Monterra_Roma _Parma _Totti _Amauri _Paci _Adriano _villa

Totti is Great

Adriano Takes To Step up and Irritates Roma Coach - Roma vs Inter 25/09/2010 Serie A

Monterra home debut for the director, Roma 2-2 draw with Parma pain. The 19-minute games played captain Totti 600, PK from preemptive. 36 Juan minutes but additional points. But the late collapse,
Amauri scored two goals and suffered 79 minutes to 74 minutes. Minute 80, Paci sent off in the second yellow.

Roma coach emphasized physical problems. "I took 24 shots in 30 minutes. It does not matter or mental models.'s Team had a clear downturn.
Results or even play like today, but I believe within the top four. Would take time, have confidence, "

Just one more step to show limitations Roman victory. Adriano problems as well. He awaited the return is rejected out of the villa. Honor club, inexcusable behavior.If a professional does not act, that there is a termination clause.

Montali executive said, "Adriano not appear. We do a lot of things for players, it very hard. She had been selected as a member advocate.Certainly, his attitude today is unacceptable "

Captain Totti told the pitch and stood proud. "Rome is a part of myself. Victory against Parma in a different way.


Ballon d'Or for the 2010 FIFA _Most Valuable Player award_Lionel Messi _FC Barcelona_World Cup_Lothar Matthäus _Germany_Hristo Stoichkov _Bulgaria _Zinedine Zidane _Ronaldo _Fabio Cannavaro _Xavi _Iniesta

hristo stoichkov

Lothar Matthäus

Ballon d'Or for the 2010 FIFA (Most Valuable Player award), was elected to the Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona) was. Lionel Messi is last year's Ballon d'Or,FIFA has awarded a Most Valuable Player awards, two consecutive "Best Player Award" will be won. 09-10 Indeed Messi scored 34 of the season in La Liga,Mark CL 08-season 09 goals in eight (23 points Liga, CL9 score) was greater than he, had too much to say.

However, as I wrote last spring when nominated in 2010, "World Year" from Could you look at past winners means, Tended to be critical success in the World Cup.

1990  Lothar Matthäus (Germany squad W Cup)

1994  Hristo Stoichkov (Bulgaria W 4 represent the best World Cup goal scorer)      

1998  Zinedine Zidane (the French national W cup )

2002  Ronaldo (Brazil W Cup )

2006  Fabio Cannavaro (Italy squad W Cup)

Partly for that reason I am before the "Ballon d'Or this year, Xavi Hernández," they thought, "Iniesta is also a different" I thought ... This tendency is completely broken, probably an overstatement to say. Even the World Cup year, "success in the World" over "outstanding results he" was evaluated.

As mentioned earlier, that he is a Lionel Messi is certainly worthy of it, was an epoch in the year 2010 may be referred to later.

However, if another way to look at "just this special" and also that you can not not. FIFA as the "FIFA Ballon d'Or" as the first year. The first winners of the second anniversary of the I want a player to be handed down as well ... later worked as a speculation, also. Of course, players like Iniesta can be handed down later Xabi Lionel Messi was selected to show he was projecting, and more.


Zanetti 519 games played Players Interview

il Nostro Captiano Zanetti / Inter milan

Zanetti 519 games played Players Interview Part 1

Theme: It's Inter.

Serie A game against Bologna on Sunday welcomed a record 519 games played record held by Inter, along with his .519 Beppe level waste, and player interviews Javier Zanetti.

Incidentally Serie ※ A record holder seems to match the best 648 players of Milan Paolo Marcello Lamberto Dini yuan.

Quote from Gazetta dello Sport today.

August 27, 1995, Vicenza Intel VS. Forget that this is the first game I'm not?

Like in the San Siro. I think it never forget. But sometimes you play against Boca in Argentina My team is playing with the tifosi have called 60,000 people have experienced that I did not.

Unforgettable game? -

In 2007, it is a game with Siena. The first Scudetto was won on the pitch. Cried so much that at the time, it was a long time.

Did not want to fight it?

What would you understand? The May 5, 2002. I've been fighting a year suffering, I'm wasted I got it all in 90 minutes.

The most difficult game as captain?

In 2006, You're game in Florence. Jachinto Faketti died 20 days. [Should have everything you had as a person. Would be lonely. Chao, Jachinto] I've played and written by Mark the captain.

Most suffered a blow, or gave the game?

Intel VS Juventus 1-0 with goals from Jorukaefu. Were beaten to do ... it was in play I had to be strong Juventus, and ultimately I guess it was approximately the same.

For the best goal? Goals and your goals and other players.

My goal is for the game in Verona in 1996. You're head over Jorukaefu But what a different world.

And when you laugh the most, if not cried?

When throwing a uniform face the Ruchesuku Taribo West. (Laughter) It was a hard fight back. I cried when he was injured in the match against Lazio when Ronaldo. Olimpico is silent, I can still remember got goose bumps.

"Failed!" Called on the play?

Maybe when you are allowed a goal back To Batistuta is well Pojoshon Pedroni.

The most difficult to do the stadium?

(Naples), it is San Paolo. Not hard to do is called the bad kind of excited to play in the Naples, I mean.

"Jeez, I have to do today marks him!" Player and you had to think?

You're Nedved. What time, what he and I faced off in the same zone! I remember 90 years and ran over here to there at the game against Lazio ran it without stopping it, also played two people.

Best teammates were relying on?

Baggio and Ronaldo to play with when I felt the strongest.

First, it was crazy? -

Taribo West, but it introduced in episode 2 Bucchigiri only one, 20 or 30 I have an interesting story. Lippi when he was coach, during practice, but I said to him Lippi. "Taribo, I forward toward more! "Once, twice, three times .... Taribo still did not. Lippi will suspend the practice and asked,.
"Why did I listen to what I say!"'m Taribo replied. "Why, God has me (a forward) is closer to the saying that."

The second episode?

One night, and I had invited religious rites are performed in his home and Ivan Zamorano me. "I pray for a bit, and then supper." And he said I was,The appointed time was 19:00. ... When 20 was still praying. 9:00 pm, was still praying. At 22, I was still praying.After all, who was just fed midnight.

Most teammates are feeling bad?

You're Chiriaco Sforza. I do not feel that bad, players were never laugh. Never, I.

Mates are feeling fit?

Barotta it. We spent two people have a hard time completely different outlook on life. You're about right.

Disagreed with the coach?

The relationship between coach and player Taruderri, but it had no less than that. (Not happened), just like him.

Disagreed with the referee?

Braschi was sent off but its only me, "Bravo." I said so to him. Is not the truth even. Bravo, but again Give me a break perfectly. "Had just become trash and Koronneze dismissal bell. And I'm taking hits were sent off to me too. (Intel vs Parma match of the Coppa Italia)

Best teammates help me?

It did Inter get by on that Intel was teammates with garbage Bell, and many told me I could understand.

Most players would have to waste your talent?

It Rekoba Cino. I do not know how much talent or even himself. Also because of his directors who is also because of .... I think it was a loss even for Calcio.

The successful joke?

At one point, the old spikes that had burned the Vinteru Inche. I got the frantic Inche (laughs). Gone wrong while he was in Naples, you're at the window and threw buckets of water from the hotel Galante. It has become the commotion I amazing.

Zanetti is a player in the game against Bologna and the captain put the game embroidered bell-record holder and the dust profile of his profile! !


Ronaldo _Del Piero _Nedovedo _Aressandoro・Del Piero _Italy _Juventus _Inter _Czech _Nedved _YouTube


Alessandro Del Piero Compilation - Simply The Best

Best of Nedved

Ronaldo Del Piero and retired Nedovedo Message

Aressandoro・Del Piero (Italy squad former Juventus captain now)
"We were in Italy at Inter and Ronaldo (Yuve) I was very nice challenge. At the end of the game, I always exchanged uniforms.He is one of my players to evaluate. I'm surprised at his retirement but not very sorry "

Nedovedo Pavel (Czech representative, Juventus)

"It was the best player. Many people would have been given him hope. It was a really great player


Inter Milan [ 0 - 1 ] Bayern Munich _YouTube _Zanetti_Cambiasso _Sneijder _Motta_Eto'o _Stankovic _Robben _Ribery _Muller_Leonardo_Baresi _Figo

Inter Milan [ 0 - 1 ] Bayern Munich || Goals || 23-2-2011

Tottenham-Milan 9-3-2011|The war of the Devil |PROMO HD|

Inter × Bayern Munich

The game was in full swing, it was open from around 60 minutes, the percentage chance of an attack can make what was about 4:6 Bayern Intel.Where rough personality that I thought both teams are out tan. A pair of defensive fantasy Intel still great.Never get tired of watching it. But Leonardo was slow because there is no build-up the whole.
In order to remove the mark Sneijder during the attack outside the anchor role of the press wanted to take a high position while actively change,
(Zanetti, Cambiasso que Sneijder estará cerca de lo que voy a trabajar duro Motta.) Posición en el receptor, ya que estaba a medio camino alrededor de la mitad puede ser la línea de la espalda, Eto'o finalmente aislado.
Stankovic was a little spicy from good to even start to form after turning Haruja possible. Whether I was not injured Ranokkia put ... I have a problem.

Bayern have not only seen as CL, good spirited attack scenes do not remember much from the beginning (a recent story I can say.)
Time getting used to the game during the second half, increasing the chance of inching up possession of the ball, however raise the alarm and start the game and brought in Robben Ribery to a higher position.So important is pretty much how to prevent or until it runs. If winning is luck or lack of decisiveness on the other, she'll surprisingly tolerable. -Such a place like the German team. Also, if there are two points to about Robben and is not behind Muller.

Well, the next section, but to increase the manpower at Intel. If you can not only leave the game players, or at least the top two, I only hope that there is no try.Figo shot three covers and Baresi and Leonardo? Innovation gonna have to be troubled by itself.


