Schalke _Raul's goal_Noia_Bayern_Atsuto Uchida _Uchida Atsuhito_Manchester United_Raul _Old Trafford_football

内田フル出場!シャルケvsマンU CL準決勝 ハイライト

I have a sense of the CL also had two games decided. Schalke want to see Raul's goal, but was beaten at least. But I could see great saving Noia.If the world moved to Bayern NO. I called that one day will come.

Already settled or has it about. The first 90 minutes of the semi-final 2 minutes in 180 total games, trying something like it, Schalke finished the 1st leg. After the game, however, reveals that the player was of much chagrin Atsuto Uchida .
 Toward the bench in line with a whistle, hydration once sat. Then, to greet supporters in the hall, and took away a group,Other than being spoken and turned back to the locker room. Speaking of other players, fighting against Manchester United, but expected to hide the color of fatigue,Atmosphere was rather calm. Raul and vision reflected in the large hall was already full of smiles. Still, one count Uchida appeared in front of reporters out of Schalke players were always look back and have already easily.
"(In 3 days) and also the league, and are very loose and mentally dragging. Next week, over there (Old Trafford), because everybody understands the implications of soccer.I go back to the bench I was all refreshed today. They're a good team and it was [me]. Japanese, but often depressed Jau Ku, the different culture here in Japan. If I were a type of depression] [O Usshi would have been worried about me (hugging the shoulders soothing gestures and laughing) I think. I'm also always with relief, I type makes sense here. "
 In general purposes only, but the Japanese are more and better representation of the weak display of emotion. So, the players are and reveals the frustration after the defeat, the negative comments should not have much.
 No war with Manchester United, and contrary to the tone, the story tends to go in the direction was negative. "I want a positive experience today? I guess I have to useless. Being told first Japanese lost [finished] can not be helped by'll regret. (I), so far, so I out the game, the experience gained on this stage but it is big.

I'm talking like a dead, yet! There followed 90 minutes, "and laugh while the other party to speak to keep reminding myself.

 Than watching television and over the stands, made me feel the harsh reality of the player should own. Behind in the still to Old Trafford.

"What it means to play football over there, because everybody understands," Uchida face forward. What Schalke 2nd fight us what showing a leg.


To goal shoot-thru!_soccer_European Champions League _semi-final _Real vs Barcelona _Barça _Messi_Zico_Shoot _pass to the goal_Japanese soccer_Ronaldo_keeper_Cristiano Ronaldo _Lionel Messi _ゴール

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi - 2011 HD

To goal shoot-thru!


European Champions League semi-final decided in a second goal four people without dribbling in Real vs Barcelona Barça Messi. Try a shot at this, "shoot-thru to the goal!" Feel.

Sure, I think Zico, "Shoot the pass to the goal," said the.

This is simply because I think the words were directed against Japanese soccer kick a ball shot toward goal cluttered fullest. There is also a weak point where we become even this shocking words.

However, these words are missing something, I was left with. Messi is the type of shot from such a kick and a bang as Barca are not Ronaldo.Aware of the goalie, so as not to touch the ball into the keeper, or how to pass the ball to the goal of the mouse on its back that looks the type.

This is the "thru to the goal" is the reason.

Disconnect the four, while crowded fall, pouring the last minute movement of the keeper of the fur was through to the keeper's goal.



Manchester United showed, the art of breaking_organizational skills were excellent. The great goal_Rooney_Giggs _Papadopurosu_Matipu_Kuryuge _Papadopurosu _Metseruda _world-class _超ワールドクラスのプレー

Schalke vs Manchester United 0 1 goal Ryan Giggs

Manchester United showed, the art of breaking

Preemptive fixed points of Manchester United 67 minutes, a mixture of individual talent and advanced organizational skills were excellent. The great goal.

Rooney, there were several options. The most close to the goal is to break a single direction is Matipu. However, Rooney was selected to the right cross.Movement and to link it starts running Giggs clever.Fullard and stroll up the pace before, once the swelling to disappear out of sight Papadopurosu, runs to the front of the goal.
The worst is trying to Kuryuge approaching from behind sliding Rooney is that had been exchanged.If the sliding exchanged, not even near a body anymore. Inevitably, Papadopurosu is gone but Wayne Rooney put the press.

Of course, Giggs is free. The nice addition is a clever play on Chicharito. Giggs saw him running, open out, the Metseruda out.

If that happens, who is no longer stop Giggs. Correct path from the street through Rooney, Giggs is the last bastion of GK is 1:1 and took the Noia, preemptive Manchester United.

Giggs running and full of intelligence, the Chicharito "consideration", created by breaking feats of strength and lasting power of Rooney and outstanding determined. , Plain and will play world-class super.



Champions League semi-final 1st leg_Real Madrid  0-2 Barcelona _Messi _Real _loose ball_Ejiru_Classico _Mourinho _Barça_Pepe _Aferai _Pedro Marcelo _The next race in the Nou Camp. Real are now struggling at last_カンプノウ

Real Madrid レアルマドリード 0-2 Barcelona バルセロナ 27/04/2011

Champions League semi-final 1st leg

◇Real Madrid  0-2 Barcelona
 Score] 76,87 min: Messi

Hmmm, I became a Real disappointing result again.

What if you had been decided that the loose ball Ejiru

Classico as well as the first half of the past, breathtaking expansion. Mourinho I'm doing research for Barça.

But after their exit. Pepe was sent off in shame. The question also Ejiru turnover. Conversely, Barça put in place a Aferai Pedro Marcelo had been pressed down by then. This is hit.

I was also good cross Messi needs it! GK pull! In addition, four people alone? The second disconnect five control was brilliant!

Messi is a video game after all!

The next race in the Nou Camp. Real are now struggling at last.



CL was the oldest ever goal scorer. _Manchester United victory, bright 37 year old Giggs _Champions League semi-final _Schalke _goals _Noia_Ferguson _Noyer _Rooney_Valencia_Inzagi _goal scorer_内田篤人_パク・チソン

Manchester United Vs Schalke 2 - 0 | Goals Of The Match | Champions League | 26\4\2011

Manchester United victory, bright 37 year old Giggs

In the Champions League semi-final first leg was held on April 26, Manchester United 2-0 victory away to Schalke on this. Made great progress to be made final at Wembley.

The attacks on the United goal as Schalke flow path from the first half,Dividing the goals of good saves before Schalke guardian Noia Ferguson did not even wanted.
Schalke wanted withstood attack until the second half managed to half-time, one-sided flow has not changed, the game finally moved 67 minutes.
Schalke of the DF Noyer crotch shot through the pass-through from Giggs, Rooney, who stopped, the United preemptive. Due minuti dopo Valencia, Rooney mettere punti extra con collegamenti per Hernandez, il gioco decisivo. Giggs è di 37 anni 148 giorni per staccare il vecchio record di 86 giorni Inzagi 37, CL was the oldest ever goal scorer.

The first semi-finals, and the battle was far Schalke came home without losing the state can not do anything in front of United. After the game, Noia said, "from rising too much like mutual respect. The ball, the defense also was not good," and admitted defeat. -
Schalke Utida Atsuhito of the body such as clearing up the shot put Park Ji-Sung, the defense showed devoted to exert attack scene was inherent.



