Inter_Nagatomo_Micon_goal _Serie A game against Cagliari _Fiorentina

Inter - Cagliari 1-0 Ampia Sintesi - "HD" - Full Highlights (19-02-2011)

Members can play in the luxury of Intel, you'll see a little bit slow but determined to play and each of the Nagatomo. Hold the ball too much or trying to challenge previous beside it a safe path, the less chance he will be born.

The reverse side of the Micon, FW forthright or try putting a wedge at the feet of the path, read from approaching the goal we intend to play. Momentum is perfect, even through my aggressiveness. During the attack as a team, come up and suddenly come into play as part of the Nagatomo. I want to grow up being rubbed in the selection of this world experience.". Nagatomo Yuu Intel DF capital on Sunday, played a Serie A game against Cagliari starting full participation of Section 26. Fiorentina continued to battle the previous section, the player was a starter in two games, the 、Responding to the following questions in the mixed zone after the game. "
Those commentators who are telling me this way.

If a wing can also right-Yuu Nagatomo! ! If a wing can also right-Yuu Nagatomo! ! Nagatomo Yuu city of Milan in Serie A, Serie A 19 in Section 26, Will be the first to play after the transfer of Cagliari and played a full play. The 1-0 team victory, but did not score directly involved, contributed to the victory of the team.The local media is falling apart hotel, just not necessarily high praise, but apparently, first, get a chance to come on, if you continue to play Scoring chances for life to come, can also assist in scoring defense can also stand out. In this game, I see a pretty hard body checks received,Nagatomo also features a small injury, so if you do not get hurt, followed by the left, assists scoring points if you can! I hope to be born early scenes.


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