Inter Mailand _FC Bayern _Champions League _YouTube_Tottenham_Barcelona _Arsenal_Villa_Arshavin_Robin Van Percy_Milan _Zlatan _goal_Messi

Barcelona vs Arsenal |Trailer| 2011*

Inter Mailand - FC Bayern 0:1 [23.2.2011] CL 11 Champions League Gomez

Best CL 16 Highlights

After Tottenham, CL 16 best highlights I saw. First of all, Barcelona vs. Arsenal. First goal of taking back the Villa. The tsunami, which had earlier praised the move out of the Villa, I thought enough.

After that chance to make many times and could not decide. What has changed is the flow into Arshavin. Robin Van Percy, Arshavin scored twice on reverses.

Wow, you know in Barcelona, I beat it this way.Then this brief highlights, but feel I wish I do not know.

Gunners Barcelona 2-1

Tottenham vs Milan next. Reon the ball over Zlatan mistake, it swiftly.
Milan can not deal with his speed.Crouch was waiting to pass the street in front of goal, goal.
Milan lost the tie Zlatan goal offside. It seems like the Tottenham defense. Yoshi Yoshi!



UEFA Champions League_Bayern Munich vs Inter_Champions League final matchup_Japanese players _Nagatomo _Intel _Sneijder _Eto_Stankovic_Cambiasso _Motta_Zanetti _chivu _Lucio_Ranokkia_Maicon _Robben _Ribery_1-0

Inter Milan vs Bayern Munich 0-1 HIGHLIGHTS • UEFA CL 1/8 • 23.02.2011.mp4

UEFA Champions League, Bayern Munich vs Inter
Drawing card of reproduction of what last year's Champions League final matchup. If they stay in these Japanese players too! Nagatomo bench is truly, Intel and Sun Sneijder is arranged behind the top one-Etoo Stankovic, Cambiasso followed by addition, Motta, Zanetti side by side, chivu left defender, Lucio, Ranokkia, keeper Cesar with a Maicon that is defensive lineup aware of both sides of the attacker's attack power Bayern clear.Now the top-down Bayern Muller powerful addition to the three top left and Robben on the right middle Gomez Ribery, Schweinsteiger and two in Gustavo volante, Puranitchi defenders from the left, Badosuteyuba, Timoshuku, the lineup of craft keeper in alarm.
Bavaria is considered offensive to enter the game show surprisingly cautious, as the game early in the middle of killing each other.

Inter indeed is quite a wing that both forms of attack can not, the game will gradually force the pace of Bavaria and the breakthrough of Libery Robben. Muller is located below the top players of this day is a good player who Nevertheless habit enough, Robben, according to the breakthrough of Libery, Bavaria is great indeed, they entered the space to do their work. While some situations make a decisive scene in front of goal both teams Just before the match ended a draw seemed to be unable to keep score and hit the post and out of the frame and the last shot, the first strike to push Bayern Cesar Gomez has played a ball mid-for Robben,

1-0 away goals as it is cited.



Messi_Maradona_Argentine _Mourinho _Barcelona_Guardiola _Agüero _Cristiano Ronaldo _Real Madrid _Puyol_el Barça va a llevar a la confusión _UEFA _Manchester United_Ronaldo _football ___________


Cristiano Ronaldo - Zero 2010-2011

The Legend of Lionel Messi

Maradona, Argentine former head coach, Mourinho seems to appreciate. If the president himself in Barcelona, Guardiola said Mourinho had won before the director.

"Agüero -? Cristiano Ronaldo al Real Madrid el próximo Piqué y Puyol, el Barça va a llevar a la confusión tanto buenos jugadores, pero las grietas de la.... "Agüero -? Cristiano Ronaldo al Real Madrid el próximo Piqué y Puyol, el Barça va a llevar a la confusión tanto buenos jugadores, pero las grietas de la....
"If there is time to replace Mourinho Guardiola, the situation will be more competitive. Catalans against the motion, I think you have a team of hardball"

●CL Ousyuu game resumed, UEFA has launched an investigation of patterns for Marseille against Manchester United. The two teams could get fans in the act of disposal.During the 1st leg, uses a laser Marseille fan, Man U fans are suspected of using fireworks and flares. ●Recently, Ronaldo announced his retirement on Twitter, "Why did you not have football players like pension and all other workers. Not for myself,

Wednesday was a day off, Real Madrid resume training on Thursday. But private. Cristiano Ronaldo, but there was something wrong owes a strong left ankle bruise against Lyon

State that they rest better day will also make the Saturday game against Depor, and is Messi.


sports _Manchester C (England) transfer _European _Asian Cup _Peru_Brazil _Olympic _Uruguay _Argentina's

Manchester City vs Aris Saloniki [3:0] HQ Goals & Full Highlights - 24/02/2011

Country sports site April 22 "Sports" Life in the Manchester C (England) transfer fee from 15 million euros (£ 1.7 billion) acquisition offer reportedly came.Suma proof agent to the site "until the summer has attracted the attention of the European giants of the Asian Cup he can not move," he saidI think not as an agent to sell the business soon, next summer I think I'm always be moved to somewhere. C-Man if you have any money,I did not know what you're looking for will be no replacement for Tevez, Ali, maybe. Or rather as a luxury!
◦ Daisuke Sakata column series "Greek Wars" (1): A man can fight against C、World (W Cup) qualifying Nanbei twist to qualify 12th, was held in Peru, Uruguay and Brazil at 6-0 down and won first place in the Olympic ticket. Uruguay is the second Olympics had been decided already.

 Athens 2004, Argentina's gold medal in both the 2008 Beijing Olympics will be the third place, missed out on Olympic berth given to the top two teams.



Real Madrid _Kaka _Ronaldo _Roberto Carlos _Russia_football _Zinedine Zidane_Bobby Robson _Cristiano Ronaldo _FIFA _Ballon d'Or

Roberto Carlos top 10 sensational goals

Member of Real Madrid Kaka MF. For Kaka, it seems that the Corinthians have expressed interest in acquiring. Get to say, the full transfer is said to not hire a high potential for transfer.

 Ronaldo FW retirement. DF Roberto Carlos moved to Russia.

 The resigning of star players and 2 Corinthians by reinforcing the top player, said to calm the team would get back. Therefore,Rent proposal has emerged called Kaka.

 Kaka injury was followed by withdrawal, to regain top form, maybe you need to play in regular time. Corinthians are going to consider the possibility of rent there.
 Back to top form, the scheme that will play in Corinthians, but Madrid is trying to triple crown this season, and respond to this deal, you're just unlikely.One disappeared from the football star
Roberto Carlos "Ronaldo will win speed"

Zinedine Zidane, "but the best players in the same age"

The late Bobby Robson "I am Ronaldo tactics" (Barca coach of the times)

The late Bobby Robson "I am Ronaldo tactics" (Barca coach of the times)

By the way, now-famous Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA Player of the Year once, once the Ballon d'Or award.'s Manager wants everyone is Ronaldinho .Ronaldo is not everyone, but Ronaldo will not stop the foul.'ll Understand why it is called the people to take look at this video

100M heyday Ronaldo is said to stand for 10 seconds.


fat_Ronaldo _Tokyo Dome Club _Japan _Brazil_footballer _Zidane_Inter _Roberto Baggio _Messi _C Ronaldo_Maradona _Ritobarusuki _Zico


A lot of fat. Well this seems to represent the team at the club, let alone severe, there will also retire from the decline in physical performance and frequent injuries. Ronaldo saw for the first time Ronaldo at the age of 17, was a game against Yomiuri at Tokyo Dome Club visited Japan as part of the Corinthians. The brochure was written something like the future ace of Brazil. DF got the ball a few steps to see him leave behind, and what I thought he really emerged.Injury and being overweight (?) It was a lead player may have been accustomed to in South Africa in Germany even if no, it was the best footballer in the 2000s from the 1990s, along with Zidane.
 The only player in his prime foul unstoppable. No, I can not even touch the player might have been. Cruciate ligament and torn his body to the greatness that had injured the knee several times. GK and DF is by far the number of goals, maybe the world. FW strong as he is not one to one. DF I can stop trying to foul things to mock,Shiu is easily dodged or discharge is blown away in reverse. Their early period of 20 PSV Lusa ~ s Ha, had enough explosive dribble speed would fast forward the video makes sense.Sharp sharp move was regrettable but at the time of enrollment that Inter broke an ankle injury as his top two with Roberto Baggio were enrolled at the time was very elegant. .

 Messi or C Ronaldo, should be called a fine piece of play techniques such as feint not have Zidane, Zico or existing or Maradona or Ritobarusuki FW, unlike Front-line defense, and fairly mediocre momentum. However, explosive speed, "steal" goal that FW is the largest job-specific legend. Speed and power and technique. 'll Be a pro and even better if one would become a better player if the two stars. But Ronaldo was superior to three. The decisive goal in front of unrefined,


CL Round of 32 1st Leg _Marseille _Manchester United _Inter_Bayern Munich _Gomez

Bayern Munich - Inter Milan | UEFA Champions League FINAL [22.05.2010] ENG

CL Round of 32 1st Leg

February 23

Marseille 0-0 Manchester United

Inter 0-1 Bayern Munich
 [Points] 90 minutes: Gomez


first leg Champions League _Copenhagen vs Chelsea _Anelka_goal_Lampard _Evaton _Torres_Carlo Ancelotti _Stamford Bridge

FC Copenhagen vs Chelsea 22/2/10 - 1st half- Part 1 / 2

FC Copenhagen vs Chelsea 22/2/10 - 2st half- Part 2 / 2

Is performed first leg Champions League first knockout round of 22, Copenhagen vs Chelsea game away in Copenhagen, but Anelka's two goals were lucky day in morning and 2-0.

The official game for the first time in Copenhagen was 2.5 months, from Chelsea to push forward with a slight rise Firing a preemptive shot to bring the area around the opponent's mistakes Anelka took 17 minutes. 54 minutes in the net thrust from the path of Lampard Anelka volley.
19 FA Cup date at the end of overtime Evaton beaten, not even a normal condition Torres, a precious away victory, CL came into view Good.

