Juventus_Nagatomo_Inter_Japan _Leonardo_Cambiasso_Nagatomo Yuto

JUVENTUS-INTER 1-0 | SKY Calcio HD | 25 Giornata 1°Gol Matri 13/2/2011

Currently, one-point lead Juventus. In just 20 minutes remaining the second half, finally came Nagatomo .

Good to wake up. Since the beginning of the end Nagatomo, 83.85 minutes Inter began to start the counterattack.89 Inter minutes to decide that there was a greater chance that the tying goal, eventually, the bar is impeded, 06:39 Japan time the game ended. Ngatomo glad if you include earlier, this remains just after about the second half, Inter do not want to lose that, Leonardo director 、 Replaced with a Nagatomo Cambiasso. 05:57 Japan time. Started six minutes after the second half. The comments, first half Inter has never been any particular highlights, but they did so,Second half, I think the city is likely to participate Nagatomo Yuto. Once the Nagatomo and updates.


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