Sneijder_Wesley Sneijder _Netherlands_Manchester United_Italian paper_Jose Mourinho _Real Madrid_Inter Milan_Eto'o_Manchester City _マンチェスター・シティ

 Sneijder, "is due to residual Milano Morinyo advice."

This summer, Wesley Sneijder MF temporary representative of the Netherlands, Intel is rumored to soon transfer to Manchester United, finally decided to remain.

 Sneijder Italian paper, "Gazzetta dello Sport," in an interview with the club led the former The current coach Jose Mourinho to lead Real Madrid, "it is better left to Inter Milan," revealed that it had been advised.

"Mourinho has come to call me, advised me to continue with Inter Milan. His mind was still there in this club, and I always said that away from me here."

Sneijder is also now transfer to another club revealed that no thought at all.

"You can stay here, I'm happy. Have you ever get out of Intel until now I never once from. The Manchester United'm not going to talk anymore. Heard Inter Milan to sell me by phone from my agent's true. So I spoke to United. But the story raised by the sale of Eto'o just in time,I changed all the circumstances "

 Meanwhile, Manchester City were said to be scrambling to win Sneijder like Man U, in itself revealed that there was no direct talks.

"Manchester City? I do not know anything about it. I'm happy anyway. Want to respect the 2015 agreement that remains here"

「マンチェスター・シティ? そのことについては何も知らないよ。とにかく僕はインテルで幸せなんだ。ここで2015年まで残っている契約を尊重したい」


San Marino 11-0 victory in the Netherlands, the first-ever double-digit scoring.

San Marino 11-0 victory in the Netherlands, the first-ever double-digit scoring.

 San Marino vs Netherlands, FIFA (International Football Federation) for the lowest # 1 (American Samoa, Andorra, Montserrat and Thailand of 203) were fights.

It was the outcome of the game came with the game before the war, the Philips Stadion in Eindhoven was still packed with 35,000 supporters.

 2010 World Cup (Cup W) won the Dutch national runners in the euro immediately (European Championship) to change the feeling to win in qualifying continues without a hitch.

Still, supporters are "tired Cup W" symptoms occur, into the stadium was optimal. They have that summer, he burned out.

 However, the freshness came back finally to the supporters. San Marino was a minor power opponent, tickets are still sold out quickly.

Whether from the Netherlands to win, to enjoy the win or how they are visited the stadium. Holland answered their expectations. 11-0.

The Dutch measures were taken before the game is aiming for a top mass score (Funteraru 3) Shadow (Van Persie, Sneijder, kite).

Machines that were cross-back Piterusu and van der both wheels. Van Persie has four goals and thus the Funteraru and Sneijder scored two goals, Haitinha, kite,

Each had one goal and took away the play Wainarudumu way.

 For the Netherlands was the first ever double-digit scoring. The previous highest score against Finland for the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Record was 9-0 against qualifier against Norway Cup was held in Rotterdam W in November 1972.

 Despite the slump in the late hours of the first half, the Dutch showed great discipline. Earlier, largely to clear the DF of San Marino, where I stopped a foot and break the goal line for anyone Walk the ball caught the end but only one kite FW. The subsequent cross was quite live, this play is still one supporter in the goal of increasing expectations Kite Significantly raised 49 minute goal. Questions quickly after losing the ball, driving without a ball player and dedicated .... Somewhat, but concede a goal past the feeling that once an ally, Netherlands play against weaker nations can show off your motivation and concentration, and a game worthy of the ranking.



FIFA World Cup _Saitama Stadium _North Korea_Japan_Maya Yoshida_FIFA rankings _Arsenal_hat-trick_goal _dramatic goal

FIFA World Cup qualifying opener next three days being held at Saitama Stadium match against North Korea, Japan win 1-0.

Final point was that the players headed goal in injury time second half of the DF Maya Yoshida.

 # 15 in FIFA rankings in Japan, North Korea as # 114. Japan continued to dominate the ball from beginning to end attack, gained a valuable point Yoshida players finally into injury time, won the first match.

 Meanwhile, Park Joo-young Korean national team captain (Ju, Arsenal) player to achieve a hat-trick, 1-0 overwhelmed with six representatives in Lebanon, was recorded three points.

While the Korean media report the victory of their own representatives, pay attention to scores of Japanese to North Korea, "North Korea's narrow victory in the 10" Victory "dramatic" and a series of such reports.

 Media Korea, "Japan is unable to effectively exploit the North Korean defense attempted to attack always holding the initiative" and show people what the game, "three points with goals from near the end, the game's cold sweat Barely winning one against North Korea for leaving "with such prominent coverage. Yoshida players' dramatic goal "is" the representative of Japan has saved the goal of qualifying undefeated, "Some media said.


Inzaghi of AC Milan out of the registration list CL.

Inzaghi of AC Milan out of the registration list CL,.

 FW Filippo Inzaghi of AC Milan veteran with the highest score ranking second in the European Cup in history, Season's Champions League (CL) revealed that out of the list of registrations.

 Inzaghi is now 38 years of UEFA (Union of European Football) and raised a total of 70 goals in Cup sponsored by, Contesting the seat of the former top scorer Raul Gonzalez's Schalke 04 FW and come out on top in 71 career goals.

Schalke 04 season Europa League (EL) because they entered the group stage, Inzaghi had been released records raised the possibility that Raul goal.

 Suffered from a serious knee last November but recovered Inzaghi, calves because they had a problem with formic, says coach Massimiliano Reguri up without adding to the player as a member.

However, registration lists in the final tournament reached a stage can change, possibly on the stage of the CL this season have been left Inzaghi.



AC Milan's Ibrahimovic _Guardiola _Italian Gazzetta _Barcelona _Champions League _バルセロナ

AC Milan's Ibrahimovic "no longer an issue between the coach Guardiola will not" 

FW Milan's Zlatan Ibrahimovic 31 Swedish national paper "Italian Gazzetta dello Sport," in an interview, Showed his thoughts on former home in Barcelona decided to play in the Champions League group stage.

"Barcelona is the world's best teams. The idea is, even when the conversation even when you joined the club that has not changed at all before. However, a strong team Datte Milan, we are continuing to evolve. Now that we have reinforced the firm this summer, and hopes to be fit to force the new team.Barcelona are playing against a good test to say that we "

 Meanwhile, the coach Pep Guardiola Barcelona caused the conversation, sarcasm, "sage" to turn from the past have been derided as calmly assessed his ability.

"Between the coach Guardiola is no longer any problem. All the other thing too. Instead of looking back, would look at the present.He is a fantastic leader. There was a problem between us, when it's a different story. He has done a good job in Barcelona, ​​where I would like to concentrate on work, my "



The Inter Milan Milito "Forlán's leading players of" real

The Inter Milan Milito "Forlán's leading players of" real

 Argentina's Diego Milito FW Inter Milan on March 30, Italian paper "La Stampa" in an interview,About FW Diego Forlan from Atletico Madrid since the representative of Uruguay, gave legitimacy to the height of its power.

"Forlán knows that well. In the past (the days of Zaragoza), from a player who I played against many times. I can affirm that, Inter Milan is a great player that won.

He's a real major player that can make a difference. His experience and motivation, will it help us win the title of a great team. "

 Milito is a cry to the failure last season was explained that in the conditions of the new Wanquan for the season.

"You can celebrate the season in good condition and have been very satisfied. Through the experience of last season, I became more patient.However, once you stand on the pitch "emergency brake" It's not catching. If you play such long, I think that off the Pike "

 On the other hand, Sukudetto (the title of Serie A) for battle, showed the view that there is more chance of winning teams.

"I am the absolute winners this season, thinks not. Milan, Inter Milan, Naples, Rome would have said the same level"


Ejiru _Real Madrid_Barcelona_German _Bild_Spanish Super Cup _Zaragoza_La Liga

Ejiru Real Madrid. "We are on the same level as Barcelona"

 MF Ejiru German team Real Madrid, the German paper "Bild" said in an interview on the status of the team.

Ejiru first to comment on the Spanish Super Cup was held on August 14 and 17, stressed that the fight to compete with Barcelona but has missed the team title.

"In the Super Cup defeat had bad luck. But in those two games, was proved to be the same level as Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid now,"

 Real Madrid's 6-0 victory at Zaragoza in La Liga opener. Ejiru noted the importance of victory in the opener.

"The results have been very satisfied. It was a great victory, victory in the opener has an important meaning. To start the season in good form values ​​from lead to confidence."