Vail is worried about the injury arose. _Followed by a foot _English Premier League_Arsenal North London derby _Liverpool_Tottenham Hotspur _England's Player of the Year award this season_Real Madrid _Van der Vaart _Fabregas _Diabi_Walcott_Henri_Nasri _Vail _Robin van Persie _Arshavin_Wenger Bendtner_Chelsea _Champions League

Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal 3-3 (20-04-11)

Followed by a foot

English Premier League, Arsenal North London derby has engaged in a fierce battle during the two days every year against Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and away opponents. Draw against Liverpool because of the referee! I was, this is very much dear.
Tottenham big break is up from a wing position on the bail-side half of England's Player of the Year award this season, plus the Dutch players, It has more chances to join from Real Madrid Van der Vaart has to finish himself, seems to aim for the team that was turned into victory.Arsenal at White Hart Lane can not win a bonus easily.

... And, for the last confrontation, I watched nervously from the start of the game so much, betray the expectations? Start good.5 minute song from the first half took the ball in midfield Diabi, Fabregas and crossed the ball, reminiscent of Walcott's play slipped away by Henri-thru,Pour-point goals in the net as early as pre-emptive beautiful. The goal of the vertical linkage to the full fast sense of speed, full of charm arsenal. Great! !
But seven minutes, they caught up with Van der Vaart is determined to cross from the side. The defense turned to the side this time, I like the song Lucie pace.Then I was led to play catch up the sweetness of the defense of this area.

But the 12 minutes that day, but took the second goal from Nasri Diabi work with, and feeling not lose out on performance goals. 36 minutes, Arsenal jumped bail and prevent contact between the GK and Shuchesuni Vail, Vail falls. Tottenham stand noisy. The anger is natural. Vail is worried about the injury arose.
40 minutes, Robin van Persie scored this time. Containing fired. The shot was heading a cross from Walcott. The third point in giving up the loose ball push.
42-minute hard-hitting game-specific deployment Derby, GK falls again in contact with Shuchesuni bail. Viewed from the untrained eye, playing out of the dangerous Shuchesuni much. An opponent or be hurt badly if they do eat the red one. Specification is not visible to dangerous play. Now even finished the first half. After the break the game in injury Baile, 44 minutes, Tottenham's players are determined from a throw-ball, they are returned to the second point. . This runs the multi! ! 2-3.

Also allowed a goal to take the other point, and uncertain victory. Barca lost the ball after the season, surrounded by a few people put the press.(Copa del Rey, though, in the Spanish Cup, Real Madrid beaten it to the other, but had been Masaru Masaru) insistent that defense! ? Hey want to learn from.

Into the second half, lower bail of injuries, will be invested on behalf of Lennon. Jack Wilshere 52 minutes instead of Diabi. Thereafter, no additional points Arsenal.70 minutes, ran out from the side of the break as Lennon stop killing Leon has finally Shuchesuni GK, PK determination. Van der Vaart was determined it to be caught again. 3-3. The Wenger Bendtner, 85 minutes and certainly put Arshavin,
The substitution of players will be too late? Arsenal win I can take from three points, I must reflect. Relaxed in terms of attack from the path, but showed no such compelling play recently.

Chelsea equalized catch stalled while Arsenal, the goal difference, 2nd place Chelsea, Arsenal became the third place. That not only has greatly empowered Tottenham, Arsenal and I'm certainly may affect a large number of games. Wherever down again next year, making it the start of the Champions League preliminary qualifying. In order to not stop here and step on the same rut! !



Leonard praised! Nagatomo is "admitted he had around"_Serie A_Ratsukio _Inter_Red _Julio Cesar_Mauro Zarate _PK _Snyder _Eto'o_Zanetti_Nagatomo _Stefano Mauri_Intel _Naples_Lazio _Inter Milan _Japan National DF _J-League

Inter Milan vs Lazio 2-1 - All Goals & Highlights - 23-04-2011

Serie A was done in every game, home Lazio against Inter.

22 game early 'exit from an away defeat by the Red Julio Cesar Mauro Zarate has been a break in the area, even after he is in a difficult situation PK itself Zarate also been determined. Julio Cesar was sent off for Intel, Snyder directly tied to the catch 40 FK minutes just before the end of the first half to decide.
 And the late 53 'but in the long path of Eto'o jumped Zanetti, successfully reversed net swung suddenly brought to the area.
 Was sent off 66 minutes Nagatomo violence against Stefano Mauri had received the mark Nagatomo relentless, Intel was the clear win against 10 people 10 people.  Naples was defeated for the second place, rising to second place league Inter fending off Naples.

 Despite reversal of Julio Cesar in trouble with the sudden exit, even ・ ・ ・ league like this. Milan also won well, but still eight points behind wins.

Leonard praised! Nagatomo is "admitted he had around"

 23 days against Lazio (home), and leave the party and put someone in a 2-1 defense that produced the upset victory of the Serie A, Inter Milan Japan National DF Nagatomo is Expectations and pressures surrounding the big club, have never felt pressure to overcome, "and proudly. J-League to resume, "but everyone worked for me to international overseas." Directed by Leonard "and fight prejudice, and he had found around" and praised.



Spanish League _Real Madrid_King's Cup _Valencia_Higuain_Barca _Osasuna _Ronaldo_Benzema _Kaka _Messi _David Villa_goal _Barcelona _Champions League

Valencia vs Real Madrid (3-6) Full Highlights All Goals 23.4.2011 Spain Primera Liga

Spanish League match held on October 23, the new Real Madrid winning the King's Cup memories are playing against Valencia, and a hat-trick in a 6-3 victory Higuain.One Barca struggled against Osasuna at home while winning 2-0.

Madrid took the King's Cup at 1-0, but came back to Mesutaja again, in anticipation of the CL midweek, Ronaldo, sparing people from the core of the Spaniard.However, against a sharp attack, Benzema from third place in Valencia, Higuain, but Kaka swayed the net after another. Valencia was also scored from the attacking Loosen Madrid, already late hour.

Meanwhile, the King's Cup and also replace a member from Barcelona, ​​24 minutes to open the scoring against Osasuna in the battle Villa remaining 87 minutes into the extra points to play Messi in the middle.

David Villa's goal was the first time in 11 games after the match, "It was important to win. I have a lot of work. Especially because of the previous game, I'm too tired mentally and physically.
But could this be stacked three points, "he said.
Barcelona is now stretched to 88 points, the difference between second-place Real Madrid eight points remain. The remaining five games were.

Both semifinals will play in the Champions League first leg 27.


Premier League _best player _best young player _Jack Wilshere_Van der Sar _Ashley Cole_Viditchi_Kompany_Sanja_Wiltshire_Nasri _Vail_Nani_Thebes_Berbatov_Yaya Toure_Van der Vaart_Rooney

Van der Sar - the best

Gareth Bale Vs Inter Milan

Two Premier League games a week - but I've seen players pick three games of the season 10-11 best player Gareth Bale, the best young player is said to Jack Wilshere.

Eleven so-called best,

GK:Van der Sar
DF:Ashley Cole

Here are the results.

That evaluations of players

Javier Hernandez (Chicharito), Yaya Toure, Van der Vaart, Rooney, Raul Meireresu, I'm Parker from entering the area.

Evaluation of the players who played opposite me, huh? High Berbatov.


