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Milan 0-1 Tottenham Peter Crouch's Goal Champions league (15/2/2011)

Valencia 1-1 Schalke 15/02/2011 Champions League

Wenger's Arsenal, Champions League ・, for members against Barcelona, "Samir members entered" "But the starting lineup is going to decide tomorrow." "He has recovered faster than expected, "" I was told it would take 21 days, 17 days seems corner "" He has emphatically assert that everyone can fully participate in medical ""The decision is up to me "" I will not run the risk of a medical "" But he is a member of a good thing "" can be played Roshitsuki " "He will enter the" Member ", but is leaving the members Diabi" "He has a calf problem in Motegi," "He was injured against Brazil's representative in France"


Nasri injured players, so at a stretch, I never again will not try too hard. If the starting lineup, that would be fine.

Still, the players Diabi ・・・.

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