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Lothar Matthaus Skills And Goals

1994 World Cup HRISTO STOICHKOV vs Germany

Ballon d'Or award ceremony held in Zurich in 2010.

The final selection of three players had a monopoly in Barcelona and became the second consecutive year, Messi won! !
Congratulations Messi

Personally, I was expecting - and I do Chabi, I gather the votes after all the players score a goal.

And last, W Cup was held in the year, but was elected from the winning team, such as grades in Argentina as though I did not have any The winners from this, it is no longer just a difference in what dimensions.

By the way, World cup of the Year winners has become something like this ↓

 2010 Tournament in South Africa (Spain) → Messi

 2006 Tournament in Germany (Italy) → Cannavaro

 2002 Tournament in Korea Japan (Brazil) → Ronaldo

 1998 Tournament in France (France) → Zidane

 By 1995, UEFA had tied a club or nationality, to join

 1994 Tournament in America (Brazil) → Stoichkov

 1990 Tournament in Italy (West Germany) → Mateus

In addition, most past winners, Cruyff, Platini, and fans lined ・ 3 times Basten names of the three, winning the second consecutive year, fans 21 years and that since ・ Basten.

Messi is still young and,


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