Historic victory to Arsenal Manchester United, Rooney hat-trick

Historic victory to Arsenal Manchester United, Rooney hat-trick

Man U is Rooney (10th) took a hat-trick eight goals, such as, containing historic victory to Arsenal

 Section 3 Premier League was held on May 28, Manchester United (Man U) vs. Arsenal game is to defeat Arsenal 8-2 in the Man U goal rush home, Adorned the third straight season, along with Manchester City. Rooney for Man U in this game and decided to PK FK two, a hat trick.

In addition, Ryo Miyaichi Arsenal in his right foot discomfort, the members were not convened.

 Throughout the Man U, showed an overwhelming force was a game. Man U in turn created the opportunity take the shine off Arsenal's path from the beginning, the score an opening goal on 22 minutes Welbeck's current top form.

Get a chance to tie the PK to get even 26 minutes Arsenal, Robin van Persie's shot is blocked by GK Dehea.

Then 28 minutes after that, Man U will take the second point and decided to shoot bright young middle, and as early as 3-0 with goals from Rooney from 42 minutes to FK.

It returns a point in the first half injury time goal for Walcott to Arsenal is also celebrating a half-time leave of inferiority.

 Arsenal has begun the second half but gradually regain the rhythm of the attack, killing a chance to continue playing with Arshavin, not give extra points.

Man U Conversely, when determining a match 4-1 as Rooney scored a goal 64 minutes from the FK again, from where they finish the show. What 67 minutes, Man U goal superimposed alternating sung to 70 minutes of play,

When a hat trick in the 87th minute Rooney PK decided to mark the first eight points in the middle kept the young shoots of injury time to.

Arsenal is a one-point drop in the bucket, but returned 75 minutes Van Persie, it suffered a humiliating 2-8 defeat against Man U.


Barcelona-Spain soccer victory departure

Barcelona-Spain soccer victory departure

1 Spanish league soccer 29, is made per game is third straight victory in Barcelona on 5-0 Villarreal, starting out with opening win.


Manchester United _European soccer leagues _England _Arsenal _Tottenham _Manchester City _Zaragoza _Real Madrid's _Ronaldo _Barcelona _Bayern Munich _Takashi Usami _Schalke _Atsuto Uchida

Manchester United and Real in the first place with three straight wins is a good starting question.

Each European soccer leagues (22 to 28), England 8-2 to Arsenal against Manchester United Palace Emblem of two consecutive targeting, took the lead in the opening three straight wins.

Tottenham defeated Manchester City also, by goal difference in second place with unbeaten in three races.

 Strike delayed the opening under the influence of Spain was in the 6-0 victory at Zaragoza he scored three goals for Real Madrid's Ronaldo aiming to win for the first time in four quarters.

Third consecutive victory in Barcelona will face Villarreal on March 29.

 Germany will win 3-0 in Kaiserslautern Bayern Munich hat-trick of Takashi Usami Gomez, took the lead with nine points.

Schalke Atsuto Uchida second in the points chase the same.

 Twente Netherlands kicked off four straight wins. France from opening winning streak was stopped at 3 Montpellier.



The champion for the first time in Barcelona two seasons. European Super Cup  

The champion for the first time in Barcelona two seasons. European Super Cup  

26th European Super Cup soccer, held in Monaco,Last season's European Champions League (CL) champions Barcelona (Spain) European league champions Porto (Portugal), down 2-0, won for the fourth time played the first time in two seasons.

Barcelona and Messi to open the scoring on 39 minutes early goal FW, and additional points in the MF Cesc played 43 minutes during the second half.




Barcelona _Guardiola_Porto_Super Cup_European Super Cup _Puyol _Gerard Pique _Spanish national _Martin Montoya _プジョル_ピケ_代表選手

Barcelona coach Guardiola's "attack on Porto" real "I"

Guardiola was evaluated to maximize the strength coach of Porto will play in the Super Cup.

 Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola on July 25, faces the press conference the day before the European Super Cup against FC Porto,Failure to write about both a center back Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique in this game, "win or lose is not an excuse," and made clear.

"Puyol and Pique will not want to be sure. But it can not win just because we can not play two people's messenger. We should immediately as a difficult challenge,"

Guardiola also director for Porto's opponents were evaluated to maximize its power.

"Porto's team comes in overwhelming power to defeat the opponent. As soon as the ball take a high position in the" real "coming of attacking. Play they have a clear intention that each one The. Every year, many of the following players are interchanged, they continue to win the title unchanged "

 Meanwhile, the Spanish national was announced yesterday, was convened for the DF Martin Montoya belonging to the Barcelona B, Guardiola said: director interspersed with jokes.
"Once the players chosen to represent the organization's bottom I was surprised. However, this is a surprise in a good way. He definitely would be treated may be typical.If Puyol and Pique recovery, the team of which I would be aligned with the national team of 11 people "



FIFA rankings, is the first No. 1 on behalf of the Spanish Netherlands

FIFA rankings, is the first No. 1 on behalf of the Spanish Netherlands

  The 24th FIFA (International Football Federation) has announced the latest in the world rankings, was replaced in the first place the Netherlands from Spain.

But has maintained the top spot in Spain in July 2010, the defeat in a friendly match with Italy on the 10th month (1-2) resonance, was pulled down at that point in the Netherlands last year's World Cup final .

Meanwhile, since 1993 the Netherlands began to be ranked as aggregates, as well as the first crowned with laurel, Germany, Brazil, Italy, France, Argentina, next to Spain, became the seventh country and come out on top.

 In addition, the top 10 but faces change, except the Netherlands, England to fourth from sixth to seventh from eighth and Italy, respectively climbed from 10th to ninth Argentina.

Meanwhile, outside Spain, Brazil from fourth to sixth, seventh to eighth from Portugal, their ranking dropped to 10th from ninth in Croatia.

The latest FIFA rankings top 10 is as follows (points in parentheses) -

1位:Netherlands (1596)
3位:Germany (1330)
4位:England (1177)
5位:Uruguay (1174)
6位:Brazil (1156)
7位:Italy (1110)
8位:Portugal (1060)
9位:Argentina (1017)
10位:Croatia (1009)



Inter Milan transfer the Forlán

Inter Milan transfer the Forlán


1 Spanish league soccer, and Atletico Madrid's Uruguayan representative Forlán FW, Italy 1 league (Serie A) leading sports daily Marca, Spain and the aspect ratio of up to 25 and decided to transfer to Inter Milan with the task to which they belong and DF Nagatomo online edition reported.

Forlán World Cup last year (full W) becomes the best player and top scorer of the Copa America in July of this year led to victory in their home country.

Inter Milan had agreed to transfer to the suggestion of the Russian Premier League ace Eto'o.



Eto'o transfer to Russia

 Eto'o transfer to Russia

Indicative of the Russian Premier League soccer on July 23, FW representatives Cameroon Eto'o (30) Italian league to win one (Serie A) announced an agreement with Inter Milan's.

In the expected three-year contract transfer fee is reportedly about 30 million euros (£ 3.3 billion) to EUR 20 million salary (£ 2.2 billion) that.

 Eto'o moved to Intel in 2009 from Barcelona, ​​Spain 1 League, Champions League (CL) has contributed to such domination.

Suggestible Kerimofu millionaire who sponsored the Russians are also a member of Brazil Roberto Carlos DF original.



Second consecutive victory in the opening win over Tottenham and Manchester United, he is a new force

Second consecutive victory in the opening win over Tottenham and Manchester United, he is a new force

 22 English Premier League, one game is made in Section 2, Manchester United (Man U) and 3-0 win over Tottenham, and graced the opening two-game winning streak.

 Became the home opening game at Old Trafford for Man U, 0-1 first half both teams lacked the resolution into half-time remains 0.

But the second half, Man U are young, what started the engine takes offense at the center of the Welbeck, gradually grasp the rhythm of the game.

 61 minutes and celebrated with a pre-emptive suit in Welbeck head of a pin-point cross Cleverley, this game would be expanded from a one-man U.

Man U is Welbeck, Nani, and we shoot the next rain Rooney et al, prevented by a good save Tottenham's desperate for a GK Friedel.

76 minutes, but Anderson has a shot in front of the path of the Welbeck goal, second goal with the combination wrench to play vividly Man U.

 Man U's Ferguson is confident of victory in goal, in 81 minutes Young, Welbeck, Cleverley down at once, Hernandez, sung, to bring the show room Giggs.

Man U is even more offensive then decided to head a 87th minute cross from Giggs Rooney, the third point of making doubly sure. Leave the game was completed, the Man U were eliminated by the new forces and young but he's lacking in a major injury, players once again showed the thickness of the layer.



