UEFA European Football Championship _ € 2012 qualifying Group I, is represented against Lithuania vs Spain squad. _Lithuania [1 - 3] Spain_Xavi_Juan Mata _French _friendly match _Croatia _goal _Portuguese _Finland _Ruben Micael _Porto _Paulo Bento _Norway _Argentina_Chile _Portugal

Spain - Lithuania 3-1 Goals & Highlights 08.10.2010 Clasif. Eurocup Poland-Ukraine 2012

UEFA European Football Championship / € 2012 qualifying Group I, is represented against Lithuania vs Spain squad.

FT Lithuania [1 - 3] Spain
19' [0 - 1] Xavi
57' [1 - 1] Sutankevishiusu
70' [1 - 2] Tadasu Kiyansukasu (o.g.)
83' [1 - 3] Juan Mata

French national, a friendly match with Croatia 0-0 struggle. All will miss the opportunity Nzema and Menez. Adil Rami is not the goal posts and shot.

Blanc in the French national coach, the ability to rebuff concerns about the attack. "The game was competitive. The enemy did not have the same philosophy with representatives of Luxembourg. It was a game Friday night looked like no reaction"

Portuguese national, in a friendly match against Finland 2-0 victory. Minutes and from 11 Quaresma's cross-minute Porto Ruben Micael 70 MF contributed to the victory by scoring two.

Coach Paulo Bento is € 2,012 for the main round, estimated that while good progress with a good team game. Wait against Norway on June 4.

"Apart from the defeat against Argentina, and Chile against Finland and Spain and Portugal get good results. Euros for the main round, must continue to move forward.The long fight is important to everyone's focus. Norway is a very important game. The players returned to the club forward, it comes when you want to prepare good. The end goal is the group leader "



England _Germany_UEFA EURO 2012_Russia _Spain _Netherlands _champions _Italy_Belgium_Klose_Macedonia 1-2 Ireland_Robbie Keane _Luxembourg 0-2 France _Yoann Gourcuff

Republic of Ireland 2-1 Macedonia EURO 2012

Luxembourg vs France 0-2 - All Goals & Highlights - 25-03-2011

England regained the lead, far ahead in preparation for Germany

Held on October 26 UEFA EURO 2012 qualifying, the race remained strong with five wins in five of Germany.Meanwhile, the group leaders England comeback to Russia were tied on points with Ireland and Slovakia lined.

Spain and the Netherlands win.Was resumed on 25 UEFA EURO 2012 qualifying wins champions Spain and the Netherlands, Italy, France, Belgium, Serbia wins.

Klose's former club winning at home

Miroslav Klose scored two of the four points against Kazakhstan, Germany, "I'm glad to be back here," he said, 1FC former club shows joy in Kaiserslautern regained scoring at home.

Ireland secured the three points despite suffering Macedonia 1-2 Ireland Win with goals from Aiden McGeady and Robbie Keane in Ireland, linked the major qualification hopes.

France, Luxembourg victory despite suffering

Luxembourg 0-2 France

Yoann Gourcuff goal in Luxembourg rejected Mekusesu and Philippe, France Group D with a spread less than four points behind in second place.



German _Kazakhstan _2012 _Tohoku region Pacific Ocean earthquake_Kaiserslautern_Australia _Japan _World Cup_we are with everyone in Japan_Utida Atsuhito_Bundesliga _UEFA European Football Championship _Klose _Thomas Muller _Germany [4 - 0] Kazakhstan

German qualifier against Kazakhstan for 2012 euros held on October 26, hung a large flag that stands, the message was sent to the affected area for the Tohoku region Pacific Ocean earthquake.Where the game was held this day, Fritz Walter Stadion in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Australia and Japan in the first game of the World Cup was held years ago, 5 (● 1-3) fought, and where the very edge.
 Before kickoff, the flag and stand back a big "we are with everyone in Japan" written in Japanese boards are hung, and the silence was dedicated.
 Tese and the Chung and Utita Atsuhito, J number enrolled in the German league players from the Bundesliga first part of Section 27, Devoted to silent prayer before the kickoff for the Tohoku region Pacific Ocean earthquake victims in all 18 games in two parts, with a black arm band and make the game all players have been sending a message.

This game not only ☆, has been raised in Japan's reconstruction assistance message is a lot of foreign games.


UEFA European Football Championship / € 2012 qualifying Group A, the German national representation game vs Kazakhstan Goals.

FT Germany [4 - 0] Kazakhstan
3' [1 - 0] Klose
25' [2 - 0] Thomas Muller
43' [3 - 0] Thomas Muller
88' [4 - 0] Klose

Germany 4-0 Kazakhstan [26/03/2011] Highlights + Goals


FW Jermain Defoe of Tottenham member_Manchester City_Defoe _Carlos Tevez_Tottenham_Champions League_soccer_ Messi

Carlos Tevez Compilation

Best Video of Jermain Defoe Compilation

FW Jermain Defoe of Tottenham member.

 Has been reported to be considering a move to Manchester City won in the transfer market this summer.  To Defoe recently has been found to leave a comment to consider leaving the Spurs in the transfer market in January.  City has a big problem. FW is the ace of the team that haunted the possibility of transfer to Carlos Tevez.City's top priority is to beg someone to stay the release of ace Tevez.
 However, there is also the option of release if they want to have one's hands tied Tevez has moved stubbornly.
 Defoe put the plan that was considering to leave Tottenham in the January transfer market as the replacement.
 Tevez will get released in a gain on sale, I think I will turn the way Defoe earn money as it is.
 However, fifth league this season (as of March 9, 2011) and Tottenham are just one step away from to win the Champions League next season and a berth. Tottenham will this be released so easily to the team's scorer Defoe is a competitor to the City is unlikely.  Citi, the reality is that you might take to persuade Tottenham not only provide a huge transfer fee? ?



Tottenham winger MF Global Bail contract extension until 2015!_Wales _Gareth Bale _football _Champions League_UEFA _Inter_dribbling _ガレス・ベイル

Gareth Bale Vs Inter Milan

Tottenham winger MF Global Bail contract extension until 2015!

 Last Saturday, a representative of Wales Gareth Bale Tottenham MF (21) new four-year contract with the club.
 Vail said, "I'm happy to value their football at Spurs. I want to continue to move forward as a team. And I want to achieve great things if possible."

 "The members have all of them great. I'm still a young team. And we are heading in the right direction. I did not know this club is the best. If possible,Realize that you want to be able to believe in this team. It wants the players here are hoping that as a fan. To play in front of this fan is not it special "

 "I believe that will never be able to challenge the title of which is out. So now I'm signed. Each year,We aim to have at least Champions League. We'll definitely headed in the right direction "
 "In the Champions League this season, we also demonstrated that the best teams do each other. I'm still in the quarterfinals. This season and next season,S no reason to proceed further before "and commented.

 Vail moved to Tottenham from Southampton in May 2007 at the age of 17. Since then, he showed in the game 17 goals to raise 112 UEFA Champions League match against Intel and I will try to achieve a hat-trick to winger has grown worldwide. .
 Wales at Tottenham's Nova is finally awakening attention to the great success in the 17-year-old Southampton.Garesu・Beiru cut through the left side in a sharp dribbling in an instant to leave the party



What is the championship were narrowed down to two teams of United and Arsenal_Chelsea _Manchester City_Champions League _Liverpool _European leagues _Bolton_soccer

Arsenal [1] Vs. [3] Manchester United - Champions League semi-final. 05/05/09

What is the championship were narrowed down to two teams of United and Arsenal.
Why even have a chance down the Chelsea or Manchester City?

