Ballon d'Or for the 2010 FIFA _Most Valuable Player award_Lionel Messi _FC Barcelona_World Cup_Lothar Matthäus _Germany_Hristo Stoichkov _Bulgaria _Zinedine Zidane _Ronaldo _Fabio Cannavaro _Xavi _Iniesta

hristo stoichkov

Lothar Matthäus

Ballon d'Or for the 2010 FIFA (Most Valuable Player award), was elected to the Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona) was. Lionel Messi is last year's Ballon d'Or,FIFA has awarded a Most Valuable Player awards, two consecutive "Best Player Award" will be won. 09-10 Indeed Messi scored 34 of the season in La Liga,Mark CL 08-season 09 goals in eight (23 points Liga, CL9 score) was greater than he, had too much to say.

However, as I wrote last spring when nominated in 2010, "World Year" from Could you look at past winners means, Tended to be critical success in the World Cup.

1990  Lothar Matthäus (Germany squad W Cup)

1994  Hristo Stoichkov (Bulgaria W 4 represent the best World Cup goal scorer)      

1998  Zinedine Zidane (the French national W cup )

2002  Ronaldo (Brazil W Cup )

2006  Fabio Cannavaro (Italy squad W Cup)

Partly for that reason I am before the "Ballon d'Or this year, Xavi Hernández," they thought, "Iniesta is also a different" I thought ... This tendency is completely broken, probably an overstatement to say. Even the World Cup year, "success in the World" over "outstanding results he" was evaluated.

As mentioned earlier, that he is a Lionel Messi is certainly worthy of it, was an epoch in the year 2010 may be referred to later.

However, if another way to look at "just this special" and also that you can not not. FIFA as the "FIFA Ballon d'Or" as the first year. The first winners of the second anniversary of the I want a player to be handed down as well ... later worked as a speculation, also. Of course, players like Iniesta can be handed down later Xabi Lionel Messi was selected to show he was projecting, and more.


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