edition reported.

Forlán World Cup last year (full W) becomes the best player and top scorer of the Copa America in July of this year led to victory in their home country.

Inter Milan had agreed to transfer to the suggestion of the Russian Premier League ace Eto'o.



Eto'o transfer to Russia

 Eto'o transfer to Russia

Indicative of the Russian Premier League soccer on July 23, FW representatives Cameroon Eto'o (30) Italian league to win one (Serie A) announced an agreement with Inter Milan's.

In the expected three-year contract transfer fee is reportedly about 30 million euros (£ 3.3 billion) to EUR 20 million salary (£ 2.2 billion) that.

 Eto'o moved to Intel in 2009 from Barcelona, ​​Spain 1 League, Champions League (CL) has contributed to such domination.

Suggestible Kerimofu millionaire who sponsored the Russians are also a member of Brazil Roberto Carlos DF original.



Second consecutive victory in the opening win over Tottenham and Manchester United, he is a new force

Second consecutive victory in the opening win over Tottenham and Manchester United, he is a new force

 22 English Premier League, one game is made in Section 2, Manchester United (Man U) and 3-0 win over Tottenham, and graced the opening two-game winning streak.

 Became the home opening game at Old Trafford for Man U, 0-1 first half both teams lacked the resolution into half-time remains 0.

But the second half, Man U are young, what started the engine takes offense at the center of the Welbeck, gradually grasp the rhythm of the game.

 61 minutes and celebrated with a pre-emptive suit in Welbeck head of a pin-point cross Cleverley, this game would be expanded from a one-man U.

Man U is Welbeck, Nani, and we shoot the next rain Rooney et al, prevented by a good save Tottenham's desperate for a GK Friedel.

76 minutes, but Anderson has a shot in front of the path of the Welbeck goal, second goal with the combination wrench to play vividly Man U.

 Man U's Ferguson is confident of victory in goal, in 81 minutes Young, Welbeck, Cleverley down at once, Hernandez, sung, to bring the show room Giggs.

Man U is even more offensive then decided to head a 87th minute cross from Giggs Rooney, the third point of making doubly sure. Leave the game was completed, the Man U were eliminated by the new forces and young but he's lacking in a major injury, players once again showed the thickness of the layer.



FC Barcelona's Spanish league 1 May 15, the English Premier League Arsenal from Cesc Fabregas won in a five-year contract.

FC Barcelona's Spanish league 1 May 15, the English Premier League Arsenal from Cesc Fabregas won in a five-year contract.

 Putting an end to the uproar continued long-term transfer, Cesc has eight years' old haunt, "returned to. Transfer fee of € 29 million (£ 3.2 billion), with turnover up to € 35 million to be paid.

 Cesc said, contracts have passed the medical check, Camp Nou stadium (Camp Nou stadium) in front of 35,000 fans packed, and appeared in his uniform jersey No. 4.

 Club "Cesc is a five year contract, since FC Barcelona. Penalties of € 0.2 billion (220 billion) is set to" and has said in a statement. -

 Cesc at a news conference "to say thank you to all the fans. A few days to this day for months, been waiting for years. This was back in my home today after eight years is a special day . To face the greatest challenges of my life to be here "word and determination, coach Arsene Wenger for Arsenal" was on the 12th to say goodbye. -From it for me is like a father, I became sentimental. Being here now is because of Wenger. Can not thank you thank you, "he added.

 2008-09 Cesc has scored 57 and played in 303 career spent eight seasons at Arsenal-09 season, the way he was appointed prime minister. It is also played in 58 games so far as the Spanish national.



Bavarian _Usami_German Bundesliga _Mönchengladbach_Takashi Usami _Football

Bavarian Usami, "I should wear my best effort"

 In the German Bundesliga was held on July 7, was beaten 1-0 in a stormy opening round of Mönchengladbach Bayern aim to recapture the throne at home.

Takashi Usami despite Bayern bench, there was no chance to play. Otsu Mönchengladbach also did not bench. Usami following comments after the game.
"The wonderful battle against more considerable, was forced at the point of decision can hard, feeling it was born errors. Football is such thing, victory or defeat is not easy to change,I led to the loss happened, I think no problem.