Chelsea's coach Carlo Ancelotti after the match took the pressure in the domestic market in a slump, "It was a good result, it was a good performance.This was to concentrate on the game, was well prepared. This tournament I'll have a special motivation, "he said, for Torres,"He was playing very well. This game was important in the work of the strikers who were always dangerous.'s Not scoring Torres Unfortunately, It was a great play, "he said.

2nd leg at Stamford Bridge will be held on March 16.


The first leg of the Champions League _Lyon and Real Madrid _jinx_Gerland_goal _Benzema _Gomisu _Jorge Valdano _Europe _Mourinho

Lyon Real Madrid 1-1 Benzema Goal :Full Goals & Highlights 22-02 2011

Lyon - Real Madrid 1-1 All Goals & Highlights [HD] 22.02.2011

The first leg of the Champions League first knockout round held on October 22, Lyon and Real Madrid a 1-1 draw away at
Did not win again to break the jinx.

Stade Gerland, but in Madrid in the past three consecutive defeats at the goal in the 65th minute after Benzema played in the middle, the victory was imminent. However, Lyon got stabbed 83 FK minute from close range to net the ball unmarked Gomisu of Chris competed from the flow of the tie. Lyon is now stretched to seven games unbeaten record against Madrid. GM Jorge Valdano en Madrid tras el partido, "fue para obtener resultados significativos. Fui capaz de detener el registro de mala racha en este estadio. The team had played a very good game in Europe was full of tension. Unfortunately the final stage of the expired away, but our results in favor. Unfortunately the final stage of the expired away, but our results in favor. I'll be playing at the Bernabeu has confident, "he said.

2nd leg will be held on March 16, Jose Mourinho was the ninth consecutive home loss in as many know, it is uninterrupted,Speaking of big things in this day and away goals can be achieved for the first time in seven seasons round of eight.



Bayern won the game in Mainz_CL _European _Inter_Van Gaal_Mario Gomez _goal_Klose _Bayern _Lahm _captain _European _Mueller _Milan_Vallini _Lucio _Milito_Sneijder_Cambiasso _Stankovic _Kivu

Finale Champions League - Inter Bayern 2 - 0

Bayern won the game in Mainz, CL triumphant European face against Inter. But coach Van Gaal, and preach the need for a more cunning victory. Mario Gomez has played fine.

"The play was a good three points and lost a lot of balls. Under the goal, there was a lack of attention.'ll Need to improve.'s Bruised ankle Mario Gomez? - Not sure yet be hired.I already have a strong Klose "

Lahm Bayern captain the European leg of the results CL1st, 2nd leg expected to boost morale. "Fight with confidence." Mueller said, "We are confident, I win. Or fight "

Nerlinger director also shows a high motivation in the team's recent good results. "Bayern are doing well.'m Going to win in Milan," he said.
They are strong teams who Mourinho wary of the team remains hard to beat.

I like to play in Milan Bomeru also shown interest in game against Bayern Intel. "This season, I think it's different from the final game last season. Approaching the level of both teams,"

”Sky "The Vallini is expected to take command of the director Leonardo." Pazzini, and Samuel would be absent Milito. But Directed by Lucio think Inter is in the starting lineup to appoint and Sneijder. Cambiasso and Stankovic starting lineup is almost as well. How do I Kivu. I missed four games in the suspension, Return is prepared. First CL match against Europe, you can then return to the league "



Inter_Nagatomo_Micon_goal _Serie A game against Cagliari _Fiorentina

Inter - Cagliari 1-0 Ampia Sintesi - "HD" - Full Highlights (19-02-2011)

Members can play in the luxury of Intel, you'll see a little bit slow but determined to play and each of the Nagatomo. Hold the ball too much or trying to challenge previous beside it a safe path, the less chance he will be born.

The reverse side of the Micon, FW forthright or try putting a wedge at the feet of the path, read from approaching the goal we intend to play. Momentum is perfect, even through my aggressiveness. During the attack as a team, come up and suddenly come into play as part of the Nagatomo. I want to grow up being rubbed in the selection of this world experience.". Nagatomo Yuu Intel DF capital on Sunday, played a Serie A game against Cagliari starting full participation of Section 26. Fiorentina continued to battle the previous section, the player was a starter in two games, the 、Responding to the following questions in the mixed zone after the game. "
Those commentators who are telling me this way.

If a wing can also right-Yuu Nagatomo! ! If a wing can also right-Yuu Nagatomo! ! Nagatomo Yuu city of Milan in Serie A, Serie A 19 in Section 26, Will be the first to play after the transfer of Cagliari and played a full play. The 1-0 team victory, but did not score directly involved, contributed to the victory of the team.The local media is falling apart hotel, just not necessarily high praise, but apparently, first, get a chance to come on, if you continue to play Scoring chances for life to come, can also assist in scoring defense can also stand out. In this game, I see a pretty hard body checks received,Nagatomo also features a small injury, so if you do not get hurt, followed by the left, assists scoring points if you can! I hope to be born early scenes.



Real Madrid vs Levante _Pepe_Albiol_Carvalho_Arbeloa_Sergio Ramos_Marcelo _Mourinho _Xabi Alonso _Kedira_Ejiru_Kaka_Di Maria _Cristiano Ronaldo _Benzema_Adebayor _Iker_Bernabeu_King's Cup

Real Madrid vs Levante 2-0 - Full Match Highlights & Goals - Extended Highlights - 19/2/2011

After several hours now, Real Madrid vs Levante is a game. 19 Since this is the convening, GK is not one person out, the player field All the bench should be drafted into the list of articles below. Remove from Pepe convened for the purpose of preserving the shortly after returning from long leave, expected to be a starter has been reported, Always a bit by introducing rotation is likely to be different. Albiol has teamed up with Central Carvalho,Arbeloa, not Sergio Ramos, Marcelo left the Distinguished previous section. Four of the last line, referring to Mourinho at a press conference the day before already.Pibote is excluded like Rothe, Xabi Alonso and prospects Kedira. Meanwhile, in the middle of the eye to rest the previous starter Ejiru Kaka, Di Maria was also expected to advance two minutes played the previous section.Cristiano Ronaldo and a second team playing time, Mourinho said, and need a break while I do not think enough can do, it seems. Cristiano Alonso untouchable anyway. Top, a representative came against the chance to play around with a strong Benzema, Adebayor to the bench. And has become one of the central Albiol will be Ejiru bench, except that it will not look great rotation, butThe biggest difference is that it may have come out Iker. Adan will be starting for the first time at the Bernabeu. Levante play against, so there was also King's Cup, The first four games this season. In the first leg of the King's Cup, it was 8-0 and won the Bernabeu, but I feel like there is a big difference when you play the first half 0-0 in La Liga, King's Cup second leg, although there was a replacement player, the 2-0 defeat in Madrid. Actually this season, is the one person one minute wins and 1 loss. I just want to mind on Tuesday against Lyon,But with the Bernabeu, or rather bad mood much of the other little figures.


Manchester United 2 - 1 Manchester City_Arsenal 2 - 0 Wolverhampton_Liverpool 1 - 1 Wigan_Fulham 0 - 0 Chelsea_Manchester derby _Rooney_Arsenal_Robin van Persie _Nasri_Liverpool_Suarez_Chelsea _Torres _Drogba

Wayne Rooney bicycle kick goal. Manchester United 2-1 Manchester City [HD 720p].flv

Manchester United 2 - 1 Manchester City

Arsenal 2 - 0 Wolverhampton
Liverpool 1 - 1 Wigan
Fulham 0 - 0 Chelsea

Section 27 highlights of the Manchester derby will be too. City GOAL by Rooney,Missed the long-sought victory in the away or more games at home last November and the draw, we were going fast in front, away from home, a place further into the defense, Conversely, the attack was, really impressed. As Shitisapo is lost and that said, I saw a good fight.

Arsenal are at home but won the Wolf, I think more good points but Steal. Some of GK Wolf had a string of good saves but the Hennessy, Except for Robin van Persie scoring decision, the scene is too much too go to the finish. Nasri is the spices and there are not any kind of attack,Sometimes counter to stand out, one was against some challenges remain.

Liverpool, as usual, but Meireresu strong, but sometimes hard to see where you'll repeatedly scored from there. Instead of scoring a little peace of mind, Steadily rising, but that would attack, the attack becomes really monotonous. Suarez containing variations of the attack, but more than that I think Perhaps a little lacking in such a position to move forward with the entire team.

Liverpool and Chelsea can feel the demodulation contrast and Fulham had a draw away from home. Torres still can not fit, or could not secure,Drogba during the input. However, such attacks are still unable connecting the clues, and eventually became a draw. The situation is desperate and say, I won by Torres,Formation and motivation within the team, etc., out of new problems seem to have not engaged. The recollection of the previous section, won it struck Torres edged sword,Will not it came gradually closer to reality. -



"Attack" carry through faith! Arsenal, "the world" s first defeat_Champions League first knockout round_Arsenal_Barcelona_Lionel Messi

Melhores Momentos Arsenal 2 x 1 Barcelona - Liga dos Campeões (16/02/2010)

"Attack" carry through faith! Arsenal, "the world" s first defeat

 Made on the 16th the first two games of the match Champions League first knockout round, Arsenal at home to Barcelona a 2-1 favorite in the lucky day in morning. FW Lionel Messi in the first half (23) were preemptive in assists, two points behind victory for the remaining 12 minutes. Arsene Wenger (61) is first mentioned in the first win for Game 6 against Barcelona, Arshavin for Arsenal to put in place a high scoring defensive song, Barcelona ran off down the Villa aimed at preemptive points. Point in chasing a "must have two points.Went on to win. If you fail over the 0-2 0-3 defeat was also possible in the "triumph of tenacity summoned Wenger admitted.
 Rhythm is seized immediately after the start, breaking a defensive battle on a sheet of fine Pasuwaku in person. Held a gradual pace, allowing the pass-through from the first strike Messi 26 minutes early. Prevalence of 39-61%, with some success path of 299-629 were overwhelmed. Still maintain high end line, turn to attack belief in the counterattack by connecting the path from the roster give up the compact.