Draw two painful crown of dark clouds in the local league and Milan _AC Milan _Italian Cup semi-final _Palermo_Serie A_Ibrahimovic_UEFA Champions League _Lazio _Naples

Milan 2 x 2 Palermo na semi-final da Copa da Itália 2011

Draw two painful crown of dark clouds in the local league and Milan

AC Milan Italian Cup semi-final first leg 2-2 Palermo

 Made on June 20 semi-final first leg match of Italian Cup, Serie A leaders AC Milan aim has won two in a 2-2 draw at home to Palermo.
 FW include points pre-emptive Ibrahimovic started four minutes, even 31 minutes late and was expanded to follow the terms involving 1 MF Emanuelson additional points. The draw was hurt by a local coach Arreguri is "important to lose. Victory is possible in hostile territory" and vowed to counterattack in the second leg.

Remaining five Serie A matches and now in Naples is now leader AC Milan (AC Milan) is followed by six percentage points.Although there are few possibilities of winning the league, next season If we finish the season in the top three UEFA Champions League can earn a berth in the group stage.Lazio No. 4 (SS Lazio) and 5 percentage points for likely able to get a berth in the Naples high enough.

4位ラツィオ(SS Lazio)とは5ポイント差のため、ナポリが出場権を手にできる可能性は十分高い。


Defeat opponents in power "who made the winning goal," said hit._Barca _Ronaldo _Barcelona 0-1 Real Madrid's Spanish Cup final _Valencia _Cristiano Ronaldo _Mourinho _Europe _winning goal _Classico _King's Cup_Maradona_Pele _Johan Cruyff _Messi _winner's mentality_Inter Milan _Distefano _クラシコ4番勝負

Gol Pique - FC Barcelona vs Inter Milan 28-04-2010 HDTV.avi

Barca sunk! Title earnest desire in the second year Ronaldo transfer

Barcelona 0-1 Real Madrid's Spanish Cup final
Done in Valencia in the Spanish Cup final June 20, extended at the end of Barcelona 1-0 Real Madrid, and decided the first time in 18 seasons to win the second time 18.13 minutes early FW Cristiano Ronaldo (26) scored. José Mourinho from the helm this season (48) led to the title in three seasons with the club, -Barcelona are targeting the league, Europe and CL inhibited the treble.
 Ace stood right index finger swinging uniform number 7, cited raptures. 13-minute winning goal in the first half jumped extended. Combined cross-head left. -The first title two years after joining Real Desire. C · Ronaldo "I'm incredibly happy," reminisces. -Meet four times in a row and 18 days in Barcelona "Classico four match series," the second leg. 1-1 league draw in the 16th, the enemy has made great progress in three straight,On this day, a twist of revenge against the title. While most low-priority King's Cup treble, the final card of the day was achieved gold record number of 143 countries televised tournament.Demonstrated skills in the best interest of the world.
 Barcelona showdown before OB compared with Pele and Maradona, Johan Cruyff has said, "Messi is a good technique, but as owners, relying on physical Ronaldo (the ranks) is difficult," he said.Cast doubt on the qualities of a superstar. As if winning goal scored with a header to challenge that remark RBI utilizing high elevation of 87 meters and a body honed.

Defeat opponents in power "who made the winning goal," said hit.
 The Ace, "who planted the winner's mentality," Mourinho has to recognize.CL last season's European commander led Inter Milan defeated Barcelona in the semi-commitment to results When defensive lineup tied for 16th at 3 volante Mr. Distefano is honorary chairman of the club "like a rat in front of a lion," the statement said. Still, "(tactical), the director decides," and upheld the conviction, the defense thoroughly consolidate the counter. Contractors played a role in victory.
 "Classico four match series," Europe on May 3 and 27 of races remaining two CL semi-final two games. "I want to win this rate," which radiate confidence and C · Ronaldo.



Mancheter United _Messi_soccer_United _painful draw _Arsenal _Premier_Newcastle _Aranpadeyu_Korotchini_La Liga _CL semi final _Schalke_Berbatov _Nani_Rooney_Giggs _Ebla_Valencia _Anderson _Andersen_Newcastle 0-0  United_Chelsea _Torres

Newcastle 0-0 Mancheter United Premier League 19/04/2011

It was interesting in the United painful painful draw

Arsenal just managed to Premier. Arsenal and United is that I'm left with the game and Chelsea. So there it is 0 points, well ... Trading Places.

The first half ended. It was the Newcastle press. I struggle seems to remain, wow, I have this power. Director of Aranpadeyu. What Englishman.
Korotchini, the members are working hard to move from La Liga and I am glad Gutierrez. This is possibly, probably lose by United. This week they have in CL semi final with Schalke, Berbatov will be on the bench I have not put in for over there. The second half. Nani, Rooney, Hernandez, but Giggs and attack, and I'm in the impatience.

23 minutes late, Giggs from Ebla. Oh, removed. Useless to decide. 25 minutes late, in Valencia Anderson out. It would be dissatisfied Andersen.

35 minutes late, Owen in. Booed big Hahaha. But Nani is out Well, United painful it.

Draw. It hurts. The chance came. Owen is no presence.

Newcastle 0-0  United

Well, as long as Chelsea beat Arsenal and United are two points from six is ​​the difference at this point I have no chance confrontation problems still remain two games.
Fergie is probably one of the top Arsenal Rooney goal in the draw would go 4-5-1, and is subtle or if you can score points allowed and opponents any chance to see the current state.
CL Torres, also featuring Chelsea failed in two games, and cause the same mistake I have seen a rush defense that was introduced after the United Drogba in the second leg to think.
Really be a little anxious to win this weekend against Evaton ... and a large number of games than other teams prepared to deal, because I'm worried that seem to accumulate fatigue.



Classico _Real Madrid vs Barcelona_Spanish Cup final_Germany_Ejiru _Cristiano Ronaldo_football _Barca_heading _Champions League semi-final first leg_チャンピオンズリーグ準決勝

Real Madrid vs Barcelona (1-0) All Goals & Full Highlights - 20/04/2011


Last night Classico (Real Madrid vs Barcelona) was the second race.

The Spanish Cup final.

What surprised me was that was also broadcast live on national television in Germany.

Even in Spain to do the game without first German Pay-TV.

Real Ejiru German representative, there are Kedira probably because large.

When extended from the end of the first half to watch the second half. Barca dominated the ball far.

Real sending a long path length immediately follow the simple repeated attacks on speedster that Cristiano Ronaldo.

If you have a football decision, but a victory for Barca, also points to take the win.

The end of the first half when extended to a fixed heading Ronaldo's shot, after all this is the final point.

As the audience, the style is less interesting, the real battle will be who can only like this.

It seems likely to be in such a form, probably next week's Champions League semi-final first leg.



>"Where I come from the three-minute" ... Arsenal draw contrition _English Premier League _Arsenal _Robin Van Percy _FW _PK_goal _DF _MF _Ebue _Lucas _Manchester United _Wenger_Fabregas _Liverpool _Old Trafford _Ferguson

Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool | Penalty Goal

Arsene Wenger Post Match Interview - Arsenal vs Liverpool 1-1 (17-04-11)

"Where I come from the three-minute" ... Arsenal draw contrition

Saw heaven and hell in the English Premier League Arsenal near the end.
 That appears unusual in that eight minutes of injury time in the therapeutic effects opponent minutes into the tie-breaking 8 FW Robin Van Percy decided on PK.Hauling the victory appeared to have brought near to the reversal necessary, in front of goal after the restart gave FK pursued the loose ball Ebue DF MF opponents to defeat gave Lucas the PK. The injury caught up with 12 minutes, and the game ended at 1-1 as it is, six were against Manchester United Premier points behind with six remaining.