FC Barcelona's Spanish league 1 May 15, the English Premier League Arsenal from Cesc Fabregas won in a five-year contract.

FC Barcelona's Spanish league 1 May 15, the English Premier League Arsenal from Cesc Fabregas won in a five-year contract.

 Putting an end to the uproar continued long-term transfer, Cesc has eight years' old haunt, "returned to. Transfer fee of € 29 million (£ 3.2 billion), with turnover up to € 35 million to be paid.

 Cesc said, contracts have passed the medical check, Camp Nou stadium (Camp Nou stadium) in front of 35,000 fans packed, and appeared in his uniform jersey No. 4.

 Club "Cesc is a five year contract, since FC Barcelona. Penalties of € 0.2 billion (220 billion) is set to" and has said in a statement. -

 Cesc at a news conference "to say thank you to all the fans. A few days to this day for months, been waiting for years. This was back in my home today after eight years is a special day . To face the greatest challenges of my life to be here "word and determination, coach Arsene Wenger for Arsenal" was on the 12th to say goodbye. -From it for me is like a father, I became sentimental. Being here now is because of Wenger. Can not thank you thank you, "he added.

 2008-09 Cesc has scored 57 and played in 303 career spent eight seasons at Arsenal-09 season, the way he was appointed prime minister. It is also played in 58 games so far as the Spanish national.



Bavarian _Usami_German Bundesliga _Mönchengladbach_Takashi Usami _Football

Bavarian Usami, "I should wear my best effort"

 In the German Bundesliga was held on July 7, was beaten 1-0 in a stormy opening round of Mönchengladbach Bayern aim to recapture the throne at home.

Takashi Usami despite Bayern bench, there was no chance to play. Otsu Mönchengladbach also did not bench. Usami following comments after the game.
"The wonderful battle against more considerable, was forced at the point of decision can hard, feeling it was born errors. Football is such thing, victory or defeat is not easy to change,I led to the loss happened, I think no problem.

 While I hope and feel like if you can trick will be getting better and better rhythm team (the game) was observed.  So I should wear my best effort. It is also known to have everyone have such feelings (my practice) is doing. First, in the first place so that members continue to go to.Once able to secure there, I think more and more opportunities come more and more "



Members gathered luxurious retirement match of the Dutch national Edwin van der Sar GK's yuan

Members gathered luxurious retirement match of the Dutch national Edwin van der Sar GK's yuan

 Three days of GK Edwin van der Sar the Dutch national retirement match the original 50,000 spectators gathered at the Amsterdam Arena, was held in grand style.

 The first game coach Louis van Gaal led "Ajax '95", led by coach Guus Hiddink for "1998 Dutch national."

'95 But what was absent Ritomanen Ajax, Van, Raitsuiha over, Blind, Rijkaard, Frank De Boolean, Davids, Ronald de boolean ,DiGeorge Fini, Kuraifato, canoeing, luxury starting lineup of King Ferdinand Mars. Bergkamp, ​​Yonku, Zenden, nothingness, in half 15 minutes into the fight against the 1998 Dutch national Hoey takes from Don Juan, A late 1-0 win at the final point is determined from a stunning overhead shot dribble Fell Mars.

 The second game against Ajax, "Dream Team" Battle of. Dream Team coach Ferguson. Starters is a van, Gary Neville, Ferdinand, vidic,Van Bronckhorst, Carrick, Giggs, kite, Zenden, Saha, Rooney lineup it. Match made in half for about 30 minutes, start moving left in the second half 0-0, one minute late,

Saha took the lead in the Dream Team's first goal. Ajax dominated the match 12 minutes late, caught in the rebound 1-1 Burihita determined that the right middle repelled the post Rodney Sneijder shot.

Since then 14 minutes, 16 minutes, 18 minutes I can hardly decide Ajax have made a chance. Has unleashed a shot 20 minutes into sharp Burihita did not allow a fly to right go-ahead goal firmly Edwin van der Sar.

 Dream Team but had been pressed, 21 minutes late, 2-1 by scoring a goal from Bergkamp is the final one-two with Rooney. Blow the whistle to stop the match referee in 23 minutes, the van moved to the retirement ceremony.

 The highlight game of PK and van son Joe. PK van was stopped her son flew to the right light.

 Finally, in the family van to go around the stadium, Aurora Vision 1995 Champions League with the faces of family members (CL) vs. AC Milan Ajax finals World Cup 1998 (Cup W) vs. Netherlands, Argentina, and Brazil was shed for a short video of the Netherlands. I was impressed that it was staring into the young Ajax players.

 Thus victory at CL2, retirement match of 130 games played for the Dutch national van ended. The new season of the Dutch TV station "NOS" and serve it.

"It was almost like a school reunion." Edwin van der Sar was playing with the old players will retire after the bout, said.



Ferguson's Manchester United 'are pleased to win in Barcelona "_Champions League _Major League Soccer

Ferguson's Manchester United 'are pleased to win in Barcelona "

Ferguson (right), but expressed satisfaction with the victory against Barcelona, ​​"not important" and also showed opinion.

 In the 2010-11 pre-season tournament was held in the United States 30-11 seasons Champions League (CL) Manchester United fought final (Man U) was realized with the rematch of Barcelona.

In the CL final was won by beating Man U Barcelona, ​​won a 2-1 day Man U, played revenge.

 Man U manager Sir Alex Ferguson after the match, but expressed satisfaction with the team to fight, only pre-season match, "that's not important," the opinion said.

"The victory was glad he is from, of course. Anything else, that are happy to win in Barcelona and before the opening of the Premier League. However, that value is not so important.However, by adjusting the expedition went to the U.S. team will be able to return home in good condition. Has been a tremendous job for all players "

 Man U is the United States in this expedition, MLS (Major League Soccer USA), which won a friendly match with any selection of a member of three teams and the MLS, will return to the UK five consecutive victory in this Barcelona.



Klinsmann to coach the United States appointed Mr. "proud to be chosen"_American Football Association_German coach _Juergen Klinsmann _Mexico _米国代表の監督

Klinsmann to coach the United States appointed Mr. "proud to be chosen"

 29 American Football Association, as successor to Bob Bradley was dismissed as coach the day before, announced the appointment of German coach Juergen Klinsmann in the original.

Sunirugurati president of the Association, who have provided hope that the level of the national team under new coach Klinsmann.

「I was happy to welcome a coach Jurgen. He was also a great player. And now, a wealth of knowledge and experience director "

 Klinsmann announced his appointment of a director has been scheduled for August 1, will be the debut of a friendly match with Mexico be held in Philadelphia on August 10.

The new coach Klinsmann says that the joy of office in the Association's official website.

"I'm proud to be chosen to coach the U.S. national, has taken the honor. I want to thank the association for giving me such an opportunity"



The Agüero committing, or settled in the ruins of Man C_Argentina's_Sergio Aguero _Atletico Madrid _Europe_Juventus _Manchester City

The Agüero committing, or settled in the ruins of Man C

Agüero also committing a variety of rumors popped, I finally settled in the ruins of Man C

 Since been moved to late May, declaring that the FW committing Argentina's Sergio Aguero Atletico Madrid has been shaking the media almost daily in Europe, is likely to finally see a settlement.

 According to Spanish newspapers, Agüero out of the club had received two offers, rather than Juventus Manchester City (Man C) I decided to go with that.

Agüero and C Mann is scheduled to meet in London this week, say they are expected to reach five-year contract agreement.

 Meanwhile, both clubs have already transfer fee of EUR 45 million (£ 50 390 million) from the fact that agreement has been seen as seems highly likely in the near future to determine the man into the C Agüero.



The 12-0 victory in their opening pre-season AC Milan, Inzaghi returned Practice

The 12-0 victory in their opening pre-season AC Milan, Inzaghi returned Practice

AC Milan Inzaghi played a practice return

 Milan 21, 12-14 performed the first pre-season friendly match with Italy Sorubiatesse belonging to the league by a wide margin of victory .

 This game, the Copa America (Copa America) who participated in Aresshandore Pato, Thiago Silva, Robinho, except for Mario Yepes core members and Primavera (infrastructure) played the young players.

 Furthermore, with large score of Milan, also attracted attention for returning combat veterans FW Filippo Inzaghi had been forced to withdraw from long-term injury.



I Benzema orchestrating Arsenal win?_Real Madrid_Barcelona _Cesc Fabregas _Manchester City _Manchester United_Samir Nasri_Andrey Arshavin_セルヒオ・アグエロ

I Benzema orchestrating Arsenal win?

 Belonging to FW Karim Benzema Real Madrid. Attention has been committing in the transfer market this summer.

