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Manchester United: Goals, Skills and Saves

Michael Owen Goals!!

Reform team has definitely come in the near future. This season, Manchester United are strong and are probably planning to reform the team after the season.The news has been reported will be leaving as many as 10 players from the team as far as this season. In United, the most surprising player this season as far as contracts expire. MF Owen Hargreaves is expected to repeat as much money as he does not show me the injury. GK Edwin van der Sar's retirement is also dense. FW Michael Owen, Given the contract extension he so far I guess not. Others, DF Gary Neville is also retired. MF Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs on the It is said that when it comes to commit oneself to meet with Sir Alex Ferguson. (Giggs is likely to be one-year contract extension)

 Turning to the eye up to one year over there, DF Wes Brown is also a player can transfer. Just about Kushuchaku GK Tomasz, - Leave a small entry GK positive about his move to consider if you can not become. Ritchie, DF and MF de Raeto Daron Gibson's future is uncertain, DF Patrick Evra, Has reportedly been transferred to Real Madrid is a possibility of a long time. Upper is made up of a tapir precious little is going. If we suspected the team attempts to develop a long-term, Maybe it's time I replace the blood you need now. Indeed, the disruption is probably close to half of all players are interchanged with registered members, But it also seems like a good mood as Sir Alex Ferguson this form. . . Take the United Maximum down force that is likely to have been Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement plans shortly. . . . .


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