The fourth fight within one step ahead of the Champions League Manchester City. Liverpool is also the season for the first time to go back to stage 2 CL

And in this blog diary of a Japanese bride with a British husband enthusiastic supporters, "we aim to advance within the top six European leagues familiar Bolton. On the other hand, remains in dispute that intensified (the lower three relegated teams) were temporarily submerged in the West had the lowest For a short escape from relegation come here with the players began to penetrate the director Grant tactics. However, points behind, "3" battle of the season remaining eight teams in each category among the big melee.
What becomes surprisingly Which team is relegated? Latest Premier points "1" followed by the game also come off.



Bayern _Intel _Inter _Chelsea _Copenhagen _Manchester United _Marseille _Real Madrid _Lyon _Gomez _Ribery _Bayern_Muller _Robben_Italy _Eto'o_Nagatomo _ball _Mourinho_Casillas_Xabi Alonso _Ejiru_Ronaldo_Lionel Messi_Iniesta _Xavi _Villa_goal

Real Madrid 3 - Olympic de Lyon 0: Ronaldo, Casillas y Xabi Alonso en zona mixta.

Bayern 2-3 Intel Inter Wins rise
Chelsea 0-0 Copenhagen Chelsea win to rise
Manchester United 2-0 Marseille Man U won rise
Real Madrid 3-0 Lyon Real win rise

It simply says Cha. Intel First, we were still on the brink tea. Gomez also Ribery and Bayern, and Muller and strong, though there was intensity if Robben, of course, Italy urges, I fall more in the flow, good or bad, right straight left Intel.
Italian habit and probably get rid of the defensive much of Eto'o angry sore,

Nagatomo overlap, attracted the final point, and until I can not but to describe, but I guess it was number 25 on the other, obviously, The offering was to follow up with the ball in bounds Nagatomo is certain. Real After that, I wrote this a few times, becoming Mourinho, but use Catch of the new force? ,But I thought before the season, C-axis, while Rona, a continuation of the iron face for most of last season, C na B, Casillas, Sergio Ramos I'm about?
Oh, after the unexpected? It'll be Xabi Alonso is also remained. Ejiru, Kedira, Dimaria, and so brilliantly used. Barca game that we've touched him, and really balsa but also drew other, "Door" to make, for that "Tame", but I'm outstanding. I ALWAYS write, I Man U players, I will not like it really take the individual granules.Or O'Shea or Fletcher, Scholes etc. Even earlier, Wake not make the team not to win big-time player never to gather.So what can you take in a place unknown and even Ronaldo. Then a sense, I'm about Rooney transfer is exceptionally big. I think so, but I do not like - so the club does not fall into this category, team building, and is amazing. -Chelsea and Real, Mowry urine is still big money benefits, I'll have more sustained. Barca also, but was really strong and attractive, as exceptional Lionel Messi, Xavi and Iniesta can I catch the other teams separately For example, if fit, I mean, and how much power can dramatically increase team The area I'm not understand? Barca is a collection of high quality balsa, I feel that. Catch of the Villa, and I as the decisive goal,

Pretty sure I sound reinforcement.

In any case, those teams collide and so headed to the quarterfinals of the CL.



International celebrities _Angelina _Hollywood _Beckham _England _England _footballer _Victoria Beckham _Premier League _Manchester United_soccer

All the FreeKicks from David Beckham

Victoria Beckham

International celebrities in the name of wins over the world, some famous people in the party. In recent years I have known Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.Including Hollywood actors and actresses to marry case less is never very popular.
The case of the famous international celebrity couple will get in addition to the actor. The most famous, Beckham and his wife would.
Her husband, England footballer of the explanatory and David Beckham. And my wife is a Spice Victoria Beckham yuan The pure name recognition, but David is famous as a hugely popular with football player David Beckham still speaking,Standing position that a foreign celebrity, I might be better known as Victoria.
David Beckham's debut with the 1992-93 Premier League season, as well as England, who demonstrated a rare full technical, Celebrities are now suddenly filled with beautiful-looking actor attention. Later, Manchester United, "No. 7" as its prominence as a weapon worth the dedication of a beautiful cross and face,
He is also on the England captain is not just a mere idol, the worldwide attention as a soccer player.

Beckham was a marriage that is in 1999.Since his wife Victoria was proud of the recognition given as Spice "Beckham's wife," get a new face and played the ranks of celebrities.



Inter _Milan _Palermo _draw _Bodiboro _Ibura_goal_カッサーノ

Bayern München vs. Inter Milan 2:3 alle tore & Full Highlights 15/3/2011

Inter Milan Match Results Saturday and Sunday and it was evaluated.Palermo fought against Milan away from first.

Bali not only draw at home against the previous section, and dismissed Bodiboro punch from behind and saw the marker Ibura, including Palermo against this Received a three-game suspension.
Ibura determine not only their super goal, that can produce a chance to make lasting power in the deep-pocketed Tame,



Pacific Ocean Earthquake_Twitter _Premier League clubs _message _face book_Cesc Fabregas _Arsenal_Robin van Persie _Jack Wilshere _Arushavin_Sanja Bakari _Aaron Ramsey _Samir Nasri _Sanchez watts _Afobe Beniku _Nicklas Ben Toner _Jason Roberts _Kevin Davies _Blackburn_Bolton_Stuart Holden _Rio Ferdinand _Liverpool

PRAY FOR JAPAN 大地震に対する海外のスポーツ関係者,著名人からのメッセージ

cesc fabregas

In the northeastern Pacific Ocean Earthquake, Twitter and the official website of the Premier League clubs and players, We are sending a message to the next comments and encouragement and care for the Japanese face book. Here are the main ones among them.

Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal)

"I dedicate prayers to the victims and the people of Japan"

Robin van Persie (Arsenal)

"Haunting images of earthquakes in Japan. So sad"

Jack Wilshere (Arsenal)

"The Japanese people you can imagine the heartache. I hope to recover as soon as possible"

"(12 days before the game) footage from Japan and I do not see reality. Absolutely victory today, to dedicate all of Japan. Come on Arsenal!"

Andrei Arushavin (Arsenal)

"Good luck in Japan! I wish all of you a safe"

Sanja Bakari (Arsenal)

"Japan, New Zealand, Haiti, Libya, and to the people all the victims. I would like to sincerely sympathy"

Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal, moved in to rental Cardiff)

"I would like to sincerely sympathy to everyone in Japan"

Samir Nasri (Arsenal)

"May the blessings of God in Japan"

Sanchez watts (Arsenal)

"May the blessings of God in Japan"

Afobe Beniku (Arsenal)

"The world became a very sad day for Asia in particular. God, please lend its strength to the tragedy taking place in Japan that it somehow"

Nicklas Ben Toner (Arsenal)

"The earthquake / tsunami in all the victims, I would like to sincerely sympathy"

Jason Roberts (Blackburn)

"Watch the news, my heart has been shaken by tragedy in Japan. Life is so precious"

Kevin Davies (Bolton)

"I saw the devastation in Japan. Earthquake that measures their world everyone knows that.

Stuart Holden (Bolton)

"Get up now, earthquakes in Japan and learned of the tsunami. Dedicates sympathy and prayers to everyone of the Japanese people"

Va Ray Lucas (Liverpool)

"May the God bless the Japanese people"

Rio Ferdinand (Man U)

"Looking at pictures of earthquakes and tsunamis. Really bad. Some people have survived in isolation. Terribly shocked and sad. I would like to sincerely sympathy to the people of Japan and its"



soccer_Messi_Japan _UEFA Champions League_semi-finals_Man U VS Chelsea _Spain _Real Madrid _Tottenham_Mourinho _Premier _Barcelona _Ukraine_Dynamo Kiev _football _Intel _Schalke_Inter _Eto'o_Sneijder_Nagatomo_Raúl _Uchida

Barcelona - Arsenal 3-1 2011

Real Madrid - Olympique de Lyon: Iker Casillas pide el apoyo de la aficion

Japan finally realized CL showdown

UEFA Champions League, announced the combination of semi-finals.
Man U VS Chelsea playing against the red and blue in the Premier quarrel quarrel.
Spain had a bias against the Ukrainian Premier giants. Real Madrid was against Tottenham.
Mourinho was at the helm for Chelsea in the Premier at the time and all forces against different opponents, do not feel at all optimistic

Against Shakhtar Barcelona

In Ukraine, Dynamo Kiev in 1999 even powerhouses are going to the CL quarterfinals. Shakhtar itself into the quarterfinals at first, the momentum is enough.Barcelona stoutly to take this momentum, a strong football still to prove whether
Or show impatience. I feel really highlights a lot of games around here.

