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FC Barcelona - Villa repasa la actualidad azulgrana

Since shortly after the expedition to recover the fatigue of war represent, for Barcelona is a very tough game. Iniesta and not have to worry because it is noticeable baths. Abidal has indeed rest in the starting lineup Busuketsu Pedro. Chabi Villa Iniesta Messi still take time off, huh?. I think tight.


FW: Messi Aferai Villa, middle: Chabi Iniesta, bottom: Mascherano, DF: Dani Maxwell picket Milito, GK: Valdes. El Gijón Diego Castro es líder en el ataque cerca de Baral. El Camp Nou está en la alineación titular contra el partido de ida (por Mourinho casos polémicos) 0:1 But it was game, can not be careless. There is also the home that has been surprisingly aggressive. Barca's condition was poor overall,There was a fierce battle in the second half very impressive. Pep quite excited they, when sending the second half was bull rush Bojan abandon pitch.I also tried to start this sort of thing (Boyan surprised.) Let's not lose good as well, to enter the Champions League at last.

It is difficult to fill schedule next April. What are the key to rest when Iniesta and Chabi

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