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Real Madrid vs Levante 2-0 - Full Match Highlights & Goals - Extended Highlights - 19/2/2011

After several hours now, Real Madrid vs Levante is a game. 19 Since this is the convening, GK is not one person out, the player field All the bench should be drafted into the list of articles below. Remove from Pepe convened for the purpose of preserving the shortly after returning from long leave, expected to be a starter has been reported, Always a bit by introducing rotation is likely to be different. Albiol has teamed up with Central Carvalho,Arbeloa, not Sergio Ramos, Marcelo left the Distinguished previous section. Four of the last line, referring to Mourinho at a press conference the day before already.Pibote is excluded like Rothe, Xabi Alonso and prospects Kedira. Meanwhile, in the middle of the eye to rest the previous starter Ejiru Kaka, Di Maria was also expected to advance two minutes played the previous section.Cristiano Ronaldo and a second team playing time, Mourinho said, and need a break while I do not think enough can do, it seems. Cristiano Alonso untouchable anyway. Top, a representative came against the chance to play around with a strong Benzema, Adebayor to the bench. And has become one of the central Albiol will be Ejiru bench, except that it will not look great rotation, butThe biggest difference is that it may have come out Iker. Adan will be starting for the first time at the Bernabeu. Levante play against, so there was also King's Cup, The first four games this season. In the first leg of the King's Cup, it was 8-0 and won the Bernabeu, but I feel like there is a big difference when you play the first half 0-0 in La Liga, King's Cup second leg, although there was a replacement player, the 2-0 defeat in Madrid. Actually this season, is the one person one minute wins and 1 loss. I just want to mind on Tuesday against Lyon,But with the Bernabeu, or rather bad mood much of the other little figures.


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