 "Save to pull it. Had to stick to the style" and Fanperushi. The striker did well with five races from seven official games, There is no position left angle of the second half GK Goal 33 of the equalizer decision to break the side of satisfaction. The winning goal five minutes later, Arshavin from the counter.23.4 Hitoshi Taira legions of young starters while high technology is said to have been weak due to lack of match experience, head down the favorite in a game.
 First victory against Barcelona in the first six races from the first game in 1999. 2006 final 1-2 defeat at the quarter-finals last season by scoring a total of four and two against Messi in the second leg 3-6 and hammered,And showed signs of growth. Playmaker Cesc Fabregas know firsthand the strength came from Barca infrastructure and the final point of origin, "the difference is narrowed. You mature enough to fight the number one" Large with a smile.

 "Was a special night," Wenger Kamishimeta joy and the "world's best partner, but still, it was found that beat us," he said. Gained confidence with the results.


Stuttgart in Germany Shinji Okazaki_FIFA_UEFA_European league games_Benfica_Portugal_Okazaki has successfully debuted

Gladbach VFB Stuttgart 2 3 HD Alle Tore Highlights 05 02 2011 05 02 2011

J Japanese national who moved from Stuttgart in Germany Shinji Okazaki FW-League Shimizu S-Pulse. The state was unable to trouble for being caught up between the members of the club FIFA were played in the preliminary ruling. (Issues still remain unresolved between the clubs), UEFA Okazaki barely able to register to participate in the timing of the European league games, Away Benfica (Portugal) debut as a starter against the corner of the top two. Played a full play to the advantage of showing a presence of its inherent momentum, the team suffered defeated.

Okazaki has successfully debuted



AS Roma 2-3 FC Shakhtar Donetsk_Ruchesuku _Grasse_Menezu_Willian_YON Jajison _Rome

Champions League Ottavi di finale gara d'andata Roma Shakhtar Donetsk 2-3 16022011.

AS Roma 2-3 FC Shakhtar Donetsk

Shakhtar has three points cited reversed one point behind, was a major step towards the quarter-finals first. The match against FC Shakhtar Donetsk in control of AS Roma and glow,

Shakhtar has three points cited reversed one point behind, was a major step towards the quarter-finals first. The match against FC Shakhtar Donetsk in control of AS Roma and glow, Shakhtar coach, led by chair Ruchesuku mill, allowed a 28-minute own goal lead Razuban Rutz, Jajison to catch up with goals less than a minute,Costa De Grasse, took the initiative to additional points before halftime and Luis Adriano. But managed to win the second half determined to blow Menezu brilliant Jeremy, It was overlooking a 3-2 second leg and led to three weeks. Shakhtar Uintabureku enough rest during the game began with great force. In particular, he had felt the threat of Willian, It ran into a cross to the left side Jajison first. And blocked shots of YON Jajison Arne Rise, this time breaking through the middle, SB invited Norwegian foul. This is obtained by FK, GK pushed over the crossbar in Rome managed to Denis. On the other hand, Klebba Sud (Rome behind the goal) also helped by the home team, close to the point Burudisso preemptive Nicholas. Francesco Totti's Hyubushuman CK Tomas, and,Meet the head from close range to remove the mark did not fit the net. But Jarrorosshi (nicknamed Rome) take the lead soon.Meet the head from close range to remove the mark did not fit the net. But Jarrorosshi (nicknamed Rome) take the lead soon.CK re-Rodrigo Taddei has slipped into the path picked up a loose ball from Daniele De Rossi, Simone Perrotta and match it to the cross head to the far post Taddi, The ball broke the goal line Razuban Rutz. Shakhtar tie the game but caught up too soon. The one-two with Willian Jajison escaped from the space, put a cross from the left side. Jajison where the kick and was cleared to Rome The ball changes direction de Rossi, was drawn into the net. Suddenly become unstable defense of Rome from here, 36 minutes Shakhtar successfully reversed. Costa De Grasse was moved anyway, cut from the right side, put the decision to block non-strike curve. Rome is disturbed, Shakhtar unable to cope with fast counters. Four minutes before halftime but lost balance Rise, be deprived of the ball. The right side into the center from which Costa De Grasse,Adriano scored the first of four Lewis led the UEFA Champions League. Rome, however, since the late comeback, but its presence became more and Totti Menezu the game progresses.And 61 minutes, the suspension has become Menezu second leg with Kassetti Marco point lead shrink to one point. Menezu shook off the Jajison the Front of the goal from 20 meters, pierced the top of the goal to protect and Lee Piatofu brilliant shots. Rome regained my confidence in this, Suppose the attack went to the front and can also cause a pinch in at the counter. Adriano chance to shoot twice But Lewis, GK SB block tackle the par-Denis.Went off to shoot slightly to the side of the goal Henrik Muhitaryan fast. The Roman attack on the introduction of further increasing the threat Borierro Marco Close to the goal twice in the last 10 minutes of this Italian national team striker. Furthermore Kasuterrini Paolo Totti, but also forced a save in Piatofu de Rossi,



Champions League (CL) first knockout round first leg_Barcelona vs. Arsenal_Arsenal's 2-1_Messi_Walcott_Iniesta_David Villa _Nasri_Robin van Persie _Arshavin_Ventnor_Valdes_Fabregas

Kaka, Lampard, Messi, Henry, Arshavin Afrique du Sud

Arsenal - Barcelona 2-1 video highlights 16/02/2011 arsenal 2-1 barcelona

Champions League (CL) first knockout round first leg, Barcelona vs. Arsenal, but Arsenal's 2-1 home victory reversed.
Despite away, the pace and held the game in Barcelona. 2 minutes start to divide among four people missing in the middle field, and also indicates the good condition of the ace Messi. Walcott dribbles and a long counter under five minutes, six minutes left to break Walcott goal, but missed the cold sweats in the vertical path of Cesc defy expectations,After that time was in Barcelona. Messi is 15 minutes down a wedge of Iniesta, David Villa in the direct path of this length. Messi slipped away in exchange for a shot of this path.It swerved slightly to the right goal. Barcelona, however, did not miss the next opportunity. 26 minutes, starting from around dribble into the Arsenal team Messi Path to attract other well. Villa slipped out is by far the crotch calmly Shuchesuni GK took the first strike points. Since then, And keep spinning the ball 29 minutes to about three minutes, Barça continued to play freely in the Emirates Stadium. Messi 32-minute shoot was canceled, but offside 、Reached the half time without conceding a pinch.

Barcelona momentum well into the second half, but fell, and gradually move to Arsenal fight back. 17 minutes will expand from the right side, and finally a sharp left to the MF near the last pass of Nasri.
Robin van Persie will be packed, which is competed DF shoot.

69 minutes Arsenal, Arshavin, and Ventnor, aggressive cut card. Barcelona fell to the press broke the momentum truly, More opportunities closer to the ball against the goal. Then 78 minutes, the stadium shook with delight. On the left side and bring the ball back once it back. This ball is sent forward in a direct system of exquisite chestnut. Approach and Robin van Persie for Piquet, GK Barcelona Valdes gave a moment to watch out far back.At that moment, Robin van Persie broke through in the direct side. The equalizer was a moment he was born. At Home with boiling boiling Arsenal to release the momentum.83 minutes, and take the ball anyway, in the exercise counter to send a sharp angled vertical path. Sent a long pass to the right side of space Fabregas, Nasri has caught up,Bring in at once. The defense also returns two balsa is tempted by the movement of Robin van Persie into the goal at an angle, can not respond to Arshavin entered the intersection at an angle.Arshavin is fancy but good kick from the last pass calmly Nasri, reversing the net swayed.

Barcelona showed a desperate counterattack, the scene in front of goal until the end come out in a cold sweat, but it was still moving score. Arsenal showed the fighting spirit till the end Caught a big comeback home.


Rooney in the Manchester derby decision overhead_The goal of a lifetime_Manchester United _Wayne Rooney_Overhead so beautiful_Premier League _Manchester United VS Manchester City

Manchester United 2-1 Manchester City - Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney's amazing goal in the Manchester derby

Rooney in the Manchester derby decision overhead.

"The goal of a lifetime."

Determined by it in this big fight, because it's a final point about it is, amazing.
Determined by it in this big game, it's from the finishing line yet, it is amazing ~. As expected, Manchester United ace Wayne Rooney. -Overhead Section 27 Premier League Manchester United Rooney .2/12, at Derby. Overhead so beautiful, I have never seen. Rooney, goal of a lifetime! ! Premier League 12 "Manchester derby" [Manchester United VS Manchester City] showed Rooney scissors kick in transcendence. Manchester U and this is the final point wins. Rooney is also "It's definitely a career-best goal" It was a great goal self-congratulation about this.Mandabi winning goal Rooney was doing that before, and that gaiety Well maybe I'm not the enemy, because it's what Robin substantial.
From around last season, the goal with his right foot has been increased, as has been determined to be heading. "Armpits, I only course left off," does not mean that the level robin.
I thought I ace. Mainstay.



Milan 0-1 Tottenham _Valencia 1-1 Schalke _Wenger's Arsenal, Champions League _Barcelona_Roshitsuki_Diabi_in France_Brazil's _Arsenal.com_Nasri_Still, the players Diabi _soccer

Milan 0-1 Tottenham Peter Crouch's Goal Champions league (15/2/2011)

Valencia 1-1 Schalke 15/02/2011 Champions League

Wenger's Arsenal, Champions League ・, for members against Barcelona, "Samir members entered" "But the starting lineup is going to decide tomorrow." "He has recovered faster than expected, "" I was told it would take 21 days, 17 days seems corner "" He has emphatically assert that everyone can fully participate in medical ""The decision is up to me "" I will not run the risk of a medical "" But he is a member of a good thing "" can be played Roshitsuki " "He will enter the" Member ", but is leaving the members Diabi" "He has a calf problem in Motegi," "He was injured against Brazil's representative in France"


Nasri injured players, so at a stretch, I never again will not try too hard. If the starting lineup, that would be fine.