 While I hope and feel like if you can trick will be getting better and better rhythm team (the game) was observed.  So I should wear my best effort. It is also known to have everyone have such feelings (my practice) is doing. First, in the first place so that members continue to go to.Once able to secure there, I think more and more opportunities come more and more "



Members gathered luxurious retirement match of the Dutch national Edwin van der Sar GK's yuan

Members gathered luxurious retirement match of the Dutch national Edwin van der Sar GK's yuan

 Three days of GK Edwin van der Sar the Dutch national retirement match the original 50,000 spectators gathered at the Amsterdam Arena, was held in grand style.

 The first game coach Louis van Gaal led "Ajax '95", led by coach Guus Hiddink for "1998 Dutch national."

'95 But what was absent Ritomanen Ajax, Van, Raitsuiha over, Blind, Rijkaard, Frank De Boolean, Davids, Ronald de boolean ,DiGeorge Fini, Kuraifato, canoeing, luxury starting lineup of King Ferdinand Mars. Bergkamp, ​​Yonku, Zenden, nothingness, in half 15 minutes into the fight against the 1998 Dutch national Hoey takes from Don Juan, A late 1-0 win at the final point is determined from a stunning overhead shot dribble Fell Mars.

 The second game against Ajax, "Dream Team" Battle of. Dream Team coach Ferguson. Starters is a van, Gary Neville, Ferdinand, vidic,Van Bronckhorst, Carrick, Giggs, kite, Zenden, Saha, Rooney lineup it. Match made in half for about 30 minutes, start moving left in the second half 0-0, one minute late,

Saha took the lead in the Dream Team's first goal. Ajax dominated the match 12 minutes late, caught in the rebound 1-1 Burihita determined that the right middle repelled the post Rodney Sneijder shot.

Since then 14 minutes, 16 minutes, 18 minutes I can hardly decide Ajax have made a chance. Has unleashed a shot 20 minutes into sharp Burihita did not allow a fly to right go-ahead goal firmly Edwin van der Sar.

 Dream Team but had been pressed, 21 minutes late, 2-1 by scoring a goal from Bergkamp is the final one-two with Rooney. Blow the whistle to stop the match referee in 23 minutes, the van moved to the retirement ceremony.

 The highlight game of PK and van son Joe. PK van was stopped her son flew to the right light.

 Finally, in the family van to go around the stadium, Aurora Vision 1995 Champions League with the faces of family members (CL) vs. AC Milan Ajax finals World Cup 1998 (Cup W) vs. Netherlands, Argentina, and Brazil was shed for a short video of the Netherlands. I was impressed that it was staring into the young Ajax players.

 Thus victory at CL2, retirement match of 130 games played for the Dutch national van ended. The new season of the Dutch TV station "NOS" and serve it.

"It was almost like a school reunion." Edwin van der Sar was playing with the old players will retire after the bout, said.



Ferguson's Manchester United 'are pleased to win in Barcelona "_Champions League _Major League Soccer

Ferguson's Manchester United 'are pleased to win in Barcelona "

Ferguson (right), but expressed satisfaction with the victory against Barcelona, ​​"not important" and also showed opinion.

 In the 2010-11 pre-season tournament was held in the United States 30-11 seasons Champions League (CL) Manchester United fought final (Man U) was realized with the rematch of Barcelona.

In the CL final was won by beating Man U Barcelona, ​​won a 2-1 day Man U, played revenge.

 Man U manager Sir Alex Ferguson after the match, but expressed satisfaction with the team to fight, only pre-season match, "that's not important," the opinion said.

"The victory was glad he is from, of course. Anything else, that are happy to win in Barcelona and before the opening of the Premier League. However, that value is not so important.However, by adjusting the expedition went to the U.S. team will be able to return home in good condition. Has been a tremendous job for all players "

 Man U is the United States in this expedition, MLS (Major League Soccer USA), which won a friendly match with any selection of a member of three teams and the MLS, will return to the UK five consecutive victory in this Barcelona.