 Arsenal have been rumors of a major release has been rumored to focus on committing of Benzema.

 Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona MF. Manchester City and Manchester United to the MF Samir Nasri. Andrey Arshavin Zenit to the FW, And to Manchester City in the DF is a decision already Kurishi.

 Arsenal endless rumors of a number of major withdrawal. This unexpected movement is said to be head coach of Arsenal are having. However, you can stop here, so absolutely not allowed.

 Arsenal coach is said to have orchestrated the acquisition of immediate use to overcome the situation surrounding the team.

 Benzema is that of being the target, could not break abandoned Benzema concentrate on winning.

 Real Madrid, if you decide Neimaru belonging to earn Santos FW FW Sergio Aguero and Atletico Madrid in the transfer market this summer belongs has been seen as likely to release either Benzema or Higuain.



"The money does not buy" Would you care to say and put out? Note that I say? -_Fabio Cannavaro_Italian _Dubai

"The money does not buy" Would you care to say and put out? Note that I say? -

 In the 2006 World Cup in Germany such as lead to win the Italian national team captain, world-class center back, 09 and DF Fabio Cannavaro,

Held a press conference at the headquarters of the Al Ahli Dubai belongs to, announced his retirement. Was reported that the temporary cancellation of players decided to release the same performance degradation due to Al Ahli, the club for Cannavaro、It offers a way as to remain as the technical staff after retirement.

"This is very sad. Football because it was all me, it was never easy in the decision. But unfortunately at that time had come, the situation must be overcome"

Cannavaro also explained that it was forced to retire due to a knee injury.

"Since the contract with the club for another year was left, after one season was going to play naturally. However, had the delicate problems of the left knee cartilage.

Found that more than a high level of intolerance to play, determined that they should retire, "Cannavaro had to take off, but Spike just spent one season in Al Ahli, continue to remain in the club will continue to work revealed that.

"And decided to finish working though, and I may still want to do here. Fortunately, the club has to offer me a job because of the technical staff, that I will receive a favor.



Barcelona, ​​Malaga and reinforced large opening match against Real Madrid and Bilbao

Barcelona, ​​Malaga and reinforced large opening match against Real Madrid and Bilbao

 Spanish La Liga Football Association oversees the 6th, announced the dates for the new season kicks off on August 20.

 Barcelona aims to four consecutive World Champion, a large reinforcement dared in Malaga, Real Madrid coach Jose welcome Molly Niño second season, the Athletic Bilbao veteran, decided to play in their first match.

 In addition, the first time in three seasons of interest was revived by the return portion of Betis' Seville derby "was organized in the opening section suddenly.

Mallorca belongs to the representative of Japan Akihiro patriarch MF will start the new season in the game with a pair of errors Vallecano job promotion.

 Meanwhile, Real Madrid and Barcelona by direct confrontation, "El Classico" is the Section 16 (December 10 and 11) in Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid home), and Section 35 (April 21 and May 22 next year) to the Camp Nou (home of Barcelona) is made of. In addition, both in the Spanish Super Cup against league pre-season. At the Santiago Bernabeu on August 14, first leg, which made the second leg at Camp Nou on Wednesday.

 However, since joining Barcelona from December 15 to the semifinals of Club World Cup to be held in Japan in December, the second match of section 16 may be rescheduled. In addition, Section 17 (December 17 and 18) that is planned changes to the job, November 29, mirror the Round Vallecano vs Barcelona.

 Barcelona Champions Champions League also On August 26 in order to play against champions FC Porto in the European Super Cup European League, Section 2 (August 27 and 28) have been shifted to August 29 will be against Villarreal.


Barcelona agreed to a contract extension until 2016 with Pedro

Barcelona agreed to a contract extension until 2016 with Pedro

 Barcelona yesterday, one year until June 2016 Pedro Rodriguez and FW represent Spain, reached agreement to extend the contract. Is that they will sign a new contract with 7 days.

 Pedro became a fixture on the tactics of coach Pep Guardiola, as they also won a pay boost by extending the agreement.

In addition, the club announced that, due to contract termination penalty also, 90 million euros (429 million yen of about 105) from 150 million euros (17.5 billion yen to about 48 million) was raised.



Morinyo Real Madrid coach, captain or a change of plan from Casillas _Jose Mourinho_Spanish _ Xabi Alonso_Sergio Ramos_Sergio Ramos_シャビ・アロンソ

Morinyo Real Madrid coach, captain or a change of plan from Casillas

Morinyo is that the coach plans to shift another player to captain Casillas.

 Spanish paper "Marca", according to Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, but knead it and have a plan to replace the captain Casillas GK is a veteran player from another club.

 Mourinho does not shaken confidence in Casillas, although not to consider the decision has been having trouble throughout the season over, the captain can only hold a protest to jury, the Believe that the player left to play in the field from near the referee.

 In addition, as a captain to replace coach Morinyo Casillas, Xabi Alonso, Sergio Ramos, and that they are candidates for Sergio Ramos.

Also, reader surveys conducted by the website that has attracted the support of nearly 75% among these three players Xabi Alonso.



Nagatomo, Italian Soccer-permanent move to Inter

Nagatomo, Italian Soccer-permanent move to Inter

 Milan (Italy) Italian league football - one of current affairs, Inter Milan, has announced a date at the official site and a permanent move from Cesena earned in the same league with the task of representing Japan Nagatomo DF.

 Nagatomo was transferred from Tokyo to Cesena F J-League last July, in the transfer deadline to join Inter Milan in late January.

At Inter Milan to mark the two goals in the league, Italian Cup also contributed to the victory.



Cesc feel the possibility of Arshavin transfer, has already done goodbye?_MF Arsenal Cesc Fabregas _Andrei Arshavin _captain_Wenger_セスク_バルセロナ

Cesc feel the possibility of Arshavin transfer, has already done goodbye? –

MF Arsenal Cesc Fabregas has been talking about this summer's transfers. MF team mate Andrei Arshavin seems to rule out the possibility can not be transferred to the captain.

Arshavin after the 2010-11 season ends, so I received a gift from Cesc. Arshavin has also felt this was a farewell, told reporters following for. "Cesc is a decision you need to transfer yourself. As a team, that talk about the rumors'm not firm. As usual, I just signed a joke"

"Before going on vacation, Cesc is a bit of the players gave me a gift. I am to him," What is this? Last gift? "I heard. I said nothing. This silence is, I believe that to mean something, "

Cesc has recently become a hot topic every time you open a return to Barcelona in the transfer market. Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger's level but remains eager to ....



Agüero of Atletico, Juve transfer or settled in a few days_Italy _Juventus _Gazzetta dello Sport_Atletico Madrid

Agüero of Atletico, Juve transfer or settled in a few days

In Italy and decided to transfer a few days in Juventus Agüero has been reported.

 Italian paper, "Gazzetta dello Sport," said, seems determined to within a few days of FW transfer Juventus Atletico Madrid Sergio Aguero of Argentina.

Both clubs have plans to have talks next Tuesday, could be determined by the transfer of this Agüero on the spot.

 Juventus have been reinforced with a clear priority in the acquisition of Agüero now is € 35 million to acquire the same player (£ 40 390 million) is said to be willing to pay,Atletico So far, 45 million euros has been set up as a contract termination penalty for the same player (about 52 860 million yen), and requests, and there are significant differences between the two.

 However, "Gazzetta", according to Atletico will soften the attitude we came here, 40 million euros (4.6 billion 70 million yen) that show the position to negotiate with. Juventus are already 750 million euro annual salary (about 880 million yen) is said to have installed a transfer agreement from the person in Agüero, before moving to acquire other players and clubs such as Chelsea, this transfer as soon as possible Matometai seem to think the story.

Meanwhile, as Atletico as a means of bridging the difference between the two amounts, could come to demand a trade of players transfer conditions.



Real Madrid Guti original "Cristiano Ronaldo is not important in the game really shines,"

Real Madrid Guti original "Cristiano Ronaldo is not important in the game really shines,"

Guti, for Ronaldo "not out and shines on the big stage," he said.

 Real Madrid players in the original Gutierrez is currently playing in Besiktas, home to the Spanish TV show, talked about the old haunt.

 Guti will first touch on a star player Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid, Barcelona's Lionel Messi Unlike rivals, noting that the work did not show significant enough in the game.