Still, the players Diabi ・・・.

Raul top 10 goals _CL. The first round knockout_Uchida_Raul_Kike's 0-for lost time in a Raul goal had_Valencia

Raul top 10 goals

Today, CL. The first round knockout. Schalke opponent. So, Can you maybe picked up the Japanese news? S because you Uchida, the Japanese representative.But for me than you Uchida and Raul is the Fullard. Raul has been a sore spot in goal. Kike's 0-for lost time in a Raul goal had.Even when winning 1-2 at the Bernabeu, the goal was a point taken Raul. Raul himself so 「El Valencia se me da bastante bien」I'm pretty good at Valencia), I guess what Teiu. The result is painful 0-5 defeat at home-I 1. ... The first half was awful content. And early in the first half injury replacement GK Abbe ... (I'm pretty good at Valencia), I guess what Teiu. The result is painful 0-5 defeat at home-I 1. ... The first half was awful content. And early in the first half injury replacement GK Abbe ... The next section, at least two points is a situation I have to take away ...



Ronaldo retired_Football is a beautiful life_2002 World Soccer _top scorer_Brazil_Ronaldo_Sao Paulo_world's leading striker _15 career scoring highest marks in history_International Football Federation (FIFA)_Inter Milan _Barcelona_Real Madrid _AC Milan _competitive_From Rio de Janeiro

Os 15 gols de Ronaldo Fenômeno em Copas do Mundo (melhor qualidade video)


Ronaldo retired, "Football is a beautiful life"

 2002 World Soccer (W Cup) to shine in the tournament top scorer Korea, and served as the ace of Brazil to contribute to victory FW Ronaldo (34) February 14,Press conference in Sao Paulo, announced his retirement.
 According to AP communication, reveals the fact that Ronaldo had been difficult to control body weight in four years with hypothyroidism, "is to keep the active mind,Not about the body, "he said in tears this.
 Ronaldo is armed with unparalleled speed and scoring ability, famous as the world's leading striker from the 1990s through 2000s. 3 W at the World Cup played in 15 career scoring highest marks in history. 96,97,02 In the International Football Federation (FIFA) was chosen as Player of the Year.
 Inter Milan (Italy) and Barcelona, Real Madrid (Spain both) and playing in big clubs in Europe, Since 09 was played for the Corinthians country was lifelessly on a knee injury and the impact of repeated. Ya keeping score and ended the battle damage, "My football life is beautiful and wonderful," he said, put an end to active duty. (Kyodo)

Ronaldo history

Cruzeiro emerged in the country, AC Milan (Italy), Real Madrid (Spain) and active in competitive club in Europe. Three-time winner of the FIFA Player of the Year.W Cup is played in three consecutive Games in 1998 and 2002 tournament top scorer (eight goals) and won the victory. W 15 career World Cup scoring highest in history. The Brazilian scored 62. 34. From Rio de Janeiro.


Ronaldo retired _soccer_World Cup in 1998_Brazil_Adriano_Ronaldinho _Juninho _Kaka

Coletiva da despedida de Ronaldo FENOMENO 14/02/2011- Ronaldo's farewell

Myself, the history of soccer, Ronaldo announced his retirement the most favorite. Ronaldo himself has learned, soccer since I started it. I think about the World Cup in 1998. From that time, had unparalleled speed and scoring ability. Will be an opportunity as their favorite to Brazil.Ranked by eventually I forgot, there was only time Brazil has not been used. Set to a 4-1-2-3 formation, Ronaldo Adriano Ronaldinho Top 3, OMF Juninho Kaka that was challenged in the lineup. The time was most drawn to Brazil this time, Brazil is the age was the strongest in the world. Honestly, I still want to continue active, in order to be capable of an explosive, like take a considerable burden on the body,The tears continued to be hurt every day. If you still can do is age 34 years, if not in the best person to say,

As one fan of Ronaldo, "cheers for good work," I give a word.



Juventus_Nagatomo_Inter_Japan _Leonardo_Cambiasso_Nagatomo Yuto

JUVENTUS-INTER 1-0 | SKY Calcio HD | 25 Giornata 1°Gol Matri 13/2/2011

Currently, one-point lead Juventus. In just 20 minutes remaining the second half, finally came Nagatomo .

Good to wake up. Since the beginning of the end Nagatomo, 83.85 minutes Inter began to start the counterattack.89 Inter minutes to decide that there was a greater chance that the tying goal, eventually, the bar is impeded, 06:39 Japan time the game ended. Ngatomo glad if you include earlier, this remains just after about the second half, Inter do not want to lose that, Leonardo director 、 Replaced with a Nagatomo Cambiasso. 05:57 Japan time. Started six minutes after the second half. The comments, first half Inter has never been any particular highlights, but they did so,Second half, I think the city is likely to participate Nagatomo Yuto. Once the Nagatomo and updates.



Barcelona_Iniesta _Abidal_Busuketsu_Pedro_Chabi_Villa_Messi _Mascherano_Dani Maxwell _Milito_Valdes_El Gijón_Diego Castro _Champions League _____________

FC Barcelona - Villa repasa la actualidad azulgrana

Since shortly after the expedition to recover the fatigue of war represent, for Barcelona is a very tough game. Iniesta and not have to worry because it is noticeable baths. Abidal has indeed rest in the starting lineup Busuketsu Pedro. Chabi Villa Iniesta Messi still take time off, huh?. I think tight.


FW: Messi Aferai Villa, middle: Chabi Iniesta, bottom: Mascherano, DF: Dani Maxwell picket Milito, GK: Valdes. El Gijón Diego Castro es líder en el ataque cerca de Baral. El Camp Nou está en la alineación titular contra el partido de ida (por Mourinho casos polémicos) 0:1 But it was game, can not be careless. There is also the home that has been surprisingly aggressive. Barca's condition was poor overall,There was a fierce battle in the second half very impressive. Pep quite excited they, when sending the second half was bull rush Bojan abandon pitch.I also tried to start this sort of thing (Boyan surprised.) Let's not lose good as well, to enter the Champions League at last.

It is difficult to fill schedule next April. What are the key to rest when Iniesta and Chabi

Atletico Madrid _Sergio Aguero _Real Madrid _Spain_Premier League_Robin van Persie _Arsenal_Athletic Bilbao _Fernando Llorente

Sergio Aguero

Robin van Persie Top 13 Goals

Atletico Madrid Sergio Aguero FW belonging. I was reportedly started to move to Real Madrid for the acquisition Aguero. For this report, Atletico director Miguel Angel Hill, "Aguero has the right to transfer if you want to transfer what I" indicates an attitude of forgiveness and Aguero for resigning. However, comments will be transferred to Real Madrid this story is so different. Mr Hill, Aguero, clubs,Between the transfer agent [in Madrid] does not seem to have exchanged promise. Madrid is also a reasonable transfer fee paid,Aguero will be transferred to Real Madrid would not say that off. Given the coverage for this transfer of Aguero in Spain may have not. Speculation, Do not you realize how transfer to the Premier League. Atletico side, but he said I would take to the negotiating table if the offer at a reasonable price.Seems likely that other forces retaining the new Real Madrid in the transfer market this summer. Has become a target, a member of Robin van Persie and Arsenal FW frog chestnut DF system.Even though, a member of Real Madrid Athletic Bilbao Atletico Madrid is a big favorite and a member of FW FW Fernando Llorente is moving to attract Sergio Aguero. As insurance is known as moving to acquire chestnut Persie and fan system. Said to be a transfer fee thought to provide 55 million euros in the transfer market this summer. They won two, -


football_Barca_Maradona_Romario_Cruyff_World Cup _YOUTUBE_Barcelona

The Best of Diego Maradona


In to talk football.

Barca last night I was watching TV and I was Maradona era is reflected Barca. Had also been highlighted like Romario or Cruyff, After all, my generation will be attracted by Maradona. Maradona or 1986 calendar is still concealed. -I had two life-size posters, to decorate one room, one person is also important to set aside. Maradona, so that the middle generation,Maradona is on television and is ready to see cancer in a moment. Now even Maradona became the World Cup mascot doll-like figure, you love at all. Without Maradona, not so devoted to football, from the indubitable fact. YOUTUBE something still in Naples, Barcelona sees the picture of the times, I should have seen it many times now, always return to a fresh feeling. Soccer is a fun, I think I see. You see, I'm happily playing with Maradona himself.

