Barcelona_Messi_Atletico Madrid _hat-trick _Ronaldo _Puyol_D ·Alves

Barcelona Messi unstoppable momentum in the richer (Barcelona). Atletico Madrid now has a clause in the 3-0 defeat. The total score Messi hat-trick in the victory.Section record for consecutive wins, counting from 7 to 16. This is a 60-61 record over 15 seasons have raised real. Messi scored in the top ranks without Ronaldo scored 24 goals in three points

 Barca match, another lineup of nearly Puyol lack of center-back. Jinnai Barcelona Atletico in possession of the ball close to overwhelming 17 minutes from the beginning, D · from the right side of rice rises D ·Alves, Messi against the flow to the left middle defying DF, pour into shot in the right side of the goal through a gap technique. Messi after this 28 minutes, scored a hat even 34 minutes late. Atletico has no noticeable shoot the first half, the no-goal second half recovered. Lose momentum in the third point of the messi

It is also said to take 50 points 24 points 14 assists Messi played 19 games in the Spanish League because of fouls, but little or no


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