"Cristiano is a great player. His work has been decisive in many games. But in the big game is not broken then it counts as Messi shines. "Crack" (superstar) players if called, he should welcome the high level game "

Gutierrez also acknowledged that there is a difference between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

"El Real Madrid todavía no ha alcanzado a Barcelona. Una vez que tratan de luchar en el frente y Barcelona, ​​serán difíciles de ganar. Cantera Real Madrid (infraestructura) no se hace hincapié, Has spent money to bring new forces from outside. The saddest for me is that it now has only a regular Casillas "

 Guti on the other hand, wanted to regret that there was no chance to play under coach Jose Niño Molly.
"If, if Real Madrid came after him two years earlier, everything would have been different. I am, than I could have enjoyed under him.He is adept in the ability of players to withdraw, I think was probably me pulling my force "

Guti Furthermore, the time when I looked back out to Real Madrid a year ago.

"I last a little cold. I expected us to do something with a little more. In the last year, the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium (home of Real Madrid) and if I get a chance to make farewell to supporters at sputum but, they were not. We are still waiting to hear from clubs "



Belgium remains without the possibility of acquisition-Kawashima - West Bromwich UK _soccer _English Premier League_West Bromwich _Japan national team GK Shinji Kawashima_WBA _川島

Belgium remains without the possibility of acquisition-Kawashima - West Bromwich UK

Belgian First Division soccer league, English Premier League West Bromwich have been promising as a transfer destination of the Japan national team GK Shinji Kawashima, Yong belong to Rirusu (WBA) on July 27, The WBA has revealed that there is no intention to acquire Kawashima. Kawashima has raised the possibility to remain in Belgium next year also.

Kawashima showed interest in the WBA is not stressed. Meanwhile, an official acknowledged that Rirusu is on for the win Kawashima had contact from the WBA, "has ceased contact," he said.

 Also, this relationship is "as contracted Kawashima, Rirusu will play in another year," while stating, "We do not interfere with the ambition of the players' words, also Indicated a policy to respect the wishes of Kawashima any offers from other clubs.



Messi, "a love that felt so there is no supporter of Argentina"

Messi, "a love that felt so there is no supporter of Argentina"

We thank you for Argentine supporters, said the goal of winning Messi Copa America

  FW Lionel Messi of Argentina in an interview on television TyCSports country, the Copa America which starts on July 1 (Copa America), said the motivation for.

Messi is first expressed gratitude to the supporters back home.

"I felt so much love that no supporter of Argentina. I've always been criticized as Argentina. I did not have the title of representatives.Barcelona has won it all in, but they do allow my supporters back home also. So there I want the future "

In addition, also commented Messi goal in the Copa America.

"My biggest dream is to win the Copa America. Argentina this title, I know you mean well for themselves. The representative will have all the great players, the team is now riding a strong wave. We in the past, there was no time to polish out the details. But now is different.

We are football, soccer's attack to dominate the ball. The team now that he is growing "



Tottenham, I re-start approach to Forlán _FW Uruguay's Diego Forlan_Atletico Madrid _2010 World Cup _South Africa _Premier League

Tottenham, I re-start approach to Forlán

 According to British media, it began to acquire the FW Uruguay's Diego Forlan Atletico Madrid Tottenham representative.
 Tottenham coach Harry Redknapp, the 2010 World Cup (Cup W) tournament after South Africa and Forlán and approaches to work in the winter transfer market this year seems to have rekindled a desire to acquire the same players come here.

 The background of the approach in re-Tottenham, "according to the negotiations with Galatasaray Atletico over the transfer of Forlán" that were reported to include. In addition, the president of Atletico, "the number one transfer target Forlán Hope Premier League" seems to have been revealed and also boosted.

British media, on noting that matches the goals of the project director and Forlán Redonappu, indicating the possibility that both clubs have started negotiations.Incidentally, the same player transfer fee of € 10 million (about 1.14 billion yen) are seen around.



Arsenal reject the initial offer for the acquisition of Cesc from Barcelona

Arsenal reject the initial offer for the acquisition of Cesc from Barcelona

Arsenal was reportedly refused an offer of acquisition from Barcelona Cesc

 In recent years, Barcelona is aiming to win the Spanish national MF Cesc Fabregas Arsenal, despite an official and an offer for the first time in the transfer market this summer seems to have failed.

 Media UK on November 24, 2700 from Barcelona, ​​Arsenal £ (£ 3.4 billion 60 million) reported in unison that it rejected the offer."Telegraph" newspaper reported, Arsenal £ 44 million transfer fee as the same player (about 56 445 million yen), and requests, between the two is that there is a big difference. Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger in light of this situation was beginning to plan assumes the remaining pre-season Cesc.

 About committing a Cesc is showing signs of psychological warfare and the three tripartite way, the possibility has finalized negotiations easily seen to be low.
First, we failed to profess Cesc hopes to transfer to Barcelona last summer, is now clear that stand to make a cautious statement from beginning to end unnecessary waves. On the other hand, are eager to acquire Cesc though,Barcelona and to avoid the development of the money game, but one knows that it must release the same player, Arsenal want to get the maximum transfer fee, the attitude of each other while watching the game continues.

 Arsenal are poised to raise offer for Barcelona in a long battle to bring the negotiations, anchored the team that you wish to transfer the player who is also said to involve a greater risk.
Moreover, once the player is also captain of Cesc, immense impact on the team.

Therefore, cast by a lot of money to afford to acquire Barcelona Cesc not seem excited about the transfer fee to reduce this risk by considering the Arsenal.



Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid "drag down from the top to Barcelona"

Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid "drag down from the top to Barcelona"

"Drag down from the top," Ronaldo and vowed to defeat Barcelona

 The FW Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid, and spending a vacation in Turkey now, "bang," according to a newspaper interview, showed confidence in the team's up for the new season.

"Real Madrid's new season should have been stronger. We will beat Barcelona at the end, they will drag down from the top.As far as Barcelona win, the winning value from the impossible "

 C · Ronaldo has also increased for FK variations due to join the MF Nurishahin placekick accurate weapon, " Situation has to change, that I would kick, "said the kicker was willing to concede that there is no obvious.

Meanwhile, world number one for the battle with Barcelona's Lionel Messi is always a question would not comment.

"I have nothing to do with Messi.'s Important for me is that Real Madrid to win the title"



Soccer is fun but_Football is fun in itself._Brazil_Messi _Ronaldinho

Soccer is fun but

Football is fun in itself.

What fun that you own the ball , and judge for yourself, I think there is a feeling that the fun of playing themselves.

Me, because I started high school football, maybe football itself is fun I think. But as I always enjoy the football did not seem sincere.

Just do it and defeated a strong team and myself running just chasing the ball, such was doing football.

From go to Brazil, a high level, the pressure early, in such, the ball is taken, the ball will come around After the miss, honestly, Nantais think quite fun

The ball with his unpopular, decisions if you can not, football is fun. Without the technology, it is not truly enjoy the football.

Been fun, but each person's and children's chances from there goes on, I think the role of a leader and I'll take them in the direction of the most enjoyable football.

Once you play like Messi and Ronaldinho, it would be fun What is it really football. To learn more and be myself What does it do, What I want better.

What does that do a good thing, What does that do for fun, not supposed shake.



Side Back _Decided to transfer fully Nagatomo Milano players._soccer _football _pass_Messi _Argentina

Side Back

Decided to transfer fully Nagatomo Milano players.

 I think some soccer experience is experience, children begin to choose our position football (or determined) time, FW quick-footed children,Child is going to be good MF and centering pass, or even a child is good at football too DF.

 I, and I do not go up now that the popularity of full-back position, thanks to the players Nagatomo.

 In fact, as Messi in Argentina, not to show too much shine and not his players around me alive even leading FW.

In this sense, the importance of the offensive side and back I think the future will increasingly larger.




Inter Nagatomo decision permanent move? +3 Player transfer fee of 500 million yen _Serie A_Inter Milan _Sport _Italian paper_Mihairobitchi

Inter Nagatomo decision permanent move? +3 Player transfer fee of 500 million yen

 Italy part 1 (Serie A) with the task of representing Japan Nagatomo DF Inter Milan (24) is determined by the complete transfer, the Gazzetta dello Sport reported on October 18 Italian paper.

 Transfer and settlement negotiations with the tenure of Cesena and Nagatomo Inter 17 Intel 450 million euro transfer fee to Cesena (£ 500 million 17.5 million) paid.In addition, MF Milan Czech Intel's SEC Nagy, FW Rukagarritano, decided that the transfer of three players Cesena young Luke Laura Cardi.
 Intel is also the official site, revealed that Mr. Marcelo Bielsa refused appointed director of the Chilean coach original. 17th president Moratti has responded to reporters questions "Bielsa personal reasons, I got no answer that," it said. For the next coach, the Portuguese and one English national newspaper Gazzetta Capello, Bierce Porto coach Bo jazz has been that influential coach Tina Fiorentino Mihairobitchi of paper stiffness Sport de Heredia.



