Klinsmann to coach the United States appointed Mr. "proud to be chosen"_American Football Association_German coach _Juergen Klinsmann _Mexico _米国代表の監督

Klinsmann to coach the United States appointed Mr. "proud to be chosen"

 29 American Football Association, as successor to Bob Bradley was dismissed as coach the day before, announced the appointment of German coach Juergen Klinsmann in the original.

Sunirugurati president of the Association, who have provided hope that the level of the national team under new coach Klinsmann.

「I was happy to welcome a coach Jurgen. He was also a great player. And now, a wealth of knowledge and experience director "

 Klinsmann announced his appointment of a director has been scheduled for August 1, will be the debut of a friendly match with Mexico be held in Philadelphia on August 10.

The new coach Klinsmann says that the joy of office in the Association's official website.

"I'm proud to be chosen to coach the U.S. national, has taken the honor. I want to thank the association for giving me such an opportunity"



The Agüero committing, or settled in the ruins of Man C_Argentina's_Sergio Aguero _Atletico Madrid _Europe_Juventus _Manchester City

The Agüero committing, or settled in the ruins of Man C

Agüero also committing a variety of rumors popped, I finally settled in the ruins of Man C

 Since been moved to late May, declaring that the FW committing Argentina's Sergio Aguero Atletico Madrid has been shaking the media almost daily in Europe, is likely to finally see a settlement.

 According to Spanish newspapers, Agüero out of the club had received two offers, rather than Juventus Manchester City (Man C) I decided to go with that.

Agüero and C Mann is scheduled to meet in London this week, say they are expected to reach five-year contract agreement.

 Meanwhile, both clubs have already transfer fee of EUR 45 million (£ 50 390 million) from the fact that agreement has been seen as seems highly likely in the near future to determine the man into the C Agüero.



The 12-0 victory in their opening pre-season AC Milan, Inzaghi returned Practice

The 12-0 victory in their opening pre-season AC Milan, Inzaghi returned Practice

AC Milan Inzaghi played a practice return

 Milan 21, 12-14 performed the first pre-season friendly match with Italy Sorubiatesse belonging to the league by a wide margin of victory .

 This game, the Copa America (Copa America) who participated in Aresshandore Pato, Thiago Silva, Robinho, except for Mario Yepes core members and Primavera (infrastructure) played the young players.

 Furthermore, with large score of Milan, also attracted attention for returning combat veterans FW Filippo Inzaghi had been forced to withdraw from long-term injury.



I Benzema orchestrating Arsenal win?_Real Madrid_Barcelona _Cesc Fabregas _Manchester City _Manchester United_Samir Nasri_Andrey Arshavin_セルヒオ・アグエロ

I Benzema orchestrating Arsenal win?

 Belonging to FW Karim Benzema Real Madrid. Attention has been committing in the transfer market this summer.

 Arsenal have been rumors of a major release has been rumored to focus on committing of Benzema.

 Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona MF. Manchester City and Manchester United to the MF Samir Nasri. Andrey Arshavin Zenit to the FW, And to Manchester City in the DF is a decision already Kurishi.

 Arsenal endless rumors of a number of major withdrawal. This unexpected movement is said to be head coach of Arsenal are having. However, you can stop here, so absolutely not allowed.

 Arsenal coach is said to have orchestrated the acquisition of immediate use to overcome the situation surrounding the team.

 Benzema is that of being the target, could not break abandoned Benzema concentrate on winning.

 Real Madrid, if you decide Neimaru belonging to earn Santos FW FW Sergio Aguero and Atletico Madrid in the transfer market this summer belongs has been seen as likely to release either Benzema or Higuain.



"The money does not buy" Would you care to say and put out? Note that I say? -_Fabio Cannavaro_Italian _Dubai

"The money does not buy" Would you care to say and put out? Note that I say? -

 In the 2006 World Cup in Germany such as lead to win the Italian national team captain, world-class center back, 09 and DF Fabio Cannavaro,

Held a press conference at the headquarters of the Al Ahli Dubai belongs to, announced his retirement. Was reported that the temporary cancellation of players decided to release the same performance degradation due to Al Ahli, the club for Cannavaro、It offers a way as to remain as the technical staff after retirement.

"This is very sad. Football because it was all me, it was never easy in the decision. But unfortunately at that time had come, the situation must be overcome"

Cannavaro also explained that it was forced to retire due to a knee injury.

"Since the contract with the club for another year was left, after one season was going to play naturally. However, had the delicate problems of the left knee cartilage.

Found that more than a high level of intolerance to play, determined that they should retire, "Cannavaro had to take off, but Spike just spent one season in Al Ahli, continue to remain in the club will continue to work revealed that.

"And decided to finish working though, and I may still want to do here. Fortunately, the club has to offer me a job because of the technical staff, that I will receive a favor.



Barcelona, ​​Malaga and reinforced large opening match against Real Madrid and Bilbao

Barcelona, ​​Malaga and reinforced large opening match against Real Madrid and Bilbao

 Spanish La Liga Football Association oversees the 6th, announced the dates for the new season kicks off on August 20.

 Barcelona aims to four consecutive World Champion, a large reinforcement dared in Malaga, Real Madrid coach Jose welcome Molly Niño second season, the Athletic Bilbao veteran, decided to play in their first match.

