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Ruud van Nistelrooy - The perfect striker

Adebayor has won the Real
 FW Argentine Higuain has failed to with draw in the long term, the French national team is Real Madrid Benzema FW only had to scramble to find that you can not trust the translation isn't a striker.FW Hamburger former Dutch national and the return of Van Nistelrooy Bayern Munich's German international ・ FW FW Man C or Klose Argentina had been rumors of the acquisition of Thebes, Togo, a former Manchester City representatives FW seems eventually won a six-month rent with an option to buy Adebayor. Is going to be more reliable than Adebayor Benzema

But he moved to Cologne Makino against Bayern Munich 3-1 at home yesterday reversed two-victorious. The previous section was fully played Makino starters 、This game 0-3 in the game there will be hammered with the bench. DF comes in regular or close to the Makino and two runs of the first half was simply to be back in Cologne, And reminded me. Bayern's attack, however the second half of shredded a much better move to the midfield. Reversed grabbing three goals in 10 minutes to 18 minutes late coming out to be the driving force around the front and Podolski.Ribery Bayern, but strengthen the offensive with the introduction of Klose, while threatening the goal as it won in Munich Cologne is also the counter several times.At the end of the first half turned out to say that the game was a complete loss, in the midst of battle for the residual Cologne win three valuable points. There was no chance to play, but was sorry for Makino,


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