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Sergio Aguero

Robin van Persie Top 13 Goals

Atletico Madrid Sergio Aguero FW belonging. I was reportedly started to move to Real Madrid for the acquisition Aguero. For this report, Atletico director Miguel Angel Hill, "Aguero has the right to transfer if you want to transfer what I" indicates an attitude of forgiveness and Aguero for resigning. However, comments will be transferred to Real Madrid this story is so different. Mr Hill, Aguero, clubs,Between the transfer agent [in Madrid] does not seem to have exchanged promise. Madrid is also a reasonable transfer fee paid,Aguero will be transferred to Real Madrid would not say that off. Given the coverage for this transfer of Aguero in Spain may have not. Speculation, Do not you realize how transfer to the Premier League. Atletico side, but he said I would take to the negotiating table if the offer at a reasonable price.Seems likely that other forces retaining the new Real Madrid in the transfer market this summer. Has become a target, a member of Robin van Persie and Arsenal FW frog chestnut DF system.Even though, a member of Real Madrid Athletic Bilbao Atletico Madrid is a big favorite and a member of FW FW Fernando Llorente is moving to attract Sergio Aguero. As insurance is known as moving to acquire chestnut Persie and fan system. Said to be a transfer fee thought to provide 55 million euros in the transfer market this summer. They won two, -


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