Inter's Eto'o, suggesting the possibility of Premier League transfers

Inter's Eto'o, suggesting the possibility of Premier League transfers

Revealed that Inter's Eto'o is considering a transfer to Premier League

 Cameroon's Samuel Eto'o FW Inter representative, in an interview with country stations, revealed that it is considering a transfer to English Premier League.

"The idea of ​​playing in the Premier League before, but the head was in important thing is that finding a good club.Had offers from various clubs but so far, except in very big club unless, of that I would be hard to come from Intel. I tried myself in Italy, are pleased to be out a good result. Perhaps we will decide my future in a month's vacation. I'm already 30 years old. Will be the last major contract following the contract. No more, I do not think you want the money. But I, I just want to enjoy "

 Accordingly, Italy has a variety of speculation over where Eto'o's transfer. "Cori Heredia dello Sport" paper transfer of Eto'o as the target, citing the Manchester City and Chelsea.However, Intel is said in the release of Eto'o and negative, is likely No part tricky negotiations.



Representative Michael Ballack has retired.He is the German national team captain

Representative Michael Ballack has retired.He is the German national team captain

 German Football Association on July 16, MF long served as the captain Ballack country representative (34) announced the retirement of-Leverkusen-represented.Leeuw promote team-building coach youth-based, it told the representative will not call. The club continues to play. ]

 Ballack debuted in 1999, he represented the center as a player, played in 98 games so far. World Cup (Cup W) won the tournament semi-Korea 2002 World Cup in 2006 became the third.

However, the 10-year tournament in South Africa just before an ankle injury, missed. After that had not been summoned. Will be the retirement match and the match against Brazil in August.

German Football Association on July 16, MF captain Ballack country representative original (34) for "no longer a member of the team" and said in a statement. Leeuw is director, "and has talked openly barracks.Before the European Championships next year, should make it clear the time has come, "and issued a comment.

 Barak is the country's behalf, the tournament runner-Japan-Korea World Cup 2002, Germany contributed to the third tournament in 2006. South African Congress of 2010, off the injured member.Have scored 42 and played in 98 career as a German national.

Barack, you're also a German national, as captain, as frostbite, "Mateus" I could not exceed

ドイツ代表として通算98試合に出場して42得点を挙げている。 バラック、君はドイツ代表としても、キャプテンとしても、闘将としても「マテウス」を超えることは出来なかったね・・・


Barcelona's Messi "Now is the best ever team does not believe"

Barcelona's Messi "Now is the best ever team does not believe"

Messi, "Barcelona is currently the strongest team ever" with a negative opinion.

 Dominate the Champions League and La Liga 2010-11 season, but Barcelona and showed overwhelming strength to the world that Lionel Messi is a leading player in the club 14 days, Italy's newspaper] in an interview with Il Matino,"Barcelona is currently the best ever football team," the negative views and opinions.

"The great teams of the past in a different era even existed then, and now is the strongest-ever soccer do not think Barcelona. However, only football worth of memorable people now believe that can show "
 The "I wore a uniform other than Barcelona, ​​I can not imagine," and Messi showed loyalty to the club, explained that the key to success is hard work of individuals and teams.

"I personally have always aim to keep calm even when good and bad when. As for the team and I have no hidden secrets to success. All the hard work and relentless, and I think a tribute to the power to believe in their football to the end "

 The national team Messi to Argentina is currently being held at home from the Copa America next month (Copa America), said the enthusiasm for.

"The results leave only destigmatize World Cup South Africa was stopped in the quarterfinals.The aim is to win of course. Cheering fans is supposed to be the best present. The team has finished in very good condition "

This video is not related to what I'm inverted. I'm supposed to be great!



Wenger's Arsenal, "Fabregas will remain in the team."

Wenger's Arsenal, "Fabregas will remain in the team."

"Arsenal remain in the future," Wenger and Cesc vow to residual

 Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas, but rumors are just around the corner and moved to Barcelona, ​​British newspaper The Sun [newspaper] and said, Arsene Wenger of Arsenal seems to be the team remains confident Fabregas.

"Spanish media are reporting that as if it is decided though that the transfer of Cesc, Fabregas played for Arsenal has always made for many years now staying here"

Wenger also showed a view of calming and Fabregas at the end of the story moved this summer.

"Next year, UEFA (Union of European Football) of" financial fair play "(Toward a healthy management of public financial management system established by UEFA club), if introduced, would be a huge transfer limit.Transfer market for the last year "hot summer" that would "

 Meanwhile Wenger, Manchester United (Man U) revealed that it is going to do everything Samir Nasri also said that detention is trying to earn. -

"We're going to keep the team in full force Nasri. I will continue to believe that they want him to play here.Looking back on the past, we've brought the players over the long years. However, there is still much work to do. Careers of players to the club is simply "

But Arshavin will be easily transferred? Still "Emperor of Russia", which is want to watch Arsenal play at.



Manchester City, C · Ronaldo to acquire , "I have a 195 billion transfer fee_Man C is also reported to be willing to transfer to the C · Ronaldo

Manchester City, C · Ronaldo to acquire , "I have a 195 billion transfer fee

Man C is also reported to be willing to transfer to the C · Ronaldo
[According to the British newspaper the Sunday Mirror, Manchester City (Man C), and have an offer out of digits, it is trying to get Ronaldo's Real Madrid.

 According to the paper, C is the man for Les Halles Madrid transfer fee of 150 million pounds (about 19.5 billion yen) and be prepared to pay, - Ronaldo is the "weekly salary of 400,000 pounds (about 52 million yen)," "Jersey 7" "captain" that it intends to swallow all the conditions required of the players.On the other hand, sources near the newspaper revealed that Ronaldo is the player himself is willing to transfer.

"Cristiano is a man C from the admits contacts. [If they can play in the City] to pay as much as a man seems to feel that C wishes to honor.[The person's tax weekly pay 40 million pounds from England] I want to say that high "

Sheikh Mansur Man C said the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi royal family, the owner of 226 billion euros (about 2.6 trillion yen) has a personal asset, 6780 billion euros of total assets of the royal family (about 78 trillion 159 billion yen) has been told to climb.

If you have these enormous financial power, but Man C may not necessarily be a dream for Ronaldo to win.



Aguero, Messi in the team [I'm going to where? And has been persistently asked].

Aguero, Messi in the team [I'm going to where? And has been persistently asked].

Aguero had revealed that the barrage of questions about how to move from Lionel Messi.

 FW Sergio Agüero 10 Argentina, Copa America will be held at home (Copa America), after practicing with the team ahead of next month, according to reporters questions. Declared Aguero from Atletico Madrid last month, resigning from his teammates Lionel Messi of Barcelona is a representative, revealed that the barrage of questions about how to transfer the case itself.

"Leo (Messi nickname) from the persistent team where I'm going to [?] I have been asked. [Will it tell me the most?] Is said, by multiplying the pressure being. I do not know anything [now] with me, I just answered. If everything is decided, of course, going to be me and he knows where to go "

Aguero also stressed that maintaining good relationships with both public and private Messi.

"For me Messi is the world's best player who will remain so in the future. Represented as a teammate, is the best I can play beside him. Nobody should have to feel that way. But we are rivals in La Liga, is representative of a good understanding of matching, is also a valuable friend "

"My future will become clear after the Copa America," said Aguero, while confident that the state of the team showed a willingness for the competition.
"Argentina is in good condition about a year. Advantage of this good, we must continue to like football in the future.
2010 World Cup South Africa but ended in a severe Argentines now have a new project hopes to coach a team led by Batista. We had the support I need for everyone "



Barcelona's Iniesta, "Fabregas will come when the team level will rise

Barcelona's Iniesta, "Fabregas will come when the team level will rise

"The level of the team that he will come surely rise," Iniesta and seems Fabregas wants to join.

 ONA FM radio stations in Spain's Andres Iniesta of Barcelona, ​​who appeared on the show, join the Arsenal team next season even if MF Cesc Fabregas has stressed that there is room to coexist.

"Cesc is a matter of transfer between Barcelona and Arsenal. We can do without. But at the same time to stand on three of my pitches and Xavi and Cesc is not impossible.Rather, the level of the team that will rise to ensure he will come "

 Iniesta is also stressed that the director is keen to hang on until the end of the contract remain Josep Guardiola for next season.