 In addition, the first time in three seasons of interest was revived by the return portion of Betis' Seville derby "was organized in the opening section suddenly.

Mallorca belongs to the representative of Japan Akihiro patriarch MF will start the new season in the game with a pair of errors Vallecano job promotion.

 Meanwhile, Real Madrid and Barcelona by direct confrontation, "El Classico" is the Section 16 (December 10 and 11) in Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid home), and Section 35 (April 21 and May 22 next year) to the Camp Nou (home of Barcelona) is made of. In addition, both in the Spanish Super Cup against league pre-season. At the Santiago Bernabeu on August 14, first leg, which made the second leg at Camp Nou on Wednesday.

 However, since joining Barcelona from December 15 to the semifinals of Club World Cup to be held in Japan in December, the second match of section 16 may be rescheduled. In addition, Section 17 (December 17 and 18) that is planned changes to the job, November 29, mirror the Round Vallecano vs Barcelona.

 Barcelona Champions Champions League also On August 26 in order to play against champions FC Porto in the European Super Cup European League, Section 2 (August 27 and 28) have been shifted to August 29 will be against Villarreal.


Barcelona agreed to a contract extension until 2016 with Pedro

Barcelona agreed to a contract extension until 2016 with Pedro

 Barcelona yesterday, one year until June 2016 Pedro Rodriguez and FW represent Spain, reached agreement to extend the contract. Is that they will sign a new contract with 7 days.

 Pedro became a fixture on the tactics of coach Pep Guardiola, as they also won a pay boost by extending the agreement.

In addition, the club announced that, due to contract termination penalty also, 90 million euros (429 million yen of about 105) from 150 million euros (17.5 billion yen to about 48 million) was raised.



Morinyo Real Madrid coach, captain or a change of plan from Casillas _Jose Mourinho_Spanish _ Xabi Alonso_Sergio Ramos_Sergio Ramos_シャビ・アロンソ

Morinyo Real Madrid coach, captain or a change of plan from Casillas

Morinyo is that the coach plans to shift another player to captain Casillas.

 Spanish paper "Marca", according to Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, but knead it and have a plan to replace the captain Casillas GK is a veteran player from another club.

 Mourinho does not shaken confidence in Casillas, although not to consider the decision has been having trouble throughout the season over, the captain can only hold a protest to jury, the Believe that the player left to play in the field from near the referee.

 In addition, as a captain to replace coach Morinyo Casillas, Xabi Alonso, Sergio Ramos, and that they are candidates for Sergio Ramos.

Also, reader surveys conducted by the website that has attracted the support of nearly 75% among these three players Xabi Alonso.



Nagatomo, Italian Soccer-permanent move to Inter

Nagatomo, Italian Soccer-permanent move to Inter

 Milan (Italy) Italian league football - one of current affairs, Inter Milan, has announced a date at the official site and a permanent move from Cesena earned in the same league with the task of representing Japan Nagatomo DF.

 Nagatomo was transferred from Tokyo to Cesena F J-League last July, in the transfer deadline to join Inter Milan in late January.

At Inter Milan to mark the two goals in the league, Italian Cup also contributed to the victory.



Cesc feel the possibility of Arshavin transfer, has already done goodbye?_MF Arsenal Cesc Fabregas _Andrei Arshavin _captain_Wenger_セスク_バルセロナ

Cesc feel the possibility of Arshavin transfer, has already done goodbye? –

MF Arsenal Cesc Fabregas has been talking about this summer's transfers. MF team mate Andrei Arshavin seems to rule out the possibility can not be transferred to the captain.

Arshavin after the 2010-11 season ends, so I received a gift from Cesc. Arshavin has also felt this was a farewell, told reporters following for. "Cesc is a decision you need to transfer yourself. As a team, that talk about the rumors'm not firm. As usual, I just signed a joke"

"Before going on vacation, Cesc is a bit of the players gave me a gift. I am to him," What is this? Last gift? "I heard. I said nothing. This silence is, I believe that to mean something, "

Cesc has recently become a hot topic every time you open a return to Barcelona in the transfer market. Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger's level but remains eager to ....



Agüero of Atletico, Juve transfer or settled in a few days_Italy _Juventus _Gazzetta dello Sport_Atletico Madrid

Agüero of Atletico, Juve transfer or settled in a few days

In Italy and decided to transfer a few days in Juventus Agüero has been reported.

 Italian paper, "Gazzetta dello Sport," said, seems determined to within a few days of FW transfer Juventus Atletico Madrid Sergio Aguero of Argentina.

Both clubs have plans to have talks next Tuesday, could be determined by the transfer of this Agüero on the spot.

 Juventus have been reinforced with a clear priority in the acquisition of Agüero now is € 35 million to acquire the same player (£ 40 390 million) is said to be willing to pay,Atletico So far, 45 million euros has been set up as a contract termination penalty for the same player (about 52 860 million yen), and requests, and there are significant differences between the two.

 However, "Gazzetta", according to Atletico will soften the attitude we came here, 40 million euros (4.6 billion 70 million yen) that show the position to negotiate with. Juventus are already 750 million euro annual salary (about 880 million yen) is said to have installed a transfer agreement from the person in Agüero, before moving to acquire other players and clubs such as Chelsea, this transfer as soon as possible Matometai seem to think the story.

Meanwhile, as Atletico as a means of bridging the difference between the two amounts, could come to demand a trade of players transfer conditions.