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World Cup 1998 - Top 5 Goals


Korea Japan at the 2002 World Cup, Argentina] [The hotel we stayed. Batistuta, Aimar signs and look at the pictures, you've raised the tension.

2018 :Russia

2022 :Qatar

So, decided last Sun W, soccer World Cup venues. I was relieved to get the most expected result.Portugal and Spain co-sponsored a breakthrough or votes of England was a bit unexpected. Russia was also well ahead of that mean flow at the Olympics.
Later it was beneficial that I'm holding some of the countries there is a co-host of difficulties like.But I wonder when it comes to collecting votes from around the world have certainly proven to hold euros. . . And this I do.But I think I many issues in Russia. Countries require a visa (if an individual And I have to go directly to only four consulates in Japan),Hotels in Moscow too expensive, what to do with the fact that the narrow door for foreign countries. Champions League final two years ago, I was hard mon. I'm going after all a matter of visas and hotels. And Qatar! ! Gabriel Batistuta, Argentina's former head of the bid as an ambassador, The former head of the Netherlands Ronald de boolean, I think I have boosted their roster gorgeous former head of France's Zinedine Zidane. Of course, I have weather problems. It even became an issue during the American Convention. But I think I get somewhere in time and money and experience. Rather I look forward to.Rather I look forward to. The domestic short distance than anything is a big attraction.


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