"Pep (Guardiola Director's nickname) is a key person in this team, there is absolute. Cozy feeling that he will continue to be even longer coach the team must answer to the expectations.I hope that next season will be the last year. Teammates are all that because I feel that because we're well-organized team that he "

Does it feel fine Barcelona becomes far stronger

Cesc Fabregas Arsenal 2010/2011



Real Madrid Kaka has vowed to remain "I hope you achieve success here"

Real Madrid Kaka has vowed to remain "I hope you achieve success here"

Real Madrid made it clear the remaining Kaka. "This win success," and revealed his hope

 Real Madrid are MF Kaka Jorunaru de Sao Paulo, Brazil] [country paper in an interview, denied reports that the well is considered to be released from the personnel director Jose Morinyo, made it clear the remaining teams.

"But reportedly did not need my supervision Morinyo, it is not true. From executives from him [our summer vacation to stay calm and hope to come back to the pre-season] was said.
Come out one after the press speculation, knew from previous experience. But I hope I can achieve success with Real Madrid last. Thus, I continue to play here in the future "
Kaka has also struggled with injuries this season turned around.

"As a team we can send a good season. To win the Spanish Cup after beating Barcelona and was able to advance to the semifinals in the Champions League. And went into second place in the league.For a club like Real Madrid is not enough, but not known, it is still not good grades. On the other hand, as an individual has become the most difficult season career.
Prolonged failure, I thought it was finally back in January, had been wounded again in March. After all, I just could not play because of the last two months "

「Some games can be played smoothly, there were not games. So I must take back the body to withstand the races. Hip arthritis is no longer a major problem.However, female knee twice put 100% state it never returns, care must always be the best "

 This season, but Kaka could not get a regular spot in the last minute that we compete with even the conditions to regain place.
"Could not get a chance to play constantly, this is my own problem, take command of the director (yes more information) and has nothing to do. Rather, the confidence of the coach thinks Morinyo obtained The.
Thus, for the new season, sent a pre-season without injured teammates and has hopes of opening welcome "

Finally Kaka spoke forcefully for the new season aspirations.

"I've picked up everything in my career. Hence, there is no need to prove anything now. But I am still a member of Real Madrid, the expectations from fans and media have not been.It is also the same expectations of themselves. So take back the highest level of play during Milan is a big challenge for me today.
Hashi Sono motivation needed to have enough hope to make things even more cod in the team. "



Tomasson of Denmark has announced his retirement original "can not be replied to the heart of the play failed." _Denmark is a former Feyenoord FW 07 Jon Dahl Tomasson, announced his retirement.

Tomasson of Denmark has announced his retirement original "can not be replied to the heart of the play failed."

 Denmark is a former Feyenoord FW 07 Jon Dahl Tomasson, announced his retirement. Tomasson had to take off the spikes at the age of 34,Announced that it has decided to retire because of lingering thigh injury in the failure of last year's World Cup South Africa also played a Japanese team.

"Today is a sad day. I decided to stop playing. Anyone who may be familiar with this sport is that soccer players should know that it's most beautiful profession.But in doing to prepare for the game players around that you can not play due to his fault the situation, replied in mind, too. In addition last week, when a physician who, to cure the consuming at least three months,Ensure the return has not been told. Clincher was the decision to retire this "

 In addition to Feyenoord, Newcastle ever Milan, Stuttgart, Tomasson has played for major clubs in Europe including Villarreal, turned his career this way.

"I could give a great career. Feyenoord in the UEFA Cup (now the European League) won, would say the highlight of the carrier of the Champions League in Milan" 

Tomasson, meanwhile, has announced his retirement after having started his career leader with close ties with Excelsior Feyenoord.

"The future will make it to the staff at the Excelsior. You have to learn many things no doubt, on the other hand, in my experience there as a player"



Man U, Wayne Rooney's hair exposed to hair transplant

Man U, Wayne Rooney's hair exposed to hair transplant

Football, Premier League, "Manchester United" star players Wayne Rooney (25), confessed the truth through his hair transplant Twitter.

04 local time, Wayne updated Twitter tweets like suddenly in itself. "I'd like to announce to all the follower, I was a hair implant. I got came from a 25, but already bald. The effect is tremendous."

He also gracious, "when the first announcement might be anxious about the bruises and swelling still.'s Hair dressing not recommend anyone (laughs)."

Wayne has received a hair transplant treatment in Harley Street Hair Clinic in London. He said no words to thank all the staff.

Team-mate Rio Ferdinand for the reply it immediately. "I'm not put me big hair bands! Of growth shampoo now and then maybe come Appearance Request from the CM.Good luck anyway! "Tweets sent an sort of joke.

The streets are bathed in praise storm this Wayne's remarks.



Doom the season, when I come to activate the transfer_Italy _Sampdoria_Deportivo _Spain _Rajo_Manchester City_Malaga_Aguero_Pastore_Fabregas_Rossi_Sneijder_Eto'o_Champions League final_Wembley _チャンピオンズリーグ

Doom the season, when I come to activate the transfer.

I look forward to the players where to go or what.

In particular, Italy was demoted for Sampdoria, Deportivo in Spain was also demoted.

Fell by two old-timers, I am looking forward how the players move.

And I look forward to be back when the two clubs.

Speaking of next year but will be back in Spain Rajo.

The owner was 10 years ago, it changed this year is regrettable.

It looks too aggressive moves to Manchester City, has changed since the owner is also active in Malaga, I am looking forward how it works. -

The anxious, Aguero, Pastore, Fabregas, Rossi, Sneijder, and Eto'o will care.

And Saturday night, there was a Champions League final. Wembley is in the rapture, ended.



soccer _Ferguson_Milan _Arsenal_Hernandez _Berbatov _Cantona_Véron_Beckham_Ronaldo

Behind the soccer club like this for a long time I think the presence of large absolute Ferguson. Not special like Sir Alex Ferguson as manager is not, I have to say his team and make love. (Team-building, tactics, both.)

And there is no veteran presence to rely on the Milan And there is no bias in the development of young players such as Arsenal, veteran, mid-perfect balance of young configuration is a good balance. (I would say.)

Even belong to and no matter how talented, team-building, such as not to rely absolutely on the presence of the players. Shows the players that have the ability because it mistakenly gave prominent treatment rather unforgiving, So give up on players wake up without mercy. (The way this area is likely to vote wheels.)

To have a good feeling than anything else, is always given a chance against any player, they can feel it from the outside. Young, after joining the new force,Never used in situations where any player would feel like my only never had been rooting for this club since I was a junior high school. It may be that what can a say, because they have a solid team building from the ground maybe. (Why not use the player himself wanted.)

That said, there is what is the result of foresight and firm belief. When to be hired during the season the players have been featured in the news said. Hernandez grabbed the chance is, other players came out of the grip, as directed, professionally I think positive. Berbatov may be a bit obscure, and there were waves left and although the result is obvious because no one in the eyes, a player may be difficult to calculate and think through the season. It drives out all ... luxury. I intending to organize the Premier took the key players in spite of this year, it would not be enough, make no mistake that if you run Ferguson would think.

Cantona, Véron, Beckham, Nisuteruroi Ronaldo, left the club, they still shine is not lost.But times change, so be sure what will happen after the United Ferguson, I think that everyone in the mood.

I, and they continue to support where I'm sure yours falls into two parts to this surge of love



Messi _Copa America _Barcelona _soccer_CL_Lionel Messi _native Argentina_goal _メッシ

Messi returned. Copa America held in country V swear.

  Barcelona soccer, European domination that led to CL FW Lionel Messi (23) July 31, returned to their native Argentina.

 Messi who met reporters at the airport, "Barcelona is lucky enough to get it all.Next goal is to win the "representative, expressed their resolve to lead Argentina to victory in the Copa America will take place in local competitions and again in July.

Messi Copa America for the opening on July 1, 8 day that the national team.

Copa América | Argentina 2011 | Pasión por la victoria | HD



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Best of van der sar

The legend - Paul Scholes

European soccer leagues around the end too, transfer, retirement is becoming a story, but I became concerned about in it, Paul Scholes, Van Der Sar, retirement ...

Man U retirement age is one of the great players built ...

Scholes - retired;

English Premier League soccer, MF Paul Scholes, who belongs to Manchester United (36) July 31, announced his retirement of the season. The team will remain as coach.  Scholes Man U play in a straight line, played in 676 games. League title 10 times, and contributed to the two-time European Champions League. The club's official website is "the best time to retire now. Man U career in the proud "and said in a statement.

Scholes, I was a player I liked, I'm sorry ... would you age? Beckham, Scholes played and I liked to say or comfortable. The path to the amazing, and I was pretty well taken point in feeling really good player ... just ... will be retained as a coach in oxidized silver, Man U and then hope that a good team ...

