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FC Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid 3-0 - HQ All Goals & Full Match Highlights - 05/02/2011

SKY TV free day, and watched a football game to record about it.

Spanish Copa del Rey semi-final, Barcelona vs Almeria is a King's Cup semi-final second leg. The first leg at home 5-0 to Barcelona to victory and so,Finalists at a thousand to one. This second leg, left Norito, Aferai, Thiago Alcantara behind the three top Boyan, Mascherano, Keita, Adriano left defender, Milito, Busukesu in Daniel Alves, with a focus keeper roster is placed on the bench to start the main cheek.Nonetheless, expected balsa do with the quality of football is no change at all, many times to produce a chance to destroy the fast path from the side turning a compact formation. Although the rate reached nearly 70 percent control of the ball really, I felt less than usual number of shots to go to, either from lack of ideas than usual last place of entry as well.


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