Maradona also bought books I read, because it is so written in the sense of genius, did not understand the meaning at all. But if you look at the video Attract a million people represent more than this would not exist. Itself is nonsense but I was trying to express in words the feeling of a genius, surely. Maradona to be written, There are no services from the mental image is not even anything into a movie. However, this movie appears to have edited it quite like Maradona, The name of Maradona know how much may give me happy at all. Because


honeymoon _Asian Cup_Copa America _J-League _Bolivia_Zakkeroni _Okada_Yoshida_Makino_細貝_Kashiwagi_Kanasaki and Usami _Okazaki_Uchida_Morimoto_Honda

Copa America 2011 Argentina Copa America 2011 日本対アルゼンチン 2010年10月8日

Typically, the honeymoon period of about six months since he became head coach, but our period of celebrations, in the lack of preparation, by winning the Asian Cup, a moment, the honeymoon period is likely to grow.Because, as you know, until the Copa America in July, no such failure, which shifted the J-League players, the national activities, become almost closed. Even if defeat in the Copa America with, Therefore more difficult to win the tournament, also be said that already woven. Conversely, in Colombia or Bolivia to win it, even during extended honeymoon.
Zakkeroni inexperienced coach coach has become clear in the Asian Cup, will go, but demolition notice Okada selection. It can also boldly, as honeymoon.Already, Yoshida, Makino, Ino wave, 細貝, Kashiwagi and has been called, yet, there is a player not known. Patriarch Kanasaki and Usami is known about too late, Only that thrombosis of the selection is so Okada was jammed. Because the fighting has been focused only on some players, the gap in the rookie and mental Gap is made easy. On the other hand, Okazaki, Yuu Osamu, Uchida per remarkable, and even benefited from the player selection Okada. Maybe because you can go anywhere into the smooth. The norm seems to be representative of deja vu, even they should be used, no wonder they were not buried. At least, to the fierce competition, not a kick in the scattered and no other strong candidate. So, when someone rub it replaced, no surprise. On the contrary, Morimoto, Honda Kei Yuu, Okada is not in the selection. Short term, the 3 NZ 29 members focused on the convening of the game go. This game,Match results are who you call. And it is also so friendly match two games in June. Now, whether or not there is Kina Hiroshi replacement. Well, this is a difficult task.Above all, if not maintain independence of the mental benefits of screening Ito Tsuyoshi Okada, just because of the destruction, well, you crash and the building is made.Points will be personality of the players. Not much good can not last. There will be carnage somewhere someday. In this blog, trying to be down from last year gap,It's not the time to pray that the first W Kimo Cup Asian Qualifiers. By winning the Asian Cup, once wary of Asian countries to Japan, I saw that I think we pulled over.Japan is how to fight will be difficult. Perhaps, to let me fight themselves. However, the frame is held in Asia or 4.5 frame does not require excessive fears. The None strongest member, the principal international group, not even the best members, members may be called to fight even at that point, and probably could do, that much is certain layer. In any event,


Roberto Carlos_Brazil Corinthians _Libertadores_Bernabeu_Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich _Ronaldo_Raul_Effenberuku

Roberto Carlos top 10 sensational goals

Roberto Carlos, mentally limited by the threat to transfer abroad ...

 DF former Brazil Corinthians 10 that it had received threats from supporters Roberto Carlos revealed.

 Unable to participate due to the Copa Libertadores first-ever Main Draw Club "came with his family threatened a phone call at home, The tail on a motorcycle and a car to go out, "confessed. "The situation is helpless," Roberto Carlos and mental state has reached its limit, That Brazil wishes to transfer to another country.

On June 5, at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich OB seems to be planning to hold a race. We did in Milan last year but vs Madrid, Bayern version of it now. In particular, such as Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos will play, the game would also have meaning for them tribute, he says. Bayern fight, do not feel anything ... I was always rough. Raul is usually applied in an uproar And just wonder why there is a feeling against Bayern Munich was sharp.Effenberuku standoff with or, as I was 03/04 when the dispute could have been. Roberto Carlos Ronaldo too, how fine. Glanced at the article, After the defeat in the Copa Libertadores Corinthians recently been burdened with the responsibility of defeat from the fan pretty hard, and sometimes threatening phone calls received, Roberto Carlos is also the possibility of transferring ...


Dynamo Kiev_Ukraine_Andriy Shevchenko_EURO2012_2004 Ballon d'Or_World Cup _typical 100 caps _soccer_European Championship _AC Milan_Chrlsea_Ballon d'or

Shevchenko Compilation

Andriy Shevchenko Wins Ballon D'Or

Dynamo Kiev, Ukraine representatives belonging to the FW Andriy Shevchenko, EURO2012 revealed that it is going to put an end to a career as a player on.

EURO2012 in Poland and Ukraine will be organized. Ukrainian ace was awarded the 2004 Ballon d'Or, seems to take off the spikes would represent a success.[But] Sport Express reported the comments of the players.

"When World Cup qualifying play-off defeat to Greece in 2010 to play in another World Cup I do not understand it. EURO2012 want to play.So, I'll retire. I concluded after thinking things out. The other change I think, "now 34-year-old Shevchenko has represented Ukraine in the play since The situation is a typical 100 caps at hand. In Ukraine's soccer captain, the country boasts the highest awareness of FW Andriy Shevchenko (34) June 8,European Championship in 2012 (2012 Euro) It seems like after retirement. Poland and Ukraine will co-host the 2012 euros. No second thoughts about "Shevchenko has reported that word. Shevchenko, Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine), AC Milan (Italy),Chelsea (England) to play in last season, has returned to former club Dynamo Kiev 10 years. So far, the European Champions League title, Italian Serie A and also experienced a win, win cup each contributing member of every club. The year 2004 has been awarded the Ballon d'Or.


Dutch Eredivisie_Feyenoord_Miyaichi_first goal _Vitesse_Arsenal in England_Major-league _Yasuda_English Premier League _Arsenal_Mario vanes _Ryo MIyaichi

宮市亮 プロ初ゴール Ryo Miyaichi

Section 23 was held on 12 Dutch Eredivisie, Feyenoord FW Miyaichi to the Department after his first goal Miyaichi. his starters played two games played full 18 minutes,And trapping cross from the right breast, DF exchange plunged to one goal with his left foot. Hercules game in 2-1 victory at Feyenoord.

Dutch Eredivisie Feyenoord 1-1 Vitesse paragraph 22 (Heruredomu 06) from Arsenal in England, The deadline was traded Feyenoord FW Miyaichi Department (18) October 6, DF Michihiro Yasuda (23) against Vitesse belongs (away) played full debut in the starting lineup. Major-league debut 23 days a month in Europe 18 years youngest Japanese. Yasuda also fully participated, the game was 1-1 draw.  Jersey number 34 and "ryo" cut the left side of young Japanese Speedster laden letters. "Was not nervous. Fun." Reminisces his debut.Work permits down just four days, the temple city was suddenly starting 4-3-3 in the left wing, and shortly after it starts moving to the right position, Japan national team match-up with former Vitesse Yasuda DF. In a scene before returning to compete in two 16-minute first half of the left side, wowed the Japanese confrontation. 40 minute break in the first half penalty galloping left side about 80 meters. Also be cleared on a cross against the defenders made a rhythm.Signed a five-year contract with the prestigious English Premier League Arsenal last December. Without the full national team history, on July 31 can not obtain the necessary work permits to play in the UK,He moved to Feyenoord deadline. Just 37 days from high school championship first round defeat on December 31 last year. 18 years old, but still did not graduate from high school well, Directed by Mario vanes (47) after the game, "a great player. High potential. When you have the ball very dangerous," and praised. Toward debut, the commander three times a week 、Together for Chinese food, aimed at communication. Let players study English with the use of the same age also were considered fit in the team as soon as possible.Ryo MIyaichi is "a good sense for his dribbling," and the response of the mouth. 0 of what was shot,


Manchester United _Owen Hargreaves_Edwin van der Sar's _Michael Owen_Gary Neville _Paul Scholes _Ryan Giggs _Sir Alex Ferguson_Brown_Raeto Daron Gibson's_Patrick Evra_Real Madrid

Manchester United: Goals, Skills and Saves

Michael Owen Goals!!

Reform team has definitely come in the near future. This season, Manchester United are strong and are probably planning to reform the team after the season.The news has been reported will be leaving as many as 10 players from the team as far as this season. In United, the most surprising player this season as far as contracts expire. MF Owen Hargreaves is expected to repeat as much money as he does not show me the injury. GK Edwin van der Sar's retirement is also dense. FW Michael Owen, Given the contract extension he so far I guess not. Others, DF Gary Neville is also retired. MF Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs on the It is said that when it comes to commit oneself to meet with Sir Alex Ferguson. (Giggs is likely to be one-year contract extension)

 Turning to the eye up to one year over there, DF Wes Brown is also a player can transfer. Just about Kushuchaku GK Tomasz, - Leave a small entry GK positive about his move to consider if you can not become. Ritchie, DF and MF de Raeto Daron Gibson's future is uncertain, DF Patrick Evra, Has reportedly been transferred to Real Madrid is a possibility of a long time. Upper is made up of a tapir precious little is going. If we suspected the team attempts to develop a long-term, Maybe it's time I replace the blood you need now. Indeed, the disruption is probably close to half of all players are interchanged with registered members, But it also seems like a good mood as Sir Alex Ferguson this form. . . Take the United Maximum down force that is likely to have been Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement plans shortly. . . . .


Italian and German national was the game in Dortmund Germany_Brazil's_Thiago Motta _Ranokkia_Kierrini_Juventus_Klose_Buffon_Inter

Germany vs Italy 1-1 - All goals & Full Match Highlights - Klose Goal - 09-02-2011

Top 10 saves by Buffon - Le migliori 10 parate di Buffon

Wednesday 09 test matches were held throughout Europe. Italian and German national was the game in Dortmund, Germany. Puts to the test matches during the season if injuries annoying member of the club is a subtle game. Italy, especially non-serious game, but I have a tendency to cut corners, W in that game against the old enemy, who plays in Germany and many in the Battles of the cup, a little game of getting a TV to watch an interesting thought. New to the Italian squad has been selected as Brazil's Thiago Motta was an Italian-Italian nationality. Puranderri coach, there even shorter training time, Based on the combination of the top two samples (Cassano and Pattsuini), center back duo of Bali yuan (Bonutchi Ranokkia and "hired. Were appointed to positions in the past the left-and Kierrini. The left Kierrini the They are tried in January after winning back the center Baruzarri club Juventus, has been put out good results. Italy is missing from human resources to a wing, Kierrini is converted to a left-right . The game was sweet and piercing a chance to mark a moment in team defense 17 minutes early, the preemptive Klose .

We fight back to Italy many times, but there is a scene in Italy at 2 PK that may be given, be unable to break the first half of the German defense in the end 0-1.

Italy's Rossi second half to the combination Borierro top two. This shift has paid off, giving a sense of speed to attack Italy, Rossi determine the tying goal with 36 minutes.

Italy launches the attack gained momentum, but still, it is not possible to take the game 1-1 in extra points ended. Show was well saved by Buffon, who returned as usual stable long represented. This member was called, was elected to her first Jovinko he moved to Parma, The one point I was as a replacement Jovinko before, because it was considered to be elected to represent, I am happy his election.

