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Finale Champions League - Inter Bayern 2 - 0

Bayern won the game in Mainz, CL triumphant European face against Inter. But coach Van Gaal, and preach the need for a more cunning victory. Mario Gomez has played fine.

"The play was a good three points and lost a lot of balls. Under the goal, there was a lack of attention.'ll Need to improve.'s Bruised ankle Mario Gomez? - Not sure yet be hired.I already have a strong Klose "

Lahm Bayern captain the European leg of the results CL1st, 2nd leg expected to boost morale. "Fight with confidence." Mueller said, "We are confident, I win. Or fight "

Nerlinger director also shows a high motivation in the team's recent good results. "Bayern are doing well.'m Going to win in Milan," he said.
They are strong teams who Mourinho wary of the team remains hard to beat.

I like to play in Milan Bomeru also shown interest in game against Bayern Intel. "This season, I think it's different from the final game last season. Approaching the level of both teams,"

”Sky "The Vallini is expected to take command of the director Leonardo." Pazzini, and Samuel would be absent Milito. But Directed by Lucio think Inter is in the starting lineup to appoint and Sneijder. Cambiasso and Stankovic starting lineup is almost as well. How do I Kivu. I missed four games in the suspension, Return is prepared. First CL match against Europe, you can then return to the league "


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