Man U's Ferguson - "Van der Sar's retirement was wondering until the end";

 Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson on March 30, [UEFA. com] in an interview, announced his retirement at the season as a comment on GK Edwin van der Sar. "Edwin has chosen to retire from active duty as a player at the highest level. But the end seems to have lost my own choice. He came to my place last weekend [withdraw retirement declaration Maybe I should have confessed]. On the other hand, I have already [GK from the new club is negotiating the acquisition,] as soon as I advised my heart decide. Then he came back a few days later, I told him that hardened the will of retirement.Given his age, I think that was the right decision "

Also, let go at Sir Alex Ferguson praised the professionalism of Van der Sar. "He is not only a professional footballer, who was well respected as a human being deserves. In the locker room,Would probably be half-time before the game, he has shown an exemplary attitude teammates always "on the other hand, expressed satisfaction with his career also sent Van der Sar."I could spend one's days as a professional fulfilling. Holland, fortunately blessed with a number of titles in hand and in England. In memory of my best, Anelka in the Champions League final with Chelsea in 2008 PK was stopped, the moment he decided to win, "Van der Sar also made a comment on your plans after retirement.
"First and foremost, football and want to put a little distance. It is going to be difficult to know better. In particular, the new season begins, when the sight of old teammates to play, I would definitely miss the football. But that is a good time does not continue forever. Now want to enjoy a second life "Do not retire too mogul ... GK is a position of long standing, but hey ... I wonder if something unexpected demographic expected, but hard until I was 40 years old Seaman. And GK Van der Sar was also great. After him, the great Man U's goal is to protect mice who.

The article also like ...

Man U, or release the key players for next season a new team building;

 Champions League and Barcelona held on October 28 (CL) after the final game "was beaten up so far is the first time," he said, defeat (1-3) honestly admitted Manchester United (Man U) Alex Ferguson is Seems to have felt the need of making a new team for next season. That could leave the club of over 10 players.

 Announced his retirement in addition to the long season already GK Edwin Van Der Sar, in recent years has been plagued by repeated failure of the knee MF Owen Hargreaves,Have little potential even retire from active service this season and now 36-year-old Paul Scholes. Scholes still on, which is said to have been approached to lead the club's reserve team from Ferguson.

 The dark clouds also committing the 31-year-old Michael Owen and Dimitar Berbatov now 30 years old. But Berbatov has demonstrated enough ability to record and 20 points in the Premier League this season , 28 CL in the final days and a bench outside, and are satisfied with current treatment is hard to say. On the other hand, stayed on Owen played just 16 games this season, the possibility of renewal is seen as extremely low.



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Barcelona is certainly strong. Barcelona win games, but this season because there was not need to think about what has gone wrong. Man U first half reached the half-time is catching up,

That is bad, it will not think anyone should have been. Man U has also been beaten no matter how their football was unconstitutional. At the time of adopting the tactics of the measures was a moving second round. Also things like the Messi speed, even though much faster than I did in Barcelona as if the season was addicted to surgery in Barcelona path connecting clean. And weak physical defense is not any reason strong,It's a team that won the only attack that just need to put pressure on the offensive. Was finally agreed Mourinho's defensive tactics. In order to avoid the attack, have to fight with emphasis on defense, not offense.

Best defense is attack. I was too eager for the defeat. Honestly, something happens, Intel's decision in the semi-Giuseppe Meatsutsa last game was most impressed by an equal footing with balsa. It was a complete victory for Inter Victory because he was the first time in decades. Barcelona future measures, such as in football like Real Madrid crushed pressing too boring. What to say, and on 90 minutes when the press turned over only that path will be difficult.

 Uncharted territory for Barcelona, ​​the team might stick to their same style? Specifically, from the press over the defensive line, such as ultra-aggressive on defense showed against Arsenal and Barcelona, ​​Copenhagen,Possession is a way to compete in the possession before the middle of absolutely do not face it. I like playing in front begins multiplied by the press throughout the front is not much of Barcelona.But this is a very pressing, as demon strength Arsenal 1st but will continue as plain as practiced throughout the leg press and the momentum is needed.Another is the way to solidify Pressing the vital in crushing defense led by defensive over Real Madrid but Mourinho showed the familiar every time. I wanted to personally offensive to defensive as well as ultra-Arsenal

Barca's first and the first half, I think there might be functional enough. Barcelona has two and measures for now this did not feel that other tactics have been developed to man mark specific player.

Barcelona whether any measures to develop the future will be the trend of football.・ ・ ・ Barca's most troubled mind or even what Arsenal.

Arsenal FC 2-1 FC Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Highlights 16/02/2011

これからどんなバルセロナ対策を開発するかが、サッカー界のトレンドになるだろう。 ・・・何気に一番バルサを苦しめたのはアーセナルだったりする。


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Yesterday I watched the Champions League final.

Barcelona and Manchester United drawing card! It will be quite far to watch the whole game but it also did not enjoy this race.

Pujol bench like a bit of a shame. Xavi I'm going to cheer, but the first strike in 27 minutes early Pedro received a pass from Xavi and I thought GOAL ~.

The man U at the mercy of the fast, slick path Barcelona will become absolutely reliant on Rooney. Rooney equalized 34 minutes earlier that GOAL. No chance to make Man U.

Barcelona suddenly pass out from the stop position of the Messi, I can not read the signs of great players move as usual. 9 mins GOAL decided to light the second half. Villa's 24th minute second half to press on and GOAL!
Volley shot like this was very impressed. Barca were attacked nearly pulled the game like this. Rate of 63% dominate the ball? Barca Man U for 16-man shoots only 3 U of CK was also present.

Barca were always dominated for 90 minutes. There have been condensed to a football fun, just fun to watch, especially once that path! ! On the other hand, Man U but do not give up until the end was hard to Giggs, the team will defend the fullest.
Rooney is still only win. I was worried about the appointment Hernandez, work any guessed. He is still young. Of course, I would be alive now this experience, we were disappointed in the final.

This is a knee injury in the starting lineup was Puyol had to move around the pitch wearing the captain but also time remaining few minutes. Abidal good arrangement to give the award trophy.

Messi is expected, "Man of the Match" award, it was a brilliant performance from. Barça Messi as well, but this would be a lot of things that a strong secret other great players. Guardiola and great command of the director, yet to believe in evolution as a strong and overall the strongest team.

Anyway, the game was fun. Man U but I wanted to see the pride of a little, and now it is no balsa enemy. From a very good team.

Barcelona Vs Manchester United 3-1 David Villa Goal 28-05-2011



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CL FINAL FC Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United HD 28/05/2011

Barca still love

FC Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United

Entering the path length and at high pressure, but showed potential, Manchester United had broken a minute in the bottom 10 .
Modern football is limited to space and time, one game to prove once again that is what football is the ideal type of technology combination to challenge Barcelona.

Barça football funny too. The tactic itself is what was Messi. Still a good shot everyone. Soccer boy in this game inspired by how much do they in the world.No, it should be player of professionals and even longing.

There are also quite amazing how I enjoyed playing the game!
Barca will want to decide, decide quickly and then Manchester United Rooney.

After all, the movement of the messi around Barcelona was great! Really enjoyed this game. There you got up early.



The best final _Two years ago the same thing, something different _Man U_Barcelona

The best final

Two years ago the same thing, something different

Yes. Man U is also absent Cristiano Tevez too.

Even Barcelona, ​​Eto cited opening goal - even Henry too, had left the team.

Final at Wembley and it's Stadio Olimpico. I do wonder how come no different.

Burning would have revenge, and the man would be good to say about U home game, in terms of maturity or maturity of the team two years ago was definitely a level several steps.Draw from the attack, with a focus on defense and Biditchi Ferdinand, now that the most brilliant personalities of different offensive FW Dimitar Berbatov and Wayne Rooney. A bold move in front of goal and Berbatov are delicate, beautiful but sigh out. I, personally I love. What an elegant tall players.

Against Barça, Xavi Iniesta Messi triangle lantern is Needless to say, deadly, evil is the world's most powerful. Possession of a build-up from the midfield and overwhelming.The final two years ago, "Man U is not anything" likely to expand the football is in the well. Rather, the best Barça state the past 20 years, I can see. I mean, I can not stop feeling that even the best team this century.

No matter what Where will the final terribly fun.

Yeah. No doubt. Ferguson also "be the best final in 10 years," I say. Have been excited just to write.

Dimitar Berbatov - Superman

Xavi Hernandez - The Best