Inferior at the game, agile movements and a variety of paths, he wants to give effect to the other person very tired, started the second half.I am happy that now even a few elected representatives from Intel, and finally Italy.



SKY TV _football _Spanish Copa del Rey semi-final_Barcelona vs Almeria _King's Cup semi-final_Mascherano_Adriano_Milito_Daniel Alves

FC Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid 3-0 - HQ All Goals & Full Match Highlights - 05/02/2011

SKY TV free day, and watched a football game to record about it.

Spanish Copa del Rey semi-final, Barcelona vs Almeria is a King's Cup semi-final second leg. The first leg at home 5-0 to Barcelona to victory and so,Finalists at a thousand to one. This second leg, left Norito, Aferai, Thiago Alcantara behind the three top Boyan, Mascherano, Keita, Adriano left defender, Milito, Busukesu in Daniel Alves, with a focus keeper roster is placed on the bench to start the main cheek.Nonetheless, expected balsa do with the quality of football is no change at all, many times to produce a chance to destroy the fast path from the side turning a compact formation. Although the rate reached nearly 70 percent control of the ball really, I felt less than usual number of shots to go to, either from lack of ideas than usual last place of entry as well.



Chelsea_Drogba _Premier League _Carlos Ancelotti _Torres

Chelsea FC - Torres Press Conference

Didier Drogba - Can't be Stopped ☆ HD

Chelsea have Didie・Doroguba FW, team spirit is good and confessed slump. Although I did well early in the season, Although I did well early in the season, that goals lead to a lack of key players missing through injury but Chelsea quickly fell into a slump. But the team seemed finally regained form recently, against Liverpool last weekend with no noticeable edge play, eventually losing 0-1 at that.

To win the game, Drogba is used to score a goal and more than anything, "Our ranking in the Premier League is similar to that of last season. However, the fact that I have not decided how many goals as before, are making a bad mood around us. Withstand the timing of the slump because he was difficult for me,As should the rest of the players. Chelsea had not accustomed to losing the game, we are suffering. Carlo Ancelotti past few weeks I'm cranky, "commented,Acknowledged that good in a team atmosphere. However, Chelsea coach Carlos Ancelotti for Torres, "He did a good job.Forward to appoint three people does not matter. Showed a very good defense for three people of Liverpool center back, there was no solution to break them. It was too late to assemble it from behind too. Torres is a very eager, and confident. But been busy this week, I was replaced.


Asian Cup _soccer_Nakata Hidetoshi _Kazuyoshi Miura_number_Zack_Ienisuta_Ejiru_Kagawa Shinzi _football club_Messi

SerieA Digest - AS Roma Hidetoshi Nakata Super Goal

The Japanese Legend,Kazuyoshi Miura(King Kazu)

Shinji Kagawa - 5 Goals for Dortmund!

In the recent Asian Cup soccer, was set includes many overseas members.
They are longing for a successful overseas players like Nakata Hidetoshi player player Kazuyoshi Miura, dreaming of playing in foreign leagues to improve their own、J belongs to the original dream was to help each club in their league too. And they are leveraging the experience to represent Japan in the International League.

The success of the study as well as spreading, spread the goodness of studying at foreign universities, to help increase the number of countries studying at the university. And, like home networking experience and knowledge gained by study, I think that such a situation it becomes active.

The first surprising is that none of the Asian Cup soccer topics. Speaking on January 27 release date, do not just wait for the final time of the semifinals are over.At least the Japanese national readiness for the Asian Cup, the outlook should be good enough to even post. S looking for high and low, Next issue (on sale February 10) notice that the "all-out special issues on Japan's Asian Cup Zack" is only being presented as.Before the place was less indication of what level of interest among fans of Japanese soccer Asian Cup abuses. Why it started, each game in the series of dramas, At last from it to lead to further, or it will be raised in the magazine unexpected numbers expanded. Magazine featured number was "Making a gifted player." And Ienisuta Barça, Real Ejiru addition, Kagawa Shinzi has been picked as the Japanese players.

Kagawa was born in Kobe, Kobe belongs to NK 5th grade football club, rather than organizations from the bottom of J junior club、Miyagi Prefecture, a remote town club "FC Barcelona Miyagi," entered. Guiding principles in Sendai at the time of this club is "dribbling thorough education" was.As the antithesis of what football is a path with the majority in Japan was raised alien philosophy. "Shinji Kagawa first touch is very different to the other. Rather than carry on dribbling, feeling that we were the best place to put the ball at all times. "Kagawa at the time, I was equipped with a solid features already present in Kagawa.


Zach Japan_Copa America _Alberto Zakkeroni _Japan Football _Asia Cup_World Cup _Brazil_Mexico_South America _Colombia_Bolivia_Miura Kazuyoshi

Ronaldo Copa America Compilation

三浦知良 -ブラジル - Miura Kazuyoshi

Zach Japan, Copa America is "a new journey to find our strength"

 Japanese team coach Alberto Zakkeroni (57) Copa America in July this year positioned as the biggest game enhancement (Argentina) 09 may face in the organization of the central policy of the national group, found. Japan Football Association officials shall be revealed. Dominate the Asia Cup in January in central European group of the best lineup, starting Mon 9 W 3 Asian qualifiers for the World Cup tournament in Brazil, The Copa America will have to expand the force.

 Copa America was found to be organized in the center facing the country set sail Zach Japan. Association executive member on call "and the Asian Cup is a different situation. Too young to have heard mainly in Mexico, some central idea of the domestic group, "and stated. As a journey to find new forces have not yet tried.

 Too young to have heard mainly in Mexico, some central idea of the domestic group, "and stated. As a journey to find new forces have not yet tried.But the invitation to participate in Copa America and the players association have no binding force in Japan. "It will also frown on the European club," the same official. The force plans to convene its own weight.

 European group for the period of July off as important. Association executives, "What's important is rest the players well. The number of games played and the state, based on the opening period, might have to negotiate individually," Talk to players with less playing time even if you call a European group, decided to limit the player can afford to belong to the league season.

 You flip side, the W's Copa America tournament and an important force for discovering new set of three qualifiers for the Asian Cup in Japan. Unlike the mandatory Asian Cup victory, a variety of possible tests. U-22 Japan national team is not scheduled to convene for the same time strengthen Copa America game, set for a poor country compared to international experience European group,Away to fight in South America and will be enhanced giants.

 August 10 may be called the International European group A Matchday also plans to fight the emergence of rival South Korea and strengthened. Excavated in the Copa America and a new force, likely to be the main place of fusion of European group. The first round of the Copa America against Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia and the complete set of difficult enemies. If you get results there, W's World Cup qualifying for the ogre with an iron club.


Inter Milan _Giuseppe Meazza_answered reporters questions_Yuto Nagatomo _Leonardo_Cesena_San Siro_Maicon_長友 佑都

The Path of the Samurai - Yuto Nagatomo Best Video - 侍の通り道 - 長友 佑都

Inter Milan home "Giuseppe Meazza" debuted at the Nagatomo Yuu has drifted DF satisfaction, answered reporters questions.
  ×  ×  ×  

 ―First appearance at home.

 "Too excited. Stand on the pitch from the first half, stand on, I thought. (Leonardo) was able to communicate in remembrance of the mind as much supervision"

 ―Aggressively attacked.

 "If there is time to go out, I wanted to go fast"

 ―Played for big clubs.

 There is goodness in the Cesena Cesena, love. San Siro, but special. (Turns) enters the mind trembled "

 ―Played right along with a wing had been longing for the Maicon.

 "Longing to say anymore. To become a wing of the world to work hard"

 ―Sent a good cross.

 "Please decide, I put the path. If we continue playing like that, but I definitely have all the good players (points) will take"

 ―Integration defenders.

 "Still better. The practice is not yet properly only about two times. Features gradually dawned on everyone"



Messi's first battle against VS Ronaldo's two great men represented Yu_Messi_Barcelona_Argentina_Ronaldo_Madrid_Portugal_Spanish league _Pepe_Kaka_Chelsea_soccer

C. Ronaldo vs Messi By Talents1628™ (Director's M2R) [HD]

Messi's first battle against VS Ronaldo's two great men represented Yu

 Be held throughout the international friendly match on May 9. In Geneva, Switzerland, Messi (Barcelona), Argentina and Ronaldo (R Madrid) and Portugal will play the captain. Most of the 24 scored by both the Spanish league season against a representative of two great men meet to fight is the first time leading scorer.The Portuguese coach Bent "pull the best of Ronaldo on the team, in Argentina have Messi to not go," he said.

Messi had a scene in the dormitory to take a break from practice to rest after entering Switzerland, the team official, "but severe precautions," he said.Messi scored in the 40 official games this season at the club is expected to achieve higher C · carrying the country's fight to continue production with two goals Ronaldo 34.

Member of Real Madrid Pepe DF. decision apparently does not extend a contract with the club. Pepeto the Madrid agreement, it is 2012, not in extension talks little progress.
 Extension of the negotiations progress, because they have called the salary gap. Pepe are getting dissatisfied with salary in Madrid.In Madrid, Pepe has been an annual salary of entering the low category. Pepe , though are reported to have requested a salary of Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka tears.
 After this season, will expire one year from the rest Pepetono contract, you will get the chance to sell Pepe. Are interested in acquiring Pepe Barcelona and Chelsea and the club.

 が、指揮官であるジョゼ・モウリーニョ監督は、クラブにぺぺの残留 soccer を求めているといいますが。



Nagatomo_Serie A_Inter Milan's _Roma_Giuseppe Meazza_Eto'o_Cambiasso_Asian Cup _Juventus

Inter : Nagatomo vs Roma 長友 ローマ戦 デビュー 2011/2/6

Nagatomo 60,000 cheers shook the Holy Land! Acclaimed debut

 Prestigious world's leading Serie A Japanese national who moved to Inter Milan's city DF Nagatomo Yuu (24) September 6, 30 minutes later in left-held at home against Roma (SB) played on the way, played a long-awaited debut in the big club.

