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Kaka, Lampard, Messi, Henry, Arshavin Afrique du Sud

Arsenal - Barcelona 2-1 video highlights 16/02/2011 arsenal 2-1 barcelona

Champions League (CL) first knockout round first leg, Barcelona vs. Arsenal, but Arsenal's 2-1 home victory reversed.
Despite away, the pace and held the game in Barcelona. 2 minutes start to divide among four people missing in the middle field, and also indicates the good condition of the ace Messi. Walcott dribbles and a long counter under five minutes, six minutes left to break Walcott goal, but missed the cold sweats in the vertical path of Cesc defy expectations,After that time was in Barcelona. Messi is 15 minutes down a wedge of Iniesta, David Villa in the direct path of this length. Messi slipped away in exchange for a shot of this path.It swerved slightly to the right goal. Barcelona, however, did not miss the next opportunity. 26 minutes, starting from around dribble into the Arsenal team Messi Path to attract other well. Villa slipped out is by far the crotch calmly Shuchesuni GK took the first strike points. Since then, And keep spinning the ball 29 minutes to about three minutes, Barça continued to play freely in the Emirates Stadium. Messi 32-minute shoot was canceled, but offside 、Reached the half time without conceding a pinch.

Barcelona momentum well into the second half, but fell, and gradually move to Arsenal fight back. 17 minutes will expand from the right side, and finally a sharp left to the MF near the last pass of Nasri.
Robin van Persie will be packed, which is competed DF shoot.

69 minutes Arsenal, Arshavin, and Ventnor, aggressive cut card. Barcelona fell to the press broke the momentum truly, More opportunities closer to the ball against the goal. Then 78 minutes, the stadium shook with delight. On the left side and bring the ball back once it back. This ball is sent forward in a direct system of exquisite chestnut. Approach and Robin van Persie for Piquet, GK Barcelona Valdes gave a moment to watch out far back.At that moment, Robin van Persie broke through in the direct side. The equalizer was a moment he was born. At Home with boiling boiling Arsenal to release the momentum.83 minutes, and take the ball anyway, in the exercise counter to send a sharp angled vertical path. Sent a long pass to the right side of space Fabregas, Nasri has caught up,Bring in at once. The defense also returns two balsa is tempted by the movement of Robin van Persie into the goal at an angle, can not respond to Arshavin entered the intersection at an angle.Arshavin is fancy but good kick from the last pass calmly Nasri, reversing the net swayed.

Barcelona showed a desperate counterattack, the scene in front of goal until the end come out in a cold sweat, but it was still moving score. Arsenal showed the fighting spirit till the end Caught a big comeback home.


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