The last card of the attention, of course, boils down to confront the Japanese

Intel VS Schalke.

Inter Eto'o, Sneijder, Nagatomo

Raúl is also a Funteraru Schalke Farfan that Roche and Uchida.

This is not only interested in confrontation but just enough Japanese.

Schalke flapping but there is little you've been fired coach Magath do all right here.
CL other European women they have been made in the 16th semi-finals, the players belonging to the Potsdam Sato Hisashi starting lineup.

Played 30 minutes late to contribute to the 3-0 victory. The team played a lucky day in morning.

Nevertheless, Germany and Japan say the market is a measure of what has become pretty hard.
However, there is a charm, but it would hire a cheap player with a future

Fulfill a dream, but of course, activated by pulling the money market to follow.
At any rate, Europe's wineries CL showdown indeed. I feel that this year has been more than usual attention. Sell ​​jerseys or this would happen.



Barça _Gareth Bale _Tottenham _Barcelona _bail_Harry Redknapp _Champions League _Europe_Spain_Real Madrid _レアル・マドリー_ベイル_Messi

Gareth Bale Vs Man United HD - Carling Cup Final 08-09 By Andy9skill

Ryan Giggs -Top 11 Goals

Barça prepare an offer to acquire huge bail? ?
Gareth Bale Tottenham belonging to MF.

 In the transfer market this summer, said to provide a huge offer to acquire the Barcelona bail.

Barca prepare to transfer fee is £ 40 million.

 Harry Redknapp led Tottenham coach, to beg someone to stay with Vail is like watching will be the right condition to win the Champions League next season.

 This season, played a big hit with the bail has been interest from big clubs in Europe.

 Barca move fairly high level of serious, Tottenham have an interest or a cherished transfer fee of 40 million pounds has been reported that FW is also included in the deal to move Kurukitchi Bo Jiang.

In Spain, could again erupt in the transfer market Classico cherished and Real Madrid also interested in acquiring bail.




Argentine _Lionel Messi _Batista_Pele _Maradona _Football _Japan _New Zealand_メッシ

Lionel Messi vs Arsenal ( MARCH 8TH 2011 )

Argentine Lionel Messi controversy?
Argentina coach Batista, Lionel Messi would say better than Pele and Maradona the player. It looks like the debate going. Discussions involving the development of domestic media and fans.Batista coach, "Messi has everything. Maradona, one of the players, but there is no doubt excellent. However, Messi is now the world's best," he said.
Grondona Argentinian Football Association president intervened. "In fact, currently the best player Messi. What is the best ever, like everyone has an opinion. Anyway I hate this kind of comparison, it does not make sense too,"
●Japan Football Association, said in a charity game to change to do a friendly match between Japan and New Zealand, 29 representatives. Meanwhile, the Football Association of New Zealand That are seeking information from Japanese authorities and security. Participation, and security needs of the players and staff.

Currently, it's like negotiating with the relevant authorities. New Zealand national team is scheduled friendly match in China 25 days. Football Association chairman, Hattum Van said, "to show solidarity with the people of Japan,

Japan Football Association and are working with authorities in order to obtain a guarantee "against Argentina, the number of clear, enter the number in company W Nana worse than the full data

That won 1-0 against Argentina so, it was well Magure

In contrast, Japan lost to Paraguay defeated W Cup data is quite good from Japan. Paraguay was the norm, so is winning.



Nagatomo_Champions League _Bayern _Germany_Inter Milan _Italy_Japan _goal_Kivu _Eto'o _Cameroon _Pandefu _Leonardo _Snyder_Keisuke Honda _Utida Atsuhito _CSKA Moscow_Schalke_Mokutou_Football _長友_黙祷

Bayern Munich vs Inter Milan 2-3 (Champions League) Highlights 15-03-2011

【東日本大震災】UCLバイエルンvsインテル、黙祷とYou'll never walk alone.

8 Violent strength of the soul! Nagatomo, V bullet director / Europe CL

 Final round of the Champions League second leg T1 (15, in addition to Bayern Germany) Inter Milan (Italy) Japan National DF Nagatomo Yuu (24),Final round of the Champions League second leg T1 (15, in addition to Bayern Germany) Inter Milan (Italy) Japan National DF Nagatomo (24), Exceeded the number of away goals, advance to the quarterfinals of the third decision the Japanese. After the game give a voice to victims of the earthquake victims and East, wrapped around the stadium.
 Violent is the soul. Reached in 42 minutes 2-2 second half, the DF Nagatomo behalf Kivu into the left side, a minute later, a long ball straight to side-step goal. DF2 and attract people,FW Ball Eto'o of Cameroon who represent the other side of the path to send Pandefu FW, bullets reversed. Nagatomo attracted the winning goal.
 "(CL, the European debut) was a unique atmosphere. Leonardo was said to coach me to go fast attack. The earthquake devastated East), to show her you are fighting in Japan "
 0-1 first leg defeat at home to warm the bench and out of the starting lineup the second game too. Allow early 1-2 lead, seemed to dream of straight or lost.But 18 minutes late, and come back to life in the Dutch national middleweight MF tie Snyder, Nagatomo devotion ran 7 minutes 50 seconds, including injury time.
 Keisuke Honda last season's Japanese representative MF (CSKA Moscow) DF Utida Atsuhito season (Schalke), the third European victory in Japan reversed the decision following a round of CL8. One minute silence before the game by Earthquake East (Mokutou) was offered, but on the pitch, "We are with everyone in Japan" banner written in Japanese. -Both sides with a black arm band to play, Nagatomo after the match, promised a flag with a message.
 "Even if my heart no matter how far one.'re Not alone. Have everyone! Overcome with everyone! You'll never walk alone"

  With no home away too. Football fight songs, famous Allianz Arena 70,000 people gathered to enemy territory, "You'll Never Walk Alone (You're not alone)" spacious melody flows.
 Nagatomo is "(the song) does not depend on me. Just matched. This is also what has led" around the stadium this. The voice of hope and spread requiem, prayed much to the disaster area in Japan.



The left-out people in the world._left side_dribble_ball _Nagatomo _Inter_Gareth Frank Bale_Cardiff_Wales_Tottenham Hotspur _football _Intel _UEFA Champions League _Maicon _マイコン

Maicon scores a beauty (Inter-Juventus 1-0 goal)

Gareth Bale vs Internazionale 2010

YUTO‐NAGATOMO/長友‐佑都 [The Best]

The left-out people in the world.

It is said that left-out people around the world. Personally, I think a wing and have an advantage in playing the most dominant side of the foot as well.Now, players can be called right or left can also be appreciated that the utility of, and limited to the most lucrative but still left-handed. Also favor a wing right-handed right.No evidence of a wing to the right-handed players. He left side, his left foot to kick even with the most to raise the attack raised cross,Easily the best kick with his left foot kick to the front of the feeds from a low position. Even when you dribble, no good if I have to touch the ball with his left foot to put the ball into the opponent's far from the vertical movement of the base.MF like it, but you can also right-handed from the left side into play in so many more moves to the side, playing on a wing inside the 、I do not like much was taken at a greater risk. The left-handed player itself is small to begin with. Ue handed to it in a few good players are Everyone wants to do things, from MF and FW, DF I'm sure the world is less left-handed player in me. The high-level left-handed in Japan as I think very few。。The left side and back can also right-handed Nagatomo Inter, overwhelmingly high levels of athletes from us to cover, but it feels that Can not help without expectation. I'll pass it soon became a maniac story. Nagatomo luck anyway.

