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SerieA Digest - AS Roma Hidetoshi Nakata Super Goal

The Japanese Legend,Kazuyoshi Miura(King Kazu)

Shinji Kagawa - 5 Goals for Dortmund!

In the recent Asian Cup soccer, was set includes many overseas members.
They are longing for a successful overseas players like Nakata Hidetoshi player player Kazuyoshi Miura, dreaming of playing in foreign leagues to improve their own、J belongs to the original dream was to help each club in their league too. And they are leveraging the experience to represent Japan in the International League.

The success of the study as well as spreading, spread the goodness of studying at foreign universities, to help increase the number of countries studying at the university. And, like home networking experience and knowledge gained by study, I think that such a situation it becomes active.

The first surprising is that none of the Asian Cup soccer topics. Speaking on January 27 release date, do not just wait for the final time of the semifinals are over.At least the Japanese national readiness for the Asian Cup, the outlook should be good enough to even post. S looking for high and low, Next issue (on sale February 10) notice that the "all-out special issues on Japan's Asian Cup Zack" is only being presented as.Before the place was less indication of what level of interest among fans of Japanese soccer Asian Cup abuses. Why it started, each game in the series of dramas, At last from it to lead to further, or it will be raised in the magazine unexpected numbers expanded. Magazine featured number was "Making a gifted player." And Ienisuta Barça, Real Ejiru addition, Kagawa Shinzi has been picked as the Japanese players.

Kagawa was born in Kobe, Kobe belongs to NK 5th grade football club, rather than organizations from the bottom of J junior club、Miyagi Prefecture, a remote town club "FC Barcelona Miyagi," entered. Guiding principles in Sendai at the time of this club is "dribbling thorough education" was.As the antithesis of what football is a path with the majority in Japan was raised alien philosophy. "Shinji Kagawa first touch is very different to the other. Rather than carry on dribbling, feeling that we were the best place to put the ball at all times. "Kagawa at the time, I was equipped with a solid features already present in Kagawa.


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