Messi's first battle against VS Ronaldo's two great men represented Yu_Messi_Barcelona_Argentina_Ronaldo_Madrid_Portugal_Spanish league _Pepe_Kaka_Chelsea_soccer

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Messi's first battle against VS Ronaldo's two great men represented Yu

 Be held throughout the international friendly match on May 9. In Geneva, Switzerland, Messi (Barcelona), Argentina and Ronaldo (R Madrid) and Portugal will play the captain. Most of the 24 scored by both the Spanish league season against a representative of two great men meet to fight is the first time leading scorer.The Portuguese coach Bent "pull the best of Ronaldo on the team, in Argentina have Messi to not go," he said.

Messi had a scene in the dormitory to take a break from practice to rest after entering Switzerland, the team official, "but severe precautions," he said.Messi scored in the 40 official games this season at the club is expected to achieve higher C · carrying the country's fight to continue production with two goals Ronaldo 34.

Member of Real Madrid Pepe DF. decision apparently does not extend a contract with the club. Pepeto the Madrid agreement, it is 2012, not in extension talks little progress.
 Extension of the negotiations progress, because they have called the salary gap. Pepe are getting dissatisfied with salary in Madrid.In Madrid, Pepe has been an annual salary of entering the low category. Pepe , though are reported to have requested a salary of Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka tears.
 After this season, will expire one year from the rest Pepetono contract, you will get the chance to sell Pepe. Are interested in acquiring Pepe Barcelona and Chelsea and the club.

 が、指揮官であるジョゼ・モウリーニョ監督は、クラブにぺぺの残留 soccer を求めているといいますが。


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