Gareth Frank Bale

From Cardiff, Wales, a member of Tottenham Hotspur football player. He has played left-half side, left-wing left. Lefty.The flavor is outstanding dribbling technique and speed advantage of the speed of your feet. Two days against Intel in November 2010 UEFA Champions League Maicon was abandoned several times a wing of the world's best right at the astounding speed. The accuracy is very high cross brought in after dribbling.



Serie A_Intel _Brescia _Caracciolo _Inter_Eto'o _マイコン_長友_マテラッツィ_Zanetti, Stankovic, Pandefu, Sneijder_Ranokkia _Lucio _Cordova _goal_AC Milan_Roma_Juventus_Bayern Munich


長友 Nagatomo Inter: il goal? un regalo ai tifosi...インテル初ゴール 07-03-2011

Section 29 of Serie A
Intel Brescia 1-1

Brescia: Caracciolo (84 minutes)

Inter: Eto'o (18 minutes)

MF:Zanetti, Stankovic, Pandefu, Sneijder, Eto'o

Kivu and the Motta sidelined with injury.

18 CK minutes but Eto'o preemptive push the ball in the head Ranokkia combined from The post and flipped a shot from Sneijder put the curve outside the penalty area on 55 minutes, and 63 GK Pandefu minute additions to or being stopped by the no-one to one,
65 minutes was replaced Lucio injured.
And the other 84 minutes were played on behalf of the Lucio Cordova CK was caught up in a tie wrapped around your head Caracciolo was heading toward the goal.89 minutes as I get out and beat Edel Cordova PK in the penalty area was taken, and will direct red card. However, Cesar has stopped a PK Caracciolo.Another 90 min +6 min DF Eder path of the ball run across the back of the line to the float, but has touched the ball was removed before any Eder jumping out of the penalty area Cesar Brescia defeat against No. 19 to clear the Stankovic escaped before being shot.
Due to a point it becomes extremely Away, CL game is the last thing I just slow. But one point is to win The better the defense, the official game this season, won in four games so far.Also lost in four games, opponents AC Milan, Roma, Juventus, Bayern Munich and other prestigious race in Milan has conceded in the second half. 75 minutes against Juventus, Bayern Munich and the war against Rome was near the end)


UEFA Champions League _Milan _Tottenham_AC Milan _Crouch _Van der Vaart_Modoritchi_Gallas_Gomez_Ibrahimovic _Robinho _Pato_Seedorf_Nesta_トッテナム_ミラン_チャンピオンズリーグ

Tottenham 0-0 AC Milan (09-03-2011)(Champions League) full Highlights Live Goals

UEFA Champions League knockout stages as early as the 2nd leg celebrated. In the 1st leg 0-1 away to Milan is down at Tottenham,2nd leg in the goalless draw with AC Milan beating the onslaught, I decided to advance the quarterfinals for the first time! How to win the next team, where
What a place ー very anxious to draw the quarter-finals on March 18.

Now, the home of Tottenham's 4-2-3-1 lineup. Crouch is a top-FW15. MF11 top down Van der Vaart. Pienaar left midfield MF40, MF14 Modoritchi, MF30 Sandro, MF7 Lennon. DF32 DF-line from the left bias = Ekoto, DF20 Dawson, DF13 Gallas, DF22 Col Luke, GK1 Gomez. 1st leg was injured in the DF22 has come back Koruruka be great.Very good cooperation from the 1st of the vertical leg Koruruka and Lennon.

4-3-3 Lejos de Milán cartel. Ibrahimovic Top 1 FW11, FW70 2 Shadow FW7 Robinho Pato. 3 desde el centro del campo a la izquierda Boateng MF27, MF10 Seedorf,MF16 Flamini. 4 from the left-back Yankurofusuki DF18, DF33 Thiago Silva, DF13 Nesta, DF20 Abate, GK32 Abbiati.In addition to Milan 1st Gattuso is suspended mad dog leg, injured in a series of best members, but it is gorgeous to the starting lineup.

Tottenham dominated the first half or a little home. MF7 the right side three minutes from center to Crouch FW15 Lennon.。Crouch down where the MF11 is stuffed with Van der Vaart, unfortunately I have taken charge keeper
Milan should also strengthen the fight back to win possession, however. 15 minutes Ibrahimovic FK FW11 is also a strong non-rotating, GK1 Fainsebu Gomez! 25 minutes from the counter on the left side flowed MF7 GK1 patrols have been pouring in to skirt a negative cross-Gomez, Robinho MF70! The mice became so sucked into this loose ball goal, Clear DF13 Gallas narrowly on the line! FW11 has jumped from 31 minutes into the second row of thru FW7 Ibrahimovic shot was again blocked by Pato Gomez. Control the midfield but Milan drew Tottenham can finish it very difficult to DF. It is not strange because it runs in the Champions League but the Premier conceded that much,What's the difference in motivation. The FW15 was a counter attack that focuses on simple assault Crouch, not even a lick this point enough in Milan.While saying the first half quickly ended in score-less.



Inter _Leonardo _Intel _Brescia_Nagatomo _Eto'o_Japan _Milan_Rossonero _Toyota Cup_World Cup

Nagatomo: Brescia vs Inter 1-1 インテルミラノ対ブレーシャ1月1日 11-03- 2011

Inter put the mourning play, directed by Leonardo "We are with you guys"

Serie 11 A day is made for Intel Brescia, Section 29, wearing a black arm band played condolences to Japan represent the two teams. The city started as the left-Nagatomo Yuu is played 79 minutes. The game is also open the scoring with goals from Eto'o, Intel decided to Caracciolo 1-PK is a draw.

After the match, Inter coach Leonard, "has suffered a terrible tragedy for Japan by the disaster. To show our solidarity, decided to put a black arm band. Thanks to the understanding Brescia too soon. Natural disasters, the hope that it will fit as soon as possible. In this land far from Japan, it might be quite difficult to realize,I will know a lot about Japan, there'm very close. We are with Japan, "commented towards Japan.
I will know a lot about Japan, there'm very close. We are with Japan, "commented towards Japan.

 Inter is a member of Japan National DF Nagatomo Yuu is "from Milan," has announced the following words in the title.

"The news from Japan is reportedly very shocking, brave Japanese, and it is great solidarity. Inter For people facing a difficult situation in Japan, sent words of encouragement. The strength he has shown the Japanese And we believe this will survive a difficult phase in its great wisdom "

 Milan, meanwhile, "Rossonero (Milan nickname) is for large earthquakes in Japan, and pray for the safety of victims, I do believe support. 1989 (Toyota Cup) and 2007 (in the Club World Cup) in Japan has visited a very good memory, Milan has built a great relationship with Japan.We are watching with deep sorrow the current situation "and represents a statement.

Damaged by the earthquake and tsunami in the Northeast are now a terrible thing, I would like you to visit the affected people.

 The appearance of yesterday's earthquake and tsunami, the damage has been reported one after another throughout the morning and is really nasty.



Schalke _Schweinsteiger _Gustavo _Bureno _Timoshuku_Badoshutouba _Toni _goal _Ribery _Robben _Klose_バイエルン

Miroslav Klose

Lost in Dortmund, Hannover game against Schalke reached the cup defeat.

Third and fourth it was a direct confrontation, was desperate to win the game, Schweinsteiger is suspended in Cumulative.

Gustavo was also a member. Gustavo hurt?

Center back, and Bureno Timoshuku.

Badoshutouba left and right to the last line of alarm.

To volante are close to containing Puranitchi Toni was no change the previous two columns.

Unmanageable situation the team was forced to step change in the form of a moving second member was there and people injured on the accumulation of stable but unable to fight the team would immediately allow preemptive Hanover.