Wenger, "but a show 11 minutes past 8 PK-minute decision. Additional 3 minutes from where I come," and angry. The victory will be far, four wins and one stall in the last five races without luck.Be caught at the last expansion, but also no energy to write something truly, after the game, it was also protesting against a 11-minute 8-minute injury time but Wenger.Seemed to go and hit a jury question, that there was no answer.

So what was it again, look at the game until the end, I see ..., about 6 minutes injury time, finally took the PK of Fabregas Robin van Persie is decided about seven minutes.Should not have too much time already. Then, however, the FK is given Liverpool, the other 11 minutes when it kicked.Now after a defeat in the DF area is Ebue, Liverpool were given PK.

Certainly anything suspicious game development. FK's supposed to be that it might end when you kicked the most.

Home of Manchester United at Old Trafford was given four minutes to seven minutes injury time to Ferguson.

Wenger is a man from France! ? And would have been extended to 11 minutes to 8 minutes the opposing team.



Barcelona forward V3! Classico opener "overwhelmed" DRAW _La Liga Barcelona 1-1 Real Madrid (April 16)_Messi _PK_Cruyff _Dream Team_Guardiola_Mourinho_Inter Milan_Chelsea _Ejiru_Spanish Cup final _Xavi _football_pass _soccer

Real Madrid vs Barcelona (1-1) All Goals & Full highlights 16-04-2011

Barcelona forward V3! Classico opener "overwhelmed" DRAW

La Liga Barcelona 1-1 Real Madrid (April 16)

Made on the 16th game of Section 4 32 La Liga, Barcelona and leaders Real Madrid Classico is made in the second 1-1 draw in enemy territory. Messi FW PK was caught after a pre-emptive bullets, advanced to third straight win to protect the eight points in six races remaining.

 Barcelona has secured the points against a good one to be defeated only. Real were caught up with 10 people was sent off,Cruyff was directed by four consecutive times from 1991 "Dream Team" significant progress since the third time.
But missed the coach Guardiola's first win Classico won all five races after his appointment "will not lose a good result," and hints at the margin. Messi Mourinho's team, known enemy general was defense dud so far, including eight against Chelsea and Inter Milan.Real struggled to even lined the defensive lineup for the upcoming three volante Ejiru this day playmaker, who scored 8 minutes later in my first PK. -Spanish Cup final on May 20 in Europe 18 days Classico CL semi-final and followed "the fourth game," break the jinx in the first round ace. Real athletes in 59 official games this season - scoring 49 career scoring record also arranged most of the season, the Spanish built in 1960.
 Draw ratio while controlling the ball in enemy territory overwhelming 71-29%. Xavi has "had no other aim in mind to counter the long ball football," complained that, Eleven of the mouth and the response path of commitment to football. Pave the way for direct confrontation with three games remaining game is also head.

イレブンはpass soccerへのこだわりと手応えを口にした。残る直接対決3試合も真っ向勝負で道を切り開く。


Judgement is also very Classico _Giants Hanshin Tigers _football_Classico_Real Madrid _Barcelona _Ronaldo _King's Cup _UEFA Champions League _soccer

FC Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 2010 / 2011 _ El classico Trailer

Judgement is also very Classico

I have never heard the word Giants Hanshin Tigers tradition that I was a kid, then football, "Classico" is a game of Real Madrid and Barcelona and a special name called.Brilliant play after another pop out, the path is not a mistake. Among the other things that win ball hard to strengthen one antagonist.
In the last minute scramble for the ball. The players then fall. What really caught my leg which is which? Acting judge of whether or not it is hard to even spot.

Fall within the penalty area, various events during the brief moment that I thought I saw slow acting sore ... I fall technical foul while much higher.

Ronaldo went into full! There is also bounce off the head and said, as scores of other sites that let you play against in this quarrel.
Following the King's Cup and UEFA Champions League home now that there is a war to fight in four consecutive Ouei so.

What's the fate of a strong team together? Now Is there any drama?



El Clasico _Spanish League _Barcelona _Real Madrid _Santiago Bernabeu _Puyol _Barça_Villa_Messi _Cristiano Ronaldo _First leg _semifinals _Champions _Camp Nou

Real Madrid vs Barcelona (1-1) All Goals Full Highlights 16.4.2011 Spain Primera Liga

El Clasico

Spanish League 2010-2011 is the second race in Barcelona against Real Madrid Classico of the season, the home of the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid-made.

Puyol returns from injury is a linchpin of the defense team Barça. The body also asked another tough match. 58 minutes, and get my PK Villa, Messi decide.

It was given away a penalty 81 minutes the pace in Barcelona, ​​Cristiano Ronaldo = 1-1 are determined to quit.

I escaped to Madrid and Barcelona could not put the difference between the moment in the league. Barca lead at 85 points. Madrid are second with 77.

20 Wednesday, following King's Cup against Real Madrid in the final again.

First leg at the Bernabeu on Wednesday in the semifinals of the Champions 27. 2nd leg is scheduled for Wednesday April 5 at the Camp Nou.


Wenger, Premier League win for Liverpool _The hell is there going to lose no_Arsenal _Arsene Wenger _championship _Liverpool _Manchester United _Premier Cup semi-final_FA_Tottenham _England _Andy Carroll _Newcastle_Manchester City_Chelsea _朴智星_Park Ji-Sung

Manchester United vs Chelsea (2-1) goal Park Ji-Sung 朴智星曼聯

The hell is there going to lose no

Wenger, Premier League win for Liverpool

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger to make the championship interesting until the end, the 17th game against Liverpool to win and have never talked. Manchester United Premier Cup semi-final because of the FA, not the league this weekend. I want to shrink to four points of difference between them and United.Then, even if you win against Tottenham delayed digestion, to be greeted by a United home game on May 1 at one point.

"We're up from the championship, it does not invite remark.It is important to their strong feeling that, for England is important that I continue to struggle for victory "and said the need for victory against Liverpool.
However, Liverpool has a trump card and Andy Carroll scored a goal against Arsenal in the final period Newcastle.

"He was very strong and physical, to understand the importance of the cross or long ball. And how the body is also good, with strong aerial combat. Carol is young and still growing now.One point I decided against Manchester City striker was a goal indeed. Do I have to shut him, "Wenger has warned against.

I insisted on the brink - I sure know that

The silence is not Carol, it is added Wenger.

Can win, the day before, the red devil and draw from Oh home of the Emirates team slips from his hand cannon ... to win ... even absurd tragedy, and remember .. doing that.



Raul _great_FW _off-ball movement_Nagatomo _Uchida_Japan's first semi-final _CL_first Japanese CL final and win

Simon Desue du Mongo guck Schalke Vs Inter 2 : 1 - Raul Feiert mit Fans Halbfinale

I think Raul is a player who still great. FW also has great players but, personally, about Raul, you play as a role model of the FW and I feel like a player or not.

Rather than physical ability, technology and off-ball movement, "points" in the sense of suit. Japanese kids trying to FW, I think that I want to play a good look at Raul.

Thing to say, finally, is about Nagatomo Uchida, Hashi Nagatomo I think I want to stay in the starting lineup anyway, but now Intel is not that what I think to do so.I have seen a good performance, or reliability or Isao Makoto, taken out of the starting lineup in the evaluation of the past and I think nonsense.

Then, for Uchida, I think the players were really a sense of stability. It is not stable and they have been written too, but is personally embarrassed

 At this rate, Japan's first semi-final rather than CL, the first Japanese CL final and win, I want you to run that far anymore. I look forward to.



