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The Best of Diego Maradona


In to talk football.

Barca last night I was watching TV and I was Maradona era is reflected Barca. Had also been highlighted like Romario or Cruyff, After all, my generation will be attracted by Maradona. Maradona or 1986 calendar is still concealed. -I had two life-size posters, to decorate one room, one person is also important to set aside. Maradona, so that the middle generation,Maradona is on television and is ready to see cancer in a moment. Now even Maradona became the World Cup mascot doll-like figure, you love at all. Without Maradona, not so devoted to football, from the indubitable fact. YOUTUBE something still in Naples, Barcelona sees the picture of the times, I should have seen it many times now, always return to a fresh feeling. Soccer is a fun, I think I see. You see, I'm happily playing with Maradona himself.

Maradona also bought books I read, because it is so written in the sense of genius, did not understand the meaning at all. But if you look at the video Attract a million people represent more than this would not exist. Itself is nonsense but I was trying to express in words the feeling of a genius, surely. Maradona to be written, There are no services from the mental image is not even anything into a movie. However, this movie appears to have edited it quite like Maradona, The name of Maradona know how much may give me happy at all. Because


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