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FC Copenhagen vs Chelsea 22/2/10 - 1st half- Part 1 / 2

FC Copenhagen vs Chelsea 22/2/10 - 2st half- Part 2 / 2

Is performed first leg Champions League first knockout round of 22, Copenhagen vs Chelsea game away in Copenhagen, but Anelka's two goals were lucky day in morning and 2-0.

The official game for the first time in Copenhagen was 2.5 months, from Chelsea to push forward with a slight rise Firing a preemptive shot to bring the area around the opponent's mistakes Anelka took 17 minutes. 54 minutes in the net thrust from the path of Lampard Anelka volley.
19 FA Cup date at the end of overtime Evaton beaten, not even a normal condition Torres, a precious away victory, CL came into view Good.

Chelsea's coach Carlo Ancelotti after the match took the pressure in the domestic market in a slump, "It was a good result, it was a good performance.This was to concentrate on the game, was well prepared. This tournament I'll have a special motivation, "he said, for Torres,"He was playing very well. This game was important in the work of the strikers who were always dangerous.'s Not scoring Torres Unfortunately, It was a great play, "he said.

2nd leg at Stamford Bridge will be held on March 16.


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