Ronaldo's Goal! Real semifinals / Europe CL_Second leg _Champions League quarter-finals _Gelsenkirchen_Germany_Real Madrid _Spain_Tottenham Hotspur_England_Semi-final _Barcelona _Portuguese _C · Ronaldo _Brazil _Gomez _goal_Carvalho_Mourinho _Spanish Cup final _Classico_Barca_天国か地獄

Champions League - Quarts de Finale Retour Tottenham 0-1 Real Madrid

Ronaldo's Goal! Real semifinals / Europe CL

 Second leg Champions League quarter-finals (13, Gelsenkirchen, Germany) Real Madrid (Spain) Tottenham Hotspur (England) Total War 2 into the semifinals 5-0 down in the first time in eight seasons. Semi-final showdown with Barcelona was the same old enemy of Spain.
 Aims to reverse against Tottenham in desperation, stopped by one shot and stabbed Real ace. 0-0 is five minutes late. FW of Portuguese national non-rotating C · Ronaldo fires a shot.Miss Brazil GK Gomez caught. Sucked the ball into the goal.

 Could give a great victory. I've seen close to the final "and C · Ronaldo.Portuguese national non-DF Carvalho was suspended the next game is decided for the first time for over 4 favorably eight seasons.

 However, Mourinho and the players get on the ball. Await in the semifinals of the 27th of this month and three days in Barcelona next month.Moreover, the enemy will hit Japan on the 16th in the league, Spanish Cup final game in the 20th as well. "Classico" The battle will be followed by four times in about three weeks.
 Real domestic league but were eight points ahead to lead Barca, Ronaldo said forcefully.
 "They have a great team but, in the presence of another world is not. Believe in the power of their" heaven or hell. Four games this season put all.

「相手は素晴らしいチームだが、決して別世界の存在ではない。自分たちの力を信じている」 天国か地獄。この4試合に、今季のすべてをかける。


Schalke semifinals for the first time! Nagatomo Uchida showdown with victory_Football_Champions League _semi-finals _Germany _Utida Atsuhito_Schalke _Nagatomo _Inter Milan _Italy_Manchester United _Sneijder _Raul _Thiago Motta_Eto'o_Tottenham _Real Madrid _1-0

Schalke vs Inter Milan (2-1) All Goals Full Highlights 2011 UEFA Champions League

Schalke semifinals for the first time! Nagatomo Uchida showdown with victory

Football, Champions League (CL) 13 semi-finals second leg, and performed in Gelsenkirchen, Germany Japan National Utida Atsuhito DF (23) belongs to Schalke (Germany) is home to the city DF Nagatomo (24) belongs to Inter Milan (Italy) 2-1 by defeating, 7-3, 2 total war's first semi-finals decided. Uchida is a wing, right, Nagatomo has played together in a left-full.Manchester United Schalke in the semifinals (England) play against the decision. Inter Milan has been cut off CL consecutive dreams.
 The first leg at home to Inter Milan 5-2 Schalke in the lucky day in morning. Inter Milan will be tough in the required minimum of at least four points to break through, showcase match began.Inter Milan's first planted. Sneijder has hit a middle-minute intense 5, GK caught in the front. Schalke has a right to enter the area eight minutes Uchida dribble, took the ball to block the cross-Nagatomo match-up.12 minutes left in area planted, but Nagatomo, Uchida I extended my cut. Schalke have hit a header minutes Raul 17, GK caught directly.From Milano to take the initiative after 25 minutes, but the left side to break through the cross-Nagatomo 27 minutes. FK is aimed at 34-minute mid-left foot to match the loose ball,Out on the goal. Nagatomo galloping cross is aimed at the left side and then aggressively, DF was blocked. HT 45 minutes approached, and escaped into the right-thru of Raul Jurado fending off GK, Schalke preemptive right-foot shot poured into the unattended goal.Wrapped in the first half 1-0 lead.
 Inter Milan last four minutes of desperate right Thiago Motta CK push the area from the left caught up to tie the score 1-1. 15 minutes, but swayed to the right net from a short corner Schalke offside decision. Eto'o tried a header two minutes later, Inter Milan, the Put in the box did not hit well Uchida body. 20 minutes, but a sharp cross into the left side to break through Nagatomo, GK catches. 5 minutes later, but Eto'o who fired a right-foot shot Nagatomo path, the opposing players off the ball slightly to the right. Reached 36 minutes and Without swinging the right foot in front of goal Hevedesu Raul rushed into the vertical path, GK has the ball left the next 2-1 Schalke go-ahead goal and pierced right. The intense battle continued even after the two teams fled tolerate a high concentration Schalke additional points. Uchida is the first Japanese in Europe to enter the semifinal played in the CL.
 Tottenham was held in London (England) - Real Madrid (Spain), one of the game, but goals from Ronaldo Real Madrid C · 1-0 victory.Determine the total of two races into the semifinals 5-0 in the semifinals at Barcelona (Spain) to play against.



Ibrahimovic sent off_Premier _Milan_Napoli _Italian Serie A_AC Milan_Fiorentina_Gilardino _Athens Olympics_Minister Silvio Berlusconi_Cristiano Ronaldo _Pirlo _Seedorf_Robinho_Pato _Inter _European _football_Eto'o_サッカー

Labiale ibrahimovic espulsione Fiorentina Milan 1-2 10.04.2011 32esima Giornata Seie A 2010-2011

Ibrahimovic sent off

Premier Milan, Napoli both win second place

4 AFP - May 11 May 10 - Italian Serie A 10-11, Section 32 of the game is done, the leader (AC Milan) is 2-1 (Fiorentina) down to.

Gilardino is a little old.

In the story if I remember correctly, but certainly I know that Gilardino played against Japan in the 2004 Athens Olympics. Compared with that from the time, I have some old impression.
Section Ibrahimovic could have played it pains, I got to dig their own grave. Unable to three times the chances of things, what had been tormented and frustrated feeling of inferiority.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, "Processo di Biscardi" situation and in Milan, Cristiano Ronaldo to repeat the dream of winning. In Milan, Ibrahimovic suspended three games against exit at Fio.

"The dream is free, we'll actually because she changed her many times. Enpionnara tend Milan 1-2 to win the Elite next season. But continued to do well but Pirlo and Seedorf, leaving several players it.If Ronaldo won it, everyone is happy "

"I like Robinho. Harassing defense and scoring from a well. Ibura in suspension, would place as head coach 2st. Pato but a good time, the negative Ibura.
But would improve soon. Milan is rich thanks to a military team from the time of the accident has been recovered. So talented team can have "

"An exceptional back to Naples, the premier league. The goal is to celebrate things like this last section. Terrible enemy, but Inter is also in Naples, Milan has a destiny in the hands remain in the game. European CL game?

Milanese, I as prime minister, I sincerely hope Intel. Everything is possible in football. Like before FW Eto'o, whose game is available "



Wigan vs. Chelsea _Torres_goal _CL 2nd leg against United_defense_Robben _Cristiano Ronaldo _Franck Ribéry _Xavi _Messi_African excellent physical_Brazilian and Spanish_Terry and Lampard

Chelsea FC - Cech and Terry on United

Wigan vs. Chelsea

Wigan game. The win is good, and was praised in terms of content, not. But I think I can focus on how to take advantage of what Torres, I guess I feel that better results come out fighting in the goal not to expect too much style to him. For example, "top down" or "side" or to be appointed by I'll give emphasis on the make-up opportunities. It seems that more goals are born. I said many times, and now Chelsea players better side in the second column "logo - Le" I'm so many opportunities. Of course, the side "of the defense burden" to a large, Torres "FW started to move as" excellent Nde, and no doubt by the current of dexterity in FW I think,
FW is not all the goals, "although I think you should use a. Wait, Did you treat it that way anymore. I'm sorry.