 The opportunity to direct and immediately cross twice exert attack. Take a big cheer from the 60,000 spectators that filled the sanctuary Giuseppe Meazza, (Intel supporter) was fascinated. Also the game 5-3 victory in his debut accompanied by flowers.

 Yuu Nagatomo is wearing a blue and black uniforms, tore up the left side of the shrine. 30 minutes late, great cheer shook the hall calls in the middle of the play. 34-minute finish remains the 、Low in the left side of the pin-point cross for Eto'o FW. Cambiasso 37 MF according to the MIcon had decided to play a fine line on both goals. Instead of greeting the impact was enough.

 First-class know the big time. Also share the same breath with those around why join five days. "Excited. Sleep today. Siro (formerly the stadium) is special because after all, Stand on the pitch at the heart trembled. She is the director felt remembrance to arrive early to get out there in the game. " Adrenaline does not stop after the game. It was hysteria in the interview area.

 The shock was transferred two days later won the Asian Cup on January 29, every day be finally settled the turbulent stage of being put into place his real ability. Enemy territory against Juventus next 13 days 、Europe Day 23 CL against Bayern M have to wait. As part of the world's most powerful army, and certainly step forward Yuu Nagatomo.


Alexander_football_world soccer_Emperor_General_闘将_Alessandro Del Piero _Juventus symbol_Alessandro Nesta_AC Milan _Guardian_Alexander Mosutovoi _Mosutoboi_Spanish League_Celta Tsar _Karupin_アルシャビン

del piero

Welcome Back Alessandro Nesta the best Defender AC MIALN

Mostovoi, el Zar de Balaídos

In this article, "Alexander," a variation of the name, I want to introduce the name of football as an example. -

Take, for example in football, but rather it comes down to it because I like my world soccer, soccer players can be seen around the world 、Variations are also flying a person, in the example I think of getting a good cut.
Also, because it's a very popular person, and such famous players as well as soccer fans also know, "Alexander," I actually have many.

Moreover, the formation (formation) but no, do battle group in real football is "war" quite compatible with the image often overlap.
"Emperor," "General" "闘将" As you can see from the nickname, such as that a great player, so often likened to lead a group leader, Great players who I think is not bad to look at the remnants of the great King in chaos in the war was strong.

Alessandro Del Piero

Italian Serie A, Juventus symbol. The second top position. Who know nothing about football, "This attack people? Protect people?" And asked to reply in a sense,Attacking people, and people can take a lot more points.

Alessandro Nesta

Alessandro Del Piero is better if you attack, keep more of Alessandro here. Former Italian representative. AC Milan affiliation.He has played DF. World-class defender (Guardian), but lately I regret that a lot of injuries.

Alexander Mosutovoi

Personally, "Alexander Mosutoboi" There is more familiar notation, I will call you to be close to those of Alexander in Russia.
Spanish League, the Celta Tsar (Emperor). Karupin and Russian players in the same combination Celta hotline, "Roshiankonekushon" he called for.



Serie A italiana _Intel_Nagatomo_Roma_Christian Kivu_Inter_Juventus

NAGATOMO 長友 - Inter vs ROMA - 6/02/2011

Serie A italiana il Giovedi ora locale (ora locale) è fatto al punto 24 del gioco, è un membro del Ku Intel Nagatomo Yuu, giocare contro la Roma in casa, ha preso la colpisce nelle 5 a 3. Nagatomo played 75 minutes during which debuted at Intel.

 But expectations had increased Nagatomo in the starting lineup is subject to a four-game suspension for the same position that Christian Kivu, then mix up the bench for this day. Played 75 minutes during four to one reached with any leads, opportunities for first appearance at Inter. Although the two teams returned to the flow of play from the set after turning Nagatomo,Yuu Nagatomo is galloping to the front and actively provide a few good crosses. Presence indicates a short playing time but showed a decent play.

 The next section of the 13th Inter, Juventus will play away from home.



Inter_Figo_Intel_Nagatomo_Leonard_AC Milan _Kivu


allenamento del 05-02-2011

But I did not check the information from Intel to retire so Figo (Figo Intel executives did I become?)、Intel's good news flow led to the transfer of players in recent Nagatomo is very pleased that this time. However, Now Intel's director Leonard (I was in the Antlers earlier) that I was surprised. Did not Leonard surely the AC Milan coach? Milan and Intel are both based in Milan that, "Milan derby" eternal rival engaged in heated derby match is called.


Speaking of surprises, and another that ate the four-match ban by the violence after his first match Nagatomo Kivu. "Only my child," Well I is not, just because it was much excited during the game, but I'm not a guy that Ne something like that.It looks like after the game was quite serious soul-searching. Why the Japanese press, "get out the next game will be suspended from Nagatomo Kivu" and listen to the news by feeling like that,Makes me a little more complex. . . No wonder the feeling that I want players playing for big clubs but there Nagatomo as a Japanese, Not like this development is where I want to win a position in one's own means. Anyway, hang in Kivu!

Adebayor_Higuain_Real Madrid _Benzema _striker_Van Nistelrooy _Bayern Munich's _Klose_Manchester City _Podolski_Ribery_Makino

Ruud van Nistelrooy - The perfect striker

Adebayor has won the Real
 FW Argentine Higuain has failed to with draw in the long term, the French national team is Real Madrid Benzema FW only had to scramble to find that you can not trust the translation isn't a striker.FW Hamburger former Dutch national and the return of Van Nistelrooy Bayern Munich's German international ・ FW FW Man C or Klose Argentina had been rumors of the acquisition of Thebes, Togo, a former Manchester City representatives FW seems eventually won a six-month rent with an option to buy Adebayor. Is going to be more reliable than Adebayor Benzema

But he moved to Cologne Makino against Bayern Munich 3-1 at home yesterday reversed two-victorious. The previous section was fully played Makino starters 、This game 0-3 in the game there will be hammered with the bench. DF comes in regular or close to the Makino and two runs of the first half was simply to be back in Cologne, And reminded me. Bayern's attack, however the second half of shredded a much better move to the midfield. Reversed grabbing three goals in 10 minutes to 18 minutes late coming out to be the driving force around the front and Podolski.Ribery Bayern, but strengthen the offensive with the introduction of Klose, while threatening the goal as it won in Munich Cologne is also the counter several times.At the end of the first half turned out to say that the game was a complete loss, in the midst of battle for the residual Cologne win three valuable points. There was no chance to play, but was sorry for Makino,


Robbie Keane _Tottenham_Rubin Kazan _Obafemi Martins _Birmingham_Wembley_Newcastle

Robbie Keane

2002 World Cup Group E GERMANY v IRELAND

FW Robbie Keane Tottenham belongs. R · West Ham have agreed on a loan deal for six months of Keene. After the season is that the options are granted two-year contract extension. In recent years,Robbie Keane had a troll club team on a loan deal. In this transfer, whether the team's equipment and quick treatment is thoroughly hips. . . Monday last day of the transfer market this week, the Nigerian representatives belonging to Russia's Rubin Kazan FW Obafemi Martins (26) month period was established with a loan transfer to Birmingham City 6. At the end of this season could play a full transfer. Martins said, "I am really happy to be here. I can not wait to play for them."Birmingham have decided to Carling Cup finalists, "It's the best news.'ll Be the first to play at Wembley.'m Really happy," and commented.Martins has played for Newcastle that he had once had 39 goals in 105 games during the period from 2006 to 2009.

 Tottenham to Birmingham's Robbie Keane and Rangers FW FW Kenny Miller was also rumored acquisition. Combines incredible physical ability and explosive power,Obafemi Martins


Nagatomo_Inter_Fernando_Chelsea_Liverpool_Suarez_Intel Milan _Italy_Barca_Real_Spain_Beckham_Crouch_Tottenham_Torres_soccer_Gareth Bale _Barcelona_Arsenal_Cesc Fabregas

Gareth Bale Dynamite

I hid behind Nagatomo ・ ・ ・ Intel. Fernando is transferred to Chelsea! In Liverpool, was it missing W cup Suarez edged hand did intentionally drink?Intel Milan in Italy, but also good, but good Barca and Real, Spain. I like it I feel the audience and from the stadium - Premier. Personally, I do Beckham and Crouch to Tottenham and into Vail? What is interest ~. But Chelsea 9.1 billion. You're amazing ・ ・ ・ numbers.Torres is also the highest transfer fee. Japanese go to Europe without a transfer fee.


Gareth Bale Tottenham belonging to MF. Said to prepare the offer to acquire a huge amount of bail is Barcelona. How the amount of 40 million pounds. Tottenham, Even if bail has been presented to any amount not release repeatedly. But if a huge offer of £ 40 million ・・・After this season, is a member of Barca MF Arsenal are reportedly moving to capture the idea of Cesc Fabregas.

 And a double-take, but probably will need about 80 million pounds. . . . .

Barcelona_Messi_Atletico Madrid _hat-trick _Ronaldo _Puyol_D ·Alves

Barcelona Messi unstoppable momentum in the richer (Barcelona). Atletico Madrid now has a clause in the 3-0 defeat. The total score Messi hat-trick in the victory.Section record for consecutive wins, counting from 7 to 16. This is a 60-61 record over 15 seasons have raised real. Messi scored in the top ranks without Ronaldo scored 24 goals in three points

 Barca match, another lineup of nearly Puyol lack of center-back. Jinnai Barcelona Atletico in possession of the ball close to overwhelming 17 minutes from the beginning, D · from the right side of rice rises D ·Alves, Messi against the flow to the left middle defying DF, pour into shot in the right side of the goal through a gap technique. Messi after this 28 minutes, scored a hat even 34 minutes late. Atletico has no noticeable shoot the first half, the no-goal second half recovered. Lose momentum in the third point of the messi

It is also said to take 50 points 24 points 14 assists Messi played 19 games in the Spanish League because of fouls, but little or no