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Robbie Keane

2002 World Cup Group E GERMANY v IRELAND

FW Robbie Keane Tottenham belongs. R · West Ham have agreed on a loan deal for six months of Keene. After the season is that the options are granted two-year contract extension. In recent years,Robbie Keane had a troll club team on a loan deal. In this transfer, whether the team's equipment and quick treatment is thoroughly hips. . . Monday last day of the transfer market this week, the Nigerian representatives belonging to Russia's Rubin Kazan FW Obafemi Martins (26) month period was established with a loan transfer to Birmingham City 6. At the end of this season could play a full transfer. Martins said, "I am really happy to be here. I can not wait to play for them."Birmingham have decided to Carling Cup finalists, "It's the best news.'ll Be the first to play at Wembley.'m Really happy," and commented.Martins has played for Newcastle that he had once had 39 goals in 105 games during the period from 2006 to 2009.

 Tottenham to Birmingham's Robbie Keane and Rangers FW FW Kenny Miller was also rumored acquisition. Combines incredible physical ability and explosive power,Obafemi Martins


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