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Chelsea FC - Torres Press Conference

Didier Drogba - Can't be Stopped ☆ HD

Chelsea have Didie・Doroguba FW, team spirit is good and confessed slump. Although I did well early in the season, Although I did well early in the season, that goals lead to a lack of key players missing through injury but Chelsea quickly fell into a slump. But the team seemed finally regained form recently, against Liverpool last weekend with no noticeable edge play, eventually losing 0-1 at that.

To win the game, Drogba is used to score a goal and more than anything, "Our ranking in the Premier League is similar to that of last season. However, the fact that I have not decided how many goals as before, are making a bad mood around us. Withstand the timing of the slump because he was difficult for me,As should the rest of the players. Chelsea had not accustomed to losing the game, we are suffering. Carlo Ancelotti past few weeks I'm cranky, "commented,Acknowledged that good in a team atmosphere. However, Chelsea coach Carlos Ancelotti for Torres, "He did a good job.Forward to appoint three people does not matter. Showed a very good defense for three people of Liverpool center back, there was no solution to break them. It was too late to assemble it from behind too. Torres is a very eager, and confident. But been busy this week, I was replaced.


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