CL 2nd leg against United: Preview

United game. The goal is required, but not expected to present a goal I set. Of course, mistakes should aim for a united defense, The goal might be expected even from the stream which would present severe easily. Unfortunately, the attack "linkage" It is not too much of that is. "Individual" only. Of course, attacks the "individual" even though it is necessary, the current Chelsea tough it all. Dribbler like Robben and Cristiano Ronaldo and Franck Ribéry will not,No Xavi and Messi. Chelsea stay in the moment, "African excellent physical" and "French Foreign Legion" and "Terry and Lampard" I'm. I'm writing is a matter of course, utilizing the football they have to do. It is nice to shift the style of Brazilian and Spanish, but is it not? From next season. Torres advanced to the side of the rut so far already, but it did not turn back.



Barcelona vs. Shakhtar Donetsk _Champions League _Manchester United vs Chelsea _Premier_Schalke 04 vs Inter_Intel _Mirano Derby _Kivu_Cassano_Score is broken_Tottenham vs Real Madrid _Spurs _Uchida_UEFA Champions League final _MIyaichi_Sevilla_La Liga _Ienaga _Japanese success in Spain_家長

Real Madrid vs Spurs vs 4-0 Full Match Highlights & All Goals [05-04-2011]

Barcelona vs. Shakhtar Donetsk

Honestly, I rather imaginary fears, certain that it was anxiety. Before we go to Don Bath, 1st leg, I wanted to put a piece of Barcelona.It took the lead early in the, get the rhythm, suddenly became easier. Again, force, more ability, entering the game, the flow of the game in the Champions League means a rhythm of expansion.

Manchester United vs Chelsea

Rather than the Champions League, a tough game just like Premier. Manchester United's lucky day in morning, but the game from the defense proceeded calmly Even if taken, away goals will be a draw was good.

Schalke 04 vs Inter

Decided at Schalke. Intel is a Mirano Derby weekend might have been broken already. In the flow, in the Derby (of course leaving the Kivu) PK near the end of Cassano, and The End (Score is broken) is too severe. Again, regardless of the outcome, 3 points or more away goals goes through the away goals rule, following the sour.

Tottenham vs Real Madrid

Real Madrid's ROUND16 through the northeast, or run up like this. In that sense, this victory, breaking the resistance level, the impression was up gap. The Spurs also leave out a good 0-0, but all plans are crazy.

Host country club finals, come to the final jinx it, if there are anomalies (two of Intel's second game, before the winner of Chelsea or Manchester United do) 、Schalke finalists will be finalized. Uchida, Japan's first pitch of the UEFA Champions League final stand a chance I will catch the first Asian big ears. However, when I told him to take full advantage of the good luck or the environment, rather unsatisfactory. If true, I would have to sell the name here.
The gentle pace of growth, as seen from the other, "this guy crazy" to believe that is still going to take time. Of course, he is not a green harvest levels, such as MIyaichi.

Finally, Ienaga UEFA Champions League and has nothing to do, the goals of the patriarch of the weekend against Sevilla, Jyo, since the goal of Okubo. Japanese small goals in La Liga itself at all. That much success in La Liga is also a difficult proof. However, (he is exempt from the defense) can be offensive style from the patriarch, the first goal in eight games, never early. Given the genius of his time, and dancing is not surprising name transfer market, Mallorca themselves, have set up his expensive transfer fee in advance. The next year, is good if you can constantly play, yet, let alone the Japanese success in Spain, not Asians. Meet the challenge to play in the league is to buy a tall,As well as ability, luck will come to meetings and need.



Inter Chievo 2-0_Scorer _Inter_Esteban Cambiasso _Maicon_Inter_Intel_Milan derby_ Champions League_Nagatomo _Janpaoro Pattsuini_Samuel Eto'o _Wesley Sneijder _Schalke

Inter - Chievo 2-0 Ampia Sintesi - Sky Calcio HD - Full Highlights 9-04-2011

Inter Chievo 2-0

Scorer (Inter)
 Esteban Cambiasso (20 minutes later)
 Maicon (39 minutes later)

Serie 9 A day is made of Section 32, in the home match against Chievo won 2-0 at Intel.

Milan derby, Intel has suffered a setback with the Champions League instead of three 3-4-4-3-1-select 2.Nagatomo starting lineup played the first time in three games at left-league.
Intel has 15 minutes to make attacks of opportunity and participation in Nagatomo, to take the lead 17 minutes and hit a decisive shot Janpaoro Pattsuini. Samuel Eto'o on 38 minutes,44 minutes can not even get a chance to finish the Maicon, a 0-0 wrap in the first half.
Wesley Sneijder from the second half to put the Intel 65 minutes more aggressive than before, first to score a goal screwed wrapping Maicon Esteban Cambiasso.Then a chance Chievo also made several times and not allow the defense Inter-conscious goals.
84 minutes, took the second goal of making doubly sure Intel is pushing a loose ball in front of the goal Maicon. Injury time goal-scoring opportunity but also welcome Nagatomo, GK and the third point which had been prevented.
Intel will win the first time in three games this regular season game. Scudetto and hang on to fight, for the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals to be held on 13 and Schalke have made a good flow.
Nagatomo participation such as repeatedly showing good attack, has helped the team win in a full participating.



Directed by Leonard Intelr turmoil dismissed _Japan National _Nagatomo Yuu _Serie A_Inter Milan _Schalke _Champions League _Leonard _Italian newspaper_Snyder _Mourinho _Real Madrid _Intel _AC Milan _European quarter-finals _Sport _Brazil _Julio Sezaru _Kivu_Maicon_長友_残留

Inter - Schalke 04 (2-5) Ampia Sintesi intervista Leonardo e Moratti 05 04 11 HD

Directed by Leonard Inter turmoil dismissed

 Japan National DF Nagatomo Yuu (24) belongs to Serie A, Inter Milan ran a shock. To Schalke in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals by 2-5 5 days and that the defeat,Director Leonard reported on the motion for dismissal and the date seven Italian newspaper. MF Dutch national Snyder (26) has also been talked about release.
How the fate of the corps . Intel began flying the voice of Nagatomo tough.
 Directed by Leonard first became a target. Sport Koriere date de Pablo 7, to crown this season replacement coach Once reported inevitable. As a potential successor, Jose Mourinho made a name for those who led Real Madrid to Intel last season.
 Inter and the Sun 2 AC Milan in a 0-3 defeat to Derby. 5th European quarter-finals in the CL even "degraded" to the initiative and allowed Schalke 2-5. President Massimo Moratti is to evaluate director Leonardo has not changed, "but commented that, under the hood is the view that the media have begun to reform the Italian team next season.
 Sport is also Gazetta de Pablo, Brazil and the Dutch national MF Julio Sezaru Snyder GK, DF Kivu, reported the possibility of releasing them off now the Maicon.

