Manchester United 2 - 1 Manchester City_Arsenal 2 - 0 Wolverhampton_Liverpool 1 - 1 Wigan_Fulham 0 - 0 Chelsea_Manchester derby _Rooney_Arsenal_Robin van Persie _Nasri_Liverpool_Suarez_Chelsea _Torres _Drogba

Wayne Rooney bicycle kick goal. Manchester United 2-1 Manchester City [HD 720p].flv

Manchester United 2 - 1 Manchester City

Arsenal 2 - 0 Wolverhampton
Liverpool 1 - 1 Wigan
Fulham 0 - 0 Chelsea

Section 27 highlights of the Manchester derby will be too. City GOAL by Rooney,Missed the long-sought victory in the away or more games at home last November and the draw, we were going fast in front, away from home, a place further into the defense, Conversely, the attack was, really impressed. As Shitisapo is lost and that said, I saw a good fight.

Arsenal are at home but won the Wolf, I think more good points but Steal. Some of GK Wolf had a string of good saves but the Hennessy, Except for Robin van Persie scoring decision, the scene is too much too go to the finish. Nasri is the spices and there are not any kind of attack,Sometimes counter to stand out, one was against some challenges remain.

Liverpool, as usual, but Meireresu strong, but sometimes hard to see where you'll repeatedly scored from there. Instead of scoring a little peace of mind, Steadily rising, but that would attack, the attack becomes really monotonous. Suarez containing variations of the attack, but more than that I think Perhaps a little lacking in such a position to move forward with the entire team.

Liverpool and Chelsea can feel the demodulation contrast and Fulham had a draw away from home. Torres still can not fit, or could not secure,Drogba during the input. However, such attacks are still unable connecting the clues, and eventually became a draw. The situation is desperate and say, I won by Torres,Formation and motivation within the team, etc., out of new problems seem to have not engaged. The recollection of the previous section, won it struck Torres edged sword,Will not it came gradually closer to reality. -


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