Away from the right side were beaten in 16 minutes early, but the half-time Badoshutouba Timoshuku and OUT, and contains Ottoru fan Buyten, SB Puranitchi moved to the left.

Puranitchi, do I change positions during the game?

And attacks not seen in the shape of this, the second goal in Hannover's goal six minutes late.

Been decided to look away three points in 17 minutes late returning from a Ribery Robben in combination immediately after I finished the game.

Klose, but to introduce instead of close, there are not any Shuba, who's out there are not any cross paths?

I do not eat any other direct red card in the 1-3 defeat Bureno retaliation is in fourth place back.

The outcome of Mainz tomorrow, will drop to fifth place.


Barcelona vs Arsenal _UEFA_Wenger _Nasri _European Football Union _European Champions League _Barcelona _Arsenal _Spain _Robin Van Persie_ロビン・ファン・ペルシー

Barcelona vs Arsenal 3-1 Champions League -3-8-2011

UEFA, Percy sent off to dispose of rage and Wenger Nasri

European Football Union (Union of European Football Associations, UEFA) May 9, 08 were European Champions League 2010-11 (UEFA Champions League 2010-11)Round of 16 of FC Barcelona (FC Barcelona) was inappropriate as the post-war Arsenal (Arsenal) Arsene Wenger's (Arsene Wenger) and director Samir Nasri (Samir Nasri) said to consider disciplinary action against was.
 UEFA said, "last night in Spain (08), second leg Champions League first knockout round was held, under the Barcelona game, Arsene Wenger and Arsenal The club's midfielder, Samir Nasri took a player for disciplinary proceedings. Both sides may be disposed of down the illegal act.In addition, UEFA Disciplinary Committee will hold a hearing on this matter on March 17 "was announced.

 Wenger, Robin van Percy in the game (Robin Van Persie) I was outraged by the yellow card and sent off the second,Busaka referee Massimo (Massimo Busacca)'s decision is "bad," he said. Also, after the final whistle, -
Has been reported that there was a strong interaction between Wenger and the referee in the stadium Busaka passages.

Shots 19-0. Lack of an overwhelming decision, "Anyone who would win 11" to believe



CL決勝T ACミラン vs トッテナム2nd_2nd CL Final AC Milan vs Tottenham_Abbiati _Nesta _Luca Antonini _Clarence Seedorf _Pato Areshandore _Zlatan Ibrahimovic _Robinho _Champions League

UCL - Tottenham vs AC Milan Highlights 09-03-2011

2nd CL Final AC Milan vs Tottenham

Away at "Tottenham" against.

The starting lineup,

GK 32 Christian Abbiati
DF 13 Alessandro Nesta
DF 18 Yankurofusuki → MF 77 Luca Antonini
DF 20 Abate Igunatsuio
DF 33 Thiago Shiuva
MF 10 Clarence Seedorf
MF 16 Mathieu Flamini → MF 14 Rodney Strasser
MF 27 Kevin Boateng → MF 52 Alexander Merkel
FW 7 Pato Areshandore
FW 11 Zlatan Ibrahimovic
FW 70 Robinho

Results 0 - 0-goalless

This is the Champions League defeat.

It was not in the mind game. The large presence of new players joining. Once out of the game ...


Uchida _Champions League _Valencia _Schalke _Utida Atsuhito _UEFAチャンピオンズリーグ・決勝トーナメント1回戦2ndLeg、シャルケvsバレンシア戦_Uchida Atsuto

FC Schalke 04 vs FC Valencia - UEFA Champions League 09.03.11 (Highlights 1st Half) 2/2

Teams advance to determine the full Uchida CL quarterfinals

 Champions League 09 local time (local time) in 2nd Round of the two games are held,Valencia is a member of Schalke at home Uchida Atsuto Utida Atsuhito (Spain) to play against, winning by 3 to 1. As a result, has decided to Schalke at the tournament total score of two games 4-2.
 In the previous game against domestic league only half resigned Uchida. Although not involved in the scoring act, starting the day played a full play.
The team reversed the first strike but has advanced to the quarterfinals and pieces.
 The next race of the day is done Schalke 12, Frankfurt, home to welcome in the domestic league.



Barcelona (Spain) 3-1 Arsenal (England)_Shafutaru Donetsk (Ukraine) 3-0 Roma (Italy)_FC Barcelona 3-1 Arsenal _Camp Nou _Barca _Messi _Iniesta _Busuke _Villa _Pedro _Champions League

F.C Barcelona 3:1 Arsenal - Full Goal Highlight 8. March 2011

FC Barcelona 3-1 Arsenal

Now I come. What about fighting in the Camp Nou Barca lost the first leg in reverse.

Escape through the opening goal from the path of Messi Iniesta 48 minutes early.

But 53 minutes, CK Busuke own goal from tying. 56 minutes, exit at the second yellow like Percy. Barca numerical advantage was 69 minutes, Iniesta, Villa and is seen by connecting Chabi goal. A great break.

The two minutes later Pedro Get PK. Messi third point is decided. Barca only advantage to end the game as it is full, we decided to semi-finals.
I thought that would happen with the lack of picket Capitan, I got down. - Good.

Barcelona is home to Arsenal in the Champions League last eight in the morning reverse 3-1 defeat in advance. I also took a two-point mesh. I Messi actors.I also entered the quarterfinals defeating the Rome Shafutaru Donetsk of Ukraine It is great. -

Barcelona (Spain) 3-1 Arsenal (England)

Shafutaru Donetsk (Ukraine) 3-0 Roma (Italy)


Zidane _ball control_Heading strongly shooting _body balance_France_Materazzi _World Cup _physical techniques_Rijkaard_defensive player _volante _pass _shot _dynamo _Nedved_Czech and Juventus hero_mentality _Guardiola_Barcelona _Gascoyne_dribble _football _Okocha_Nakata Hidetoshi_Frit_Davids

Zinedine ZIDANE trapping compilation - christinayan

Fussball WM - Skandale [9] Rijkaard spuckt Völler an 1990

ciao pavel Nedved

Guardiola: Barcelonista forever

【伝説】 カントナ&ガスコイン ~悪名高き男たち~


Major titles from individual titles team, Zidane picked up everything. Aliens called the lasting power and high technique and ball control. Heading strongly shooting skills on the high body balance, head of France's two goals and W Cup final, blew away the German head-butting Materazzi in the final World Cup W impressive.Speed is not over, cover and physical techniques.


But a defensive player with a volante main battlefield, some techniques on the high pass and shot accuracy. Midfield dynamo of activity in terms of possible attacks. CB is also good command. There are so tall jumping on the players to beat him in aerial combat or not.


Czech and Juventus hero. The characteristic high shooting skills and mentality abundant stamina and momentum. Have the necessary elements to attack at a high level.Good command anywhere offensive midfield position.


The precise path to the top. Long-precision accuracy, especially magic. Win a point type, but the necessary elements have attacked.The speed and physical, has a little difficulty. Barcelona is currently a director has been plagued wielding.


Accurate dribble shoot-thru. Techniques and not just pass, scoring very high. IMP was quite extraordinary was a football sense.

