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Sampdoria - Inter 0-2 Ampia Sintesi - SKY HD - Highlights - 27/02/2011

長友先発 インテル 2-0 サンプドリア ハイライト

Serie A held on Section 27 of the 27th game against Sampdoria, Inter's Japanese team played three consecutive games starting lineup playing city league Nagatomo Yuu DF. Instead of the usual left-,The play was a wing of the right, doing the work closely, have helped to win three points.

 Italy's largest sports newspaper Gazetta dello Sport], the average point Yuu Osa "6" and scoring. "Jumped to the right side of the spring, the spurt.In plenty of momentum, in terms of misconduct that the defense was "While evaluation," The idea gleaming and not always enough, "and has issued an order in terms of attack.
 The next section will play at home to Genoa on March 6, to return to the Maicon section had been suspended for now, left-back returned to Yuu Nagatomo, Position is likely to compete with them Christian Kivu Chivu. Serie 27 A section was held on the 27th, a battle against Intel's 2-Sampdoria won away at Intel's 0. Japan national capital belonging to DF Nagatomo Yuu Intel has played a full play. Intel has hired in the DF because Maicon are suspended, the right to appoint a wing Nagatomo starter.For Nagatomo has become Intel's first right-hand side showed a positive attitude from the beginning. However, not meeting the sides will cross ball, chance can not be directed easily. Yuu Nagatomo defensive than offensive contribution. But quite a few Intel Sampdoria home to be invaded, will be involved in suppressing the dangerous scene Yuu Nagatomo.
Reached 0-0 in the second half, Inter has expanded without strict goal-scoring opportunity. Pattsuini teammates are firmly supported in the past, this day was also good enough chance for Eto'o. Had maintained a clean sheet inter barely Julio Sezaru Guardian 、Flow and difficult. 73 minutes, however, Intel has succeeded in making a difference in the power of the individual. FK Intel got a chance in front of the penalty area, Sneijder is right. Decide right corner goals, and finally get the lead. 80 FK-minute Sneijder firing a close shot hit the left post, but the team were suffering from traction.


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