The whole Nagatomo "residual" have been reported, and now seems clear the team was involved in an unexpected disruption



Champions League quarter-final first leg_FC Barcelona vs. Shakhtar Donetsk _Barcelona won 5-1_Real Madrid _Classico_Manchester United vs Chelsea United's 0-1_England_Giggs_Rooney _Lampard_Fernando Torres goal _ルーニー_

Manchester united vs Chelsea 6/4/11 Rooney goal champions l

Champions League quarter-final first leg, FC Barcelona vs. Shakhtar Donetsk Barcelona won 5-1 at home. 2nd win in enemy territory before a four-point lead leg. In yesterday's game with a 4-0 win over Real Madrid was "CL Semi Classico," one step closer. If realized, following the Copa del Rey and La Liga final, third and Classico.
In addition, another Champions League quarter-finals, the Manchester United vs Chelsea United's 0-1 away win at. Victory at Stamford Bridge is nine years since.
United and Chelsea game was a showdown with England, urged the 24th minute a cross from man Giggs, Rooney decided to preemptive U.Lampard's Chelsea home too, but they also welcome the decision machine Fernando Torres goal in Man U defense hard to tolerate the defense.

After all, Rooney had scored the winner divide has urged England to dominate the United showdown. However, 2nd leg will be held at Old Trafford on February 12.



Champions League quarter-finals _Inter × Schalke _Japanese realized_victory for Schalke_Intel _Japanese foreign country than it gave us some energy_Raul _rival_Inzaghi _Seedorf _Ronaldo_Brazil_AC Milan

inter vs schalke 2-5 [RAUL GOAL] - 05-04-2011 -

Champions League quarter-finals were held last Sun

Inter × Schalke

The big stage this "fight or become the first Japanese realized?" With the expectation that drew attention. The result is victory for Schalke.

Intel is going to be a very tough second leg away match. Are working hard in his two Japanese foreign country than it gave us some energy.

I also wish each other luck next game.

1st leg of the Champions League, Raul Schalke win the battle against rival Intel's top scorer against Europe, was hoping for a revival of Milan Inzaghi stop now.

"Have done a great match for Schalke, I reach the semifinals, I have not even thought of yet. Still have a very tough 90 minutes more. Intel has won all the team win.We need respect for them. I am happy to have scored the most important victory of the team. Currently, the stop Inzagi injury. Definitely take back next season will compete for top spot "

Milan's Seedorf "RedeTv", and admitted to the invitation to the Corinthians by Ronaldo.
"But now I think just winning the Scudetto with Milan. See how what happens at the end of the season. Is a country like Brazil. Expiration date comes, even if another offer from a European club, AC Milan likely would have to update. Should be happy but, I have not had any negotiations "



R · Madrid, Tottenham win in ten_Champions League quarter-final first leg _Santiago Bernabeu _Real Madrid _Tottenham_Adebayor_Ejiru_Lennon _Crouch_goal rush _Defoe _Van der Vaart _Marcelo _Di Maria _Ronaldo _Kaka _4-0_Vail _2nd leg will take place on April 13

Real Madrid vs Tottenham Hotspur (4-0) All Goals Full Highlights 5.4.2011 UEFA Champions League

R · Madrid, Tottenham win in ten

Champions League quarter-final first leg at the Santiago Bernabeu was Real Madrid match against Tottenham.

4 minutes early in Madrid, simply open the scoring and Adebayor's header from a corner kick determines Ejiru. Mismatch score was sweet and told a starter in place of the genus Mark Lennon injured in the backup. Tottenham will be leaving the day's second yellow on 16 minutes Crouch. Tottenham lost the front of the target, the state was forced to be pushed.We aim for a goal can not mind wearing one of the bail request. The goal rush seems to be leaving Real Madrid for an opportunity, Tottenham fortified defenses around Dawson finished the first half scoring from the current tolerate.
Tottenham from the start of the second half, put Defoe in place of Van der Vaart was the first battle former club, I'll aim to score a difficult position. 57 minutes, however, matched by the head of Adebayor Marcelo gave the ball free from a short corner,Additional points to Madrid. Tottenham had run out of the intensive runs set plays was hurt again.

72 minutes and Real Madrid great Di Maria sank a shot from the right side, the decisive game. Madrid continued to expand with ease possession against the penalty area in front of 10 people 。The closing 87 minutes, according to Ronaldo volleyed in a cross Kaka had played 10 minutes before the 4-0.
Finished the game anyway, it was Tottenham away goals could not return to White Hart Lane in harsh conditions. What is the game for Tottenham over the edge of the harsh reality score, could not make a definitive scene through the game.Vail also hinted the only chance in the team is far from satisfactory play, was also postponed and replaced Ronaldo jerseys.

One was born in Madrid scored from set plays an early stage can proceed throughout the game there too leaving advantage was wiped out in the form of lucky games in the league defeat.

After the game, coach Harry Redknapp's Tottenham, Crouch was sent off for, "Well no such risk should get a red card.That was after a very tough job. Became impossible task, "lamented, 2nd regu also" very tough

2nd leg will take place on April 13.




Sport newspaper_Raul _Inzaghi_Messi _Cristiano_CL semi-final _Raul Gonzalez Blanco_Champions League _Inter Milan_top scorer _Europe_AC Milan_Filippo Inzaghi _Cristiano Ronaldo _Schalke 04 _Sneijder _Eto'o_Lucio_Bayern _Valencia _Leonard_Mourinho

Schalke 04 VS Valencia (3-1) 9-3-2011

Interviewed that the story of Raul de Pablo Korie Sport newspaper in Italy.

Raul "I have nothing battle between me and Inzaghi.'ll Beat the new record Messi and Cristiano."Raul CL semi-final dreams. "In two games of the tournament, surprises can show everyone."
Raul Gonzalez Blanco, Tuesday, facing the semi-finals of the Champions League 1st leg against Inter Milan. With the intention that we continue to make the tournament top scorer in the history of Europe. "It is fantastic that happens. But I'm 33 years old, always enthusiastic, Because they have the motivation to finish. The most important thing is still the team to succeed. , "The paper said in an interview Raoul Korie dello Sport. Raul, AC Milan's Filippo Inzaghi and to fight the European tournament in scoring and is not obsessed said, disappointed that his injury. "I'm fighting there between us.First, the record will break the new Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo ahead. "Raul CL now to understand the risks and the champions of Intel, said that Schalke 04 will not pay much attention to the defensive part. "They, Sneijder and Eto'o, there are great players like Lucio. We were the first leg, in order to get a chance to win this round I have to fight really well. "Raul is stressed. Samuel Eto'o is in particular mentioned the name Raul is "one of the best players in the world Can not afford to fail at the opposite. "He says. "Our defense will have to aim for perfection is not an organization.But war and the German Cup Bayern CL if we play like that against Valencia if he (Eto'o) could be stopped. "Raul is also While acknowledging the view that the likely candidate to win the semifinals and Intel, "two games of the tournament, I can show to the surprise of everyone." Says.

Raul has joined Schalke 04 in the previous summer, has admitted that it had many problems with the original team of the season. " Beginning of the season, and we will join a number of new players they were going to need time to finished as a team. "
Raul is also Intel's director for Leonard, said to have done a great job. "The coach Mourinho to take over after winning a really hard thing.Mourinho was achieved because of Intel Toripurette. I'm amazing. "
Even one day record being pulled, CL is also the European goal record record play, I want to carry on more and more.



Wenger_performance_Blackburn _Manchester United _Cesc Fabregas _Camp Nou _Football is such a thing_Barcelona _Samia Nasri _Arsenal

Arsene Wenger Wenger on Injuries & Title Race

Wenger: snapped and was lacking energy
It was a frustrating game, "was a frustrating performance, in our original pace, they were not at all.Also missing was a mediocre performance overall energy or temper. Today is made of great concern. "
The reason for the mediocre performance?