Okocha: dribbling accuracy boasts high precision path Agility

Nakata Hidetoshi: physical path with high precision shooting skills techniques

Frit: A demon is a demon, a demon

Davids: Are features and inexhaustible stamina to Dread



Serie A Inter Milan 5-2 Genoa Section 28_Japanese _Nagatomo _Genoa _goal first_Montenegro _New Zealand _Inter Milan_football _European group _Zakkeroni _Copa America _Rossi_Eto'o_Snyder_Inzaghi_San Siro _Italy_Messi_soccer

NAGATOMO : Inter vs Genoa 長友佑都 ジェノア戦 後半途中出場 初ゴール 2011/3/6

Inter 5-2 Genoa, Pazzini e super Eto'o, vola l'Inter 06-03-2011

Serie A Inter Milan 5-2 Genoa Section 28 (06 March 2011) -

 The following is a triumphant finish! Japanese delegation Milano DF Nagatomo (24) 06, played 33 minutes in the second half against Genoa was home The Japanese will be the seventh in Serie A history to score a goal first. Japanese national team against Montenegro on the 25th (Pa Eco), 29 against New Zealand (National) is going to be, Nagatomo has vowed to respond to the call policy.
 Japan to decide on the next sack. After his Inter Milan, Serie A has played six games in the first Nagatomo scored first, spoke about the first friendly match later this month. "Representative? Course. Representative pride however, who raised me. I want to give something back to football in Japan.'s Called ... so be honored." Indicated its intention to convene once happy home.
 Montenegrin representatives in Japan later this month, will face New Zealand. According to officials, will convene a European group supervisor Zakkeroni league is planning to defer rush.Instead, the Ultra that various European clubs that have approached according to the Copa America in July to call non-binding United Association of C plans have emerged.Amid such words made me proud Nagatomo strong Japanese team. -
 A friendly match in March, the International Day for the league match will be suspended and move halfway around the globe for the European group of physically risky.Once the club and could be fatal, especially regular heavy fighting. But Nagatomo is "wanted" goal by tangible results that were obtained, Positively taken to Japan.

 The first goal was a blow to shame FW. The 78 m build a better flying in front of goal but hit the MF Rossi, with his left foot to reverse the body's head pierced GK It is not so pleasant. I thought if you take the inverse of the center strike. " Eto'o after the goal, followed by Snyder et corps Star Performance "bow" is also presented. Intel had been part of completely.
 While some already established an unshakable position. Sport Gazetta de Pablo is a local newspaper dated 7 Nagatomo played 12 minutes gave a high rating of 6.5 points and unusual. In addition, "was transformed into a small samurai Inzaghi. San Siro with a ball each time (formerly known as the Giuseppe Meazza) caught fire," and Italy's leading superimposed FW.According to officials, aims to win the second Nagatomo Cesena former club FC Tokyo alliance made an offer such rates is increasing in Italy.
 Kokura Japanese Football Association president, "Great. I hope you come back in a friendly match in March," and are looking forward to the triumphant return.



Italian Serie A_Nagatomo_Intel_Ranokkia_Suharuja _goal_Inter_Zanetti _God's gift_Leonardo _Pasta _Love _長友選手のお辞儀パフォーマンス__________________

Inter-Genoa 5-2 Highlights Ampia Sintesi Sky HD 28^giornata 06.03.2011 NAGATOMO 長友

高画質 インテル長友、初ゴール! インテル 5-2 ジェノア Inter 5-2 Genoa

Italian Serie A Japanese national, who joined the Metropolitan Government DF Nagatomo Yuu Inter's first score in the game and gave Genoa held on October 6.

 Yuu Nagatomo 4-minute lead in the second half of the 32 1 DF participated in turn-of Ranokkia. 39 minutes, run up and jump out of the left side,It is dynamic in his left foot shot from Suharuja got the ball in front of goal. The ball pierced the left goal. Inter won the game 5-2.
 Inter's Web site, in an interview published Nagatomo voice. While exchanging the occasional Italian, "I thank my colleagues gathered in the hall," and so Nagatomo comment.Also noteworthy for future games. Intel after the transfer, Nagatomo player scored the first Japanese team. Convey the joy, that Leonardo was a coach in order to thank and hug.
- "Zanetti bowed? - After a goal, I wanted extra work. Because of my things to me this time, Intel will have to thank.-Happiness is wearing this shirt. Major role in their defense. No need to go to score, I was like this. God's gift. The goal is to dedicate staff and fans "" I can not remember the goal so excited. How are things going with a good increase in Italian. Leonardo is an excellent coach. So, we put a hug to thank. To thank fans. Today, I felt the passion. Pasta is my favorite. Love to eat and say,
" -



Bayern Munich's _French national MF_Franck Ribery _Real Madrid _Champions League _Robben _World Cup_Bundesliga

Franck Ribery Tricks and Goals

 Everything goes wrong, limited to forget quickly, a lifetime of one year then that is that. Bayern Munich's French national MF, Franck Ribery (27) who 2010 was the year that just -. L'Equipe reported that the paper.
 The start of the year, yet so bad. Complication transfer to Real Madrid is a problem, he could not slip through the beginning of the season in a series of injuries,The last time I saw signs of recovery, in combination with the Champions League Bayern Robben (CL) led to the semifinals.
 Demodulation is dampened Ribery such cases of "minor sex scandal" is. CL received a police interview that the timing just before the semi-final against Lyon and became prey to the media. What's in the game against Lyon to give up too fighting spirit into the stigma, and saw a direct red card against FW dangerous tackle. Despite the team finals, Ribery waved a stick at the stage of fine suspended it.

 W and reached the World Cup. While he is expected to be a pillar of the French national team, lackluster play is just psyched to be racing again. In addition to typical "boss" and been named one of Invited the team to intimidate the young nervous, was one of the author and to the association produced a revolt by boycotting practice.

 Even after repeated injuries this season has begun, only the first half played in 15 games, including cup competitions. Bayern fifth in the country (and 14 points behind leader) has become one of the reasons to be depressed.Representatives, even after the curfew had solved the disposal of three games, still do not return to fulfill. The only bright spot for that Ribery is that it does not lose the trust of Bavaria. The contract has been extended until 2015.Salary 30,000,083 euros (£ 90 million), is the Bundesliga's highest-paid.



Barcelona_Messi _Villa _Xabi_Mascherano _Iniesta _Alves_Valencia _Guardiola_Valencia _Lionel Messi_Adriano_Pedro

Valencia 0-1 Barcelona 02-03-2011 Goals and Highlights

Barcelona, "3-3-3-1", or the two top Messi and Villa "3-3-2-2", looked like. In addition, the Daburuboranchi Mascherano and Xabi,Iniesta left in the second column, second row center of the mesh, and set aside space for the right Alves, like that was not even visible.

But speaking from a Valencia side attack, the more aggressive side, and contrary to speculation that Guardiola, Barça's side pushed it fell under,Eventually become to the back of 5, Iniesta and Xavi also been coming down then it would be orphaned if Villa or Lionel Messi, from things that had become,
Valencia was paced perfectly.
Still, mistakes or from Valencia's defense, and individual skills of Lionel Messi from Barca had the opportunity to make decisive, frankly, that's three back-Barça I do not always work.

Again, a high position in the side, unless you put some players permanently, fleeing to the other side to avoid the press, but it is the fact that I can not. "4-1-2-3", and that was back in fashion before the anchor is down three, at that time, to come down to the third column, second row, so players will have to , The second column is gone away, but the functionality of the translation that is down the middle, so this time, I do not have the high position player side, the power was turned down Barca's possession,Also, I was unable to be dropped to the power of the Valencia side attack. Then recently, a central place at the forefront of Villa, but a lot of things that to mean that, frankly, making it difficult to play by Messi, I think so.In short, you've suffered by Messi and Villa play zone, is a translation I think Messi is getting in the way of Villa. Also, do a roster of players to the right place, Messi had the ball at the time, since before there is only one player, Messi has become too difficult to play through it, I also like that is a translation.

As always, when Messi had the ball, getting both sides goes up to the forefront, speaking in this game, Adriano, Villa, Alves, If you become a top shaped like a three that might be OK, as mentioned above, it is not the player side of the high position from the beginning,
Possession of power will fall from Barca, and Adriano Alves I'm not that happens is go to a higher position easily.

