"Attack" carry through faith! Arsenal, "the world" s first defeat_Champions League first knockout round_Arsenal_Barcelona_Lionel Messi

Melhores Momentos Arsenal 2 x 1 Barcelona - Liga dos Campeões (16/02/2010)

"Attack" carry through faith! Arsenal, "the world" s first defeat

 Made on the 16th the first two games of the match Champions League first knockout round, Arsenal at home to Barcelona a 2-1 favorite in the lucky day in morning. FW Lionel Messi in the first half (23) were preemptive in assists, two points behind victory for the remaining 12 minutes. Arsene Wenger (61) is first mentioned in the first win for Game 6 against Barcelona, Arshavin for Arsenal to put in place a high scoring defensive song, Barcelona ran off down the Villa aimed at preemptive points. Point in chasing a "must have two points.Went on to win. If you fail over the 0-2 0-3 defeat was also possible in the "triumph of tenacity summoned Wenger admitted.
 Rhythm is seized immediately after the start, breaking a defensive battle on a sheet of fine Pasuwaku in person. Held a gradual pace, allowing the pass-through from the first strike Messi 26 minutes early. Prevalence of 39-61%, with some success path of 299-629 were overwhelmed. Still maintain high end line, turn to attack belief in the counterattack by connecting the path from the roster give up the compact.

 "Save to pull it. Had to stick to the style" and Fanperushi. The striker did well with five races from seven official games, There is no position left angle of the second half GK Goal 33 of the equalizer decision to break the side of satisfaction. The winning goal five minutes later, Arshavin from the counter.23.4 Hitoshi Taira legions of young starters while high technology is said to have been weak due to lack of match experience, head down the favorite in a game.
 First victory against Barcelona in the first six races from the first game in 1999. 2006 final 1-2 defeat at the quarter-finals last season by scoring a total of four and two against Messi in the second leg 3-6 and hammered,And showed signs of growth. Playmaker Cesc Fabregas know firsthand the strength came from Barca infrastructure and the final point of origin, "the difference is narrowed. You mature enough to fight the number one" Large with a smile.

 "Was a special night," Wenger Kamishimeta joy and the "world's best partner, but still, it was found that beat us," he said. Gained confidence with the results.


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