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Os 15 gols de Ronaldo Fenômeno em Copas do Mundo (melhor qualidade video)


Ronaldo retired, "Football is a beautiful life"

 2002 World Soccer (W Cup) to shine in the tournament top scorer Korea, and served as the ace of Brazil to contribute to victory FW Ronaldo (34) February 14,Press conference in Sao Paulo, announced his retirement.
 According to AP communication, reveals the fact that Ronaldo had been difficult to control body weight in four years with hypothyroidism, "is to keep the active mind,Not about the body, "he said in tears this.
 Ronaldo is armed with unparalleled speed and scoring ability, famous as the world's leading striker from the 1990s through 2000s. 3 W at the World Cup played in 15 career scoring highest marks in history. 96,97,02 In the International Football Federation (FIFA) was chosen as Player of the Year.
 Inter Milan (Italy) and Barcelona, Real Madrid (Spain both) and playing in big clubs in Europe, Since 09 was played for the Corinthians country was lifelessly on a knee injury and the impact of repeated. Ya keeping score and ended the battle damage, "My football life is beautiful and wonderful," he said, put an end to active duty. (Kyodo)

Ronaldo history

Cruzeiro emerged in the country, AC Milan (Italy), Real Madrid (Spain) and active in competitive club in Europe. Three-time winner of the FIFA Player of the Year.W Cup is played in three consecutive Games in 1998 and 2002 tournament top scorer (eight goals) and won the victory. W 15 career World Cup scoring highest in history. The Brazilian scored 62. 34. From Rio de Janeiro.


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