Hey Guardiola, has passed both the SB so blind to the fact that a higher position to increase the height of the functionality of the Barcelona Barça midfield they will be the height of the overall force possession,To keep there, then it seems they've forgotten a thing. Speaking of Barcelona, one organization, it is a great team on both the high quality, Gotten the results that this power alone, I would think half the appeal.Barca is certainly suffering from it they get ultra defensive fighting against, they always struggling with it too Guardiola, or to fight back or two or three back somehow I mean that since opening the trial and error thing, after all, no matter what the opponent, "4-1-2-3" Since when is the best form of function need to change the Do not say,
Changing the basic shape, determined to go to different players in the game, or going to change in the baton change, and personally I think it is the best translation I think. And say things, chances are one of the decisive force was made, there is no functionality in the second half Barca, 18 minutes to put the second half in place of Pedro Mascherano.Usual "4-1-2-3" to return to the possession and finally becomes a smooth, 32-minute second half, turning the ball from the restart slowly, Usual "4-1-2-3" to return to the possession and finally becomes a smooth, 32-minute second half, turning the ball from the restart slowly,

After that game, Barca always better to promote the game and press a stable possession, the score as is "0-1" in the end. Barcelona will win the thing. Anyway, After that game, Barca always better to promote the game and press a stable possession, the score as is "0-1" in the end. Barcelona will win the thing. Anyway,



Real Madrid _Lyon_Mourinho_goal_di Maria _Ronaldo _Ejiru _Benzema

Lyon Vs Real Madrid 1 - 1 Full Highlights HQ 22/02/2011

Real Madrid are under attack from the side in Lyon, but it is a translation seem dangerous at first glance, that Real Madrid turned from Mourinho,Players are entering the goal, or players coming into the front of the goal, marking exactly into it, if a defensive approach to the concept,

Players are entering the goal, or players coming into the front of the goal, marking exactly into it, if a defensive approach to the concept,DF4 2 piece + volante central gathering, defending it in front of goal to make a wall, even when six of the attacks so that this "4-2" defense without it breaking a block,Movement as a single unit, with a high risk for management at the receiving counter, I thing.Although it is rising in Lyon showed their offensive, attacking gradually been lost, but I will become a pace of translation of Real Madrid and it becomes even more of Real Madrid, while
Attack without working too much, the game was a stalemate that much development.

Whether that works for Real Madrid attack, whether that becomes a starting point for the top players anyway, whether you're doing with one of the top offensive team as a whole,、They are concentrated in that area, of course it is weak defensive opponent, commence dribbling di Maria hiragana and even Ronaldo scored just take the offensive is a translation of If you have little strength to enemy's defense, I translated it just go away almost scored. In other words, the fact that Adebayor will be put in this gameUnfortunately, the origin of the attack was not accustomed to it, there was no Power is Real Madrid's attacks. Thing to say, 19 minutes late, Real Madrid are in place Translated Benzema put Adebayor was born on this score soon. Development of a throw-in from Real Madrid, but once the ball enters Can not say either of the two people and steal the ball and Ejiru Benzema,
Carried the ball dribbles toward the goal while keeping Ejiru pass to Ronaldo had been moved to the center.And the C · Ronaldo, left out of the path in the PA Benzema came into touch with, and through it Benzema intact while dribbling and shooting to the right PA to the right. Shot is weak, the other luckily missing between the legs of GK, there will also be that this is fixed, Now deployed to lead Real Madrid one point. Soon after, both teams will move. Lassana Diarra Real Madrid Kedira place.
Brianne Lyon and introduce instead Piedo Delgado and Bustos. Lyon has a wing instead of two. Lassana Diarra Real Madrid I still Kedira position.
Thus, each containing from Benzema, Real Madrid, C · they look like Ronaldo and Benzema in the top two, is that this is Mourinho's instructions, or, What Ronaldo did so on their own, where I understand well, but I think it was modified to strengthen its balance and defense probably put in place Ejiru Marcelo, Real Madrid is "4-4-2" has to. Lyon put in place a Sherusutoremu Pyanitchi. Honestly, at this point from the remaining time was 15 minutes, I could outrun one-point lead Real Madrid remain at this rate, I Lyon strict translation but I thought, no such luck, So we are 38 minutes late, Lyon restart.

Only one wall standing as the ball is kicked Pyanitchi C · flying to the goal and a subtle feeling Ronaldo flew to where the ball is in front of the goal of heading Gomisu, -Unfortunately I think that there is, since I personally feel the presence of Marcelo, for the purposes of Ejiru Mourinho after entering on behalf of the "4-4-2" I think it was,

Marcelo left the SH without entering properly left as top to bottom SH they play in the position subtle, such as indirect causes had given Lyon a play set in the middle of the left side it I think that had been translated.


Munich _Utida Atsuhito _Bayern Munich_World Cup in Germany_Okudera Yasuhiko _Robben _Muller _France _Ribery _Atsuto Uchida

Atsuto Uchida Highlights

DF - Munich - Utida Atsuhito Japanese national (22), but after his first shot at the title! Full participation in a wing of the enemy territory and the right against the previous champions Bayern Munich.MF marked the French national Franck Ribery (27) 1-containment helped them win the finals of 0. Japanese players advance to finals World Cup in Germany, in Cologne won the 1978 FW Yokohama FC Okudera Yasuhiko current president (58) since 33 years.Duisburg and will play the final in Berlin on May 21, part 2. World-class giant enemy territory Bavaria, the majority of the 69,000 filling the Allianz Arena, Sank in disappointment. Uchida stretched body, contributing to the victory without conceding a goal. Explosion joy to dive with friends and decide to pitch finals.
 FW former Spanish representative to observe the play won a precious thing in the first half 15 minutes decided to Raul, Uchida sensation even do it after the game. Robben is a Dutch national party FW,FW W German national army Cup star Muller scorer. France squad attacked the core of it all of a Ribery MF, Uchida sealed.
 A wing and left-right match-up in the MF. And promote movement of the other dribble break, and continued for 90 minutes hampered in partnership with allies. Uchida is a frenzied scene Ribery hit the body. "I was very frustrated Ribery. I've hit the side was really angry. Be beaten like this makes sense, "fear and tasted before.

 Japanese players in the World Cup finalists Germany in Cologne began in 1935, was straight years ,77-78 FW Okudera Yasuhiko feat since 33 years. Uchida was born in 1988, "Is that so?  But after his first chance to stand on top of itself. "But then it is meaningless to win.'d Better do it were a second"

CL turn 22 years old stalwart grasp it. Popular surprised colleagues from Japan received a large amount of chocolate on Valentine's Day, the team are at the heart of her talent.


BS today _Nagatomo_Maicon_Intel _Eto'o _Sneijder_Kagawa _Dortmund_Arsenal _Feyenoord _Miyaici _Wenger _Soccer_Serie A_Sampdoria _microcomputer _Inter

Nagatomo e Sneijder negli spogliatoi di Genova

BS today I was playing Inter's game.
Yuu Nagatomo played I was full.I was out on the right side suspension Maicon, Seem really well. Do not miss you as well as to overlap at all.It is also a top speed at this level. I was against it tear DF. I'm against is weak but the lower sample.

It is okay to cross-Ne. From left foot with high accuracy even I have trouble DF crosscut.
Were a decade ago, I never played full Seem impossible at Intel Japan. I am amazed that I'm doing with the ordinary or Eto'o or Sneijder.
Kagawa is also something, I'll ace the Dortmund. It is now time great.

I'm going to be amazing Miyaici Palace from Arsenal Feyenoord later! ? That is already a world-class speed.

"Wenger also fell in love!" I do not expect too much like each of the city, the temple is expected to grow I want to say good things in the future.

The voice is cool interview!

Soccer, Serie A, Sampdoria - against Inter. Yuu Nagatomo regular players suspended so that the microcomputer has a wing in the starting lineup right.Yuu Nagatomo seems to have grown rapidly. After all, Inter's dire Sneijder shot FK intense and Eto'o won 0-2.