"Difficult to cite a specific reason. Rise was good, then the momentum has fallen. A handful of players, but had to find a game-changing resources,Ino Makoto had been stopped by Blackburn defender as well. But the big reason he does not believe it. I believe there was a problem with our attack itself.
Race for title

"We are not a Manchester United thing, must concentrate on their performance. Before talking about the title,I first regain their level of performance. Then I can talk about the title. We must first raise the level. "

What is the impact of Manchester United comeback?

"We will have eight games left, including Manchester United, but I can not stand what schedule.It should not be an excuse that they were reversed. Our job is getting back to their level. "

To win the title seems fraught with challenges

"I did not fear anything, I'm worried about today's performance only. The media will reflect the results of all
I shall concentrate on the level of performance before returning to talk about the title. Was inadequate because it made today. 'm Most worried about that point. "

I have wasted too much for the opportunity

"There was also a golden opportunity late in the first half.'s Cut, but decided it was not just a coincidence."

The crowd you find out what the team arrived?

"It is not our concern. We are not about the attitude of someone else must be responsible for their performance and attitude."
Why was the bench Cesc Fabregas

"It was a difficult decision, some concerns remained. I think that he survived the injury. He was a little injured in the Camp Nou before the game had to fit. He was fit and well today, his head seemed a bit nervous but still remained. So I decided I have to use him in the starting lineup. "
"Of course, there were several things were recurrence, there was no certainty he will be playing over 90 minutes. In perfect condition to return only way to go step by step,It is important to dispel the sense of insecurity in his head. He was concerned that recur. "
It disappeared in an instant for a lot of competition

"Football is such a thing. We do our best but must accept the result. Barcelona was defeated in battle,We aim to show the performance has been formed. I'm worried about today was made of ordinary things. "

We are not affected by the recent results?

"It might be. But our work is also part of it, we need mental strength to accommodate them. No time to regret yesterday, losing in front of goal should not be Arsenal . "

Samia Nasri is a state?

"He is fine."



Yesterday, it was April Fool's Day._British daily Independent newspaper_Portuguese national _C · Ronaldo _R Madrid_Spanish national_England _Argentina _Messi _Barcelona_football_footballers

Cristiano Ronaldo - Famous

The Spanish national Lona C! ? "April 1," British newspaper reported
 The British daily Independent newspaper, the Portuguese national FW C · Ronaldo (R Madrid) transfer fee is 160 million euros (about 18.9 billion yen) in the reported transfer to the Spanish national.

 Fiscal transfer fee will be devoted to the Portuguese government. While England is £ 200 million (approximately 26.9 billion yen), which aimed at stealing,C · Argentina than in Spain, FW Ronaldo Messi (Barcelona) that calls for some. April Fools is over.
The real story, C · Ronaldo was expected to miss two days of injury against Gijon.

Yesterday, it was April Fool's Day.This self-restraint in the mood in Japan, no lie too funny, I feel like I live in a world somewhat like a lie,April Fool on one side of the newspaper articles where each foreign country. "Because of financial difficulties Portugal, Spain sold to the Portuguese national Cristiano Ronaldo,"I think people do not know not familiar with football, becoming one of the greatest footballers in the history of the Portuguese players no doubt. -By the way, you get the game even once as a player representative, the representative of the country but although I can not change citizenship. It is also based on the good lie.



Robinho _Neimar _Brazilian_Intel _Milan_Sky_Brazil_Neymar_football_Neimaru _Eto'o _Ibura _Thiago Silva _Leonard _Inter_Mourinho _Europe_Pele _Italy _ペレ_____________

Robinho & Neimar vs Naviraiense 10-0 All Goals - Brazil Cup 2010

Featured Ganso young Brazilian, the constant rumors that Intel may now transfer or Milan. His "Sky" in the situation and I talk about the club in Brazil. "My condition is good already, it still can be improved. I am closer to 100%. Have no fear, just concentrate on good football. Neimaru is related to pitch in and out of the secret of our collaboration I do not.Messi has more than two people? - No. Messi is the best in the world. Who am I Neymar affects only receive him. No comparison "
"Return to Brazil for myself,'m striving hard. I pay attention to defensive football, I think there are good quality techniques. Very attractive. Eto'o FW excellent knows.Ibura also a good player. Myself, I would fit well in football. Thiago Silva is a good talk on the phone. I say come to Milan "-
"Leonard says he's very disciplined club Intel. Usually, technological improvements such advice. Mourinho successor Leo? - The team scored a good result, and the director showed excellent. Victory will bring more "

"Inter or Milan? - Both excellent players and I do not know each other by either side would be more easy. I have an agent in Europe, is unable to speak.Santos regarding contract renewal, I think the agreement is found. Pele s impossible to compare. Is proud to wear this shirt. Currently, the future is unpredictable. I want to play in Italy someday. "



Madrid_Mourinho _football _Porto _French national _Karim Benzema_Argentina _Gonzalo Higuain_Lyon _Van der Vaart _Tottenham _Premier League_Chelsea _Manchester United _John Terry_London Olympics

Compil Karim Benzema!!

Meanwhile, "finally" entered the quarterfinals for the first time in seven seasons, but broke the northeast Madrid, the club to meet at a place like that yet. In the first knockout round of the Lyon and had not won even once, 1st leg 1-1 draw to the end of the media and fans all together,

Jinx is still continue? ! "The sense of anxiety fueled by comments such as, commander against Mourinho is fairly cool What I have to draw the away goals robbing? "Looked like 。

Originally, Mourinho has home-court advantage in the home is usually aggressive, and things will be under pressure away in football to become a defensive gambits,

CL on the "away goals twice" rule because, in what aggressive fight away, so forgive a home away goals, Have developed their own theories that go in to care.  
To win the Big Ears team like Porto would have been impossible otherwise.

 The French national on the condition that the FW would come here during the end of the season is also an important key players Karim Benzema. From the beginning until the middle of Argentina in Madrid if you want one after another wounded in FW offense from Gonzalo Higuain, FW is divided to do? (The winter transfer market) are required reinforcement or not? "Even when I was being told, trust Benzema Mourinho"Valuable joker "can become a leave a comment. Benzema also had a total of two blazes from the former home of Lyon and two against.

 About the repercussions of massive reinforcement of the team of Van der Vaart or shine Tottenham in the Premier League.  Sharpen your teeth even without the chance to play patiently, "then" or Benzema Madrid waiting to explode. Going to be a big point that it affected the outcome.

 The game was between × Chelsea Manchester United Premier urges. In recent years, but both teams have been battling for supremacy of the Premier, has resulted in contrasting term.Chelsea until 2010 but was abruptly stalled in the first place. Temporarily dropped to seventh. United lead the dance and then leave,Successful consolidation lead, seemed to be a winning theirs.

However, it "waits" were also put a blues. Captain John Terry et al, "We will not give up until the end" as the term end-game winless persistently accumulating,Defeated them in direct confrontation. In addition, United has suffered a losing streak, are nine points behind at once. And one Chelsea game is undigested. Is still present, but severe, The side lost in this confrontation "to be released from the overcrowded schedule" is ironic to say by killing the opponent in front of or damage to the psychological benefits to the partner
When it comes to roads and you'll see two crowns. London Olympics the previous year, it is inevitable the best battle unfolded.And both of these teams has to win enough quality with big ears.