Premier League _Chelsea _Manchester United_Rooney _Essien's _David Lewis_Lampard _Ivanovic _Viditchi _Liverpool

Chelsea FC - Press Conference Pre Manchester United

The Premier League was behind most of the digestion is performed on one day for Chelsea against Manchester United, Chelsea and won 2-1 in reverse.
United open the scoring in the middle Away targeted Rooney left the post barely 29 minutes. Get Rooney scored three consecutive league games for the first time this year.But Chelsea hit back to go into the second half, but Ivanovic auction Essien's cross 54 minutes, after his tying goal in the first volley David Lewis. Reached 80 minutes and got knocked down in the DF Jirukofu PK Smalling Lampard is determined, the winning goal in Chelsea was born.
The United became the second yellow card sent off in injury time Viditchi captain, can not play against Liverpool on Sunday. United against Chelsea is now three straight wins. Nine seasons at home, knowing defeat was United. United remain top of the 60 points, Chelsea are a little stretched to 48 games digestion points, rising to fourth place.
PK decided to Lampard after the final game, "point difference is still large, but the important thing was to win this game.United have been worthy of the fight to come out on top, we feel the fight is still remaining, tonight's game could be shown in it, "he said.

United's Ryan Giggs has played 70 minutes in the middle. Debuted, it was 20 years ago, on March 2, celebrating the victory anniversary was not a day earlier.However, in playing this game, lined up in 606 league games played record of Bobby Charlton has.



messi_sports _Fernandez_Spanish _Porto _Toyota Cup_Mourinho's _Zaragoza _Fernandez_Celta _Mosutoboi_Mosutovoi_Karupin_Mostovoi

Mostovoi, el Zar de Balaídos

In sports newspaper has reported on negotiations with Japan coach against, "favorite" I looked up Victor Fernandez, director of the Spanish people also have this. The highlight of the carrier during FC Porto (2003) Toyota Cup, Mourinho's former coach (now Director R Madrid) led the Toyota Cup after taking over.PK is remembered at the end of the war was victory.

But look at the history of its leadership, in the van with 45 years experience in the young coach as opposed to say, his age is 49 years of experience in quite a number of clubs,The veteran coach can say. During his career, so players were not listed in the wiki, is a major player in the hope that it will not,As a Copa del Rey by Zaragoza coach took command in 1990 for six years (Copa del Rey [Speaking in Japanese equivalent to the Emperor]) led twice in the victory,We have experience Kappuuinazu Cup was won in Europe. Zaragoza is part of a team of nearly constant position when the team is in a bad state of the team may be relegated There are no top-notch team. The team that brought the title of European Isao Makoto think it great. Fernandez, NHK-BS timing of the Spanish League through 2002 was broadcast from the late 1990s, I was doing Celta coach.
Celta is a team of the Atlantic Ocean port city of Vigo, this time under Mosutoboi top Russian representative in Europe in combination Karupin left wing was the first time fighting CL glanced away.Watching football abroad, it faces the Director of consciousness at the time they did not say hey if you remember that time director. However,Problems of Japan's national coach is the same as if the van Fernandez, Fernandez, Espanha, Portugal fora do país experimentou o que foi uma vez lá o treinador do FC Porto, Português e Espanhol são como dialetos são disse para levar o outro.The word was a foreign experience, the veteran is the first time in so much. Himself "more comfortable" Africa is known to give me hope,


Messi_soccer_Higuain _Ambrosini _Ibura _Robinho _Barcelona_Villa _Shamaku _Arushavin_Keita _Ejiru _Xabi Alonso _football_Inter

スーパープレイ! 2回曲がる超激難シュート!

ウイニングイレブン2010 レジェンズ ゴール集3.wmv

Higuain allow bullets to be preemptive, Ambrosini Ibura goals successfully reversed. However, being caught up in low-tying drive late in the second half. Robinho has entered the middle,Unable definitive work, the first three games in Barcelona. The escape from the path through the Villa Messi, GK 1vs1 with a lead-off in control.Additional points on the button to fit in the head a cross from David Villa was waiting to break even immediately after starting the second half of the vertical mesh. Stable and even the defenders Walcott is not working Shamaku Arushavin. Jean Keita tie Jefuren rest during a change of board, winning shutout.Middle-free mode can shoot the loose ball to put anchors instead of Busuketsu Keita also act largely left off the goal. Ejiru cross from the late throw-in,Tying to catch up with Ronaldo had put his head in the middle-free mode, is now relieved. Stoppage time and the last. Xabi Alonso headed the Ejiru to CK. Although this shot did not have much power, Inter's DF miss the ball clear. But cleared again tried to trap the ball as it is assigned to the own goal line. Dramatic, and too. For not even meet, now the head Ejiru toast. To end football, a sport not know what will happen,





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Robin van Persie Top 13 Goals

Nosu Poru and yesterday! The saw Messi headed. Rare! I thought, I said it the first time this season. I won the match 3:0 Mallorca.There are many star players. I can not remember the names and faces, or playing enough, only Messi is exceptional! The 10 days passed since the game is done, I want to know more watch the players shift changes due to the first game of round one round of UEFA Champions League, Arsenal vs. FC Barcelona for a game, Record easily. Incidentally, when I saw the first away on a journey into the world of dreams and immediately started early, before the game, remember that thing about London Calling is flowing ... Dearimashita state that (laughs). When Arsenal defenders over the press while the other person has possession and Fabregas Robin Van Percy, Raised to a higher position in the line to protect the last line of the form 4-4. So I tried to interpret 4-4-1-1. Always against Barcelona in the shape of a top or top-down Messi 0. 4-3-1-2 during the attack, and when the first attack to avoid their opponent's possession at the time the defense will go to defense position is lower than the mesh wings (or made it,Messi will not move or say)-4-1-4 may be expressed more easily transmitted one. The match in Barcelona brought superior pace to free themselves when attacking positioning etc., Preemptive 26 minutes. Since then, no one-sided development goals followed an 0-marks the second half left. 23 minutes late, and both sides move simultaneously.


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Sampdoria - Inter 0-2 Ampia Sintesi - SKY HD - Highlights - 27/02/2011

長友先発 インテル 2-0 サンプドリア ハイライト

Serie A held on Section 27 of the 27th game against Sampdoria, Inter's Japanese team played three consecutive games starting lineup playing city league Nagatomo Yuu DF. Instead of the usual left-,The play was a wing of the right, doing the work closely, have helped to win three points.

 Italy's largest sports newspaper Gazetta dello Sport], the average point Yuu Osa "6" and scoring. "Jumped to the right side of the spring, the spurt.In plenty of momentum, in terms of misconduct that the defense was "While evaluation," The idea gleaming and not always enough, "and has issued an order in terms of attack.
 The next section will play at home to Genoa on March 6, to return to the Maicon section had been suspended for now, left-back returned to Yuu Nagatomo, Position is likely to compete with them Christian Kivu Chivu. Serie 27 A section was held on the 27th, a battle against Intel's 2-Sampdoria won away at Intel's 0. Japan national capital belonging to DF Nagatomo Yuu Intel has played a full play. Intel has hired in the DF because Maicon are suspended, the right to appoint a wing Nagatomo starter.For Nagatomo has become Intel's first right-hand side showed a positive attitude from the beginning. However, not meeting the sides will cross ball, chance can not be directed easily. Yuu Nagatomo defensive than offensive contribution. But quite a few Intel Sampdoria home to be invaded, will be involved in suppressing the dangerous scene Yuu Nagatomo.
Reached 0-0 in the second half, Inter has expanded without strict goal-scoring opportunity. Pattsuini teammates are firmly supported in the past, this day was also good enough chance for Eto'o. Had maintained a clean sheet inter barely Julio Sezaru Guardian 、Flow and difficult. 73 minutes, however, Intel has succeeded in making a difference in the power of the individual. FK Intel got a chance in front of the penalty area, Sneijder is right. Decide right corner goals, and finally get the lead. 80 FK-minute Sneijder firing a close shot hit the left post, but the team were suffering from traction.