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Barcelona - Almería 3-0 Messi goal 26.01.2011

Osasuna vs Real Madrid 1-0 - Full Match Highlights & All Goals - Extended Highlights - 30/1/2011

Half a century ago, along with league record 15 game winning streak Barca

 Section 21 La Liga, Barcelona Erukurusu a 3-0 league record winning streak to 15 lined up in down.Revenge was on the road suffered a defeat against the league's only season in Section 2. FW and the first to score 43 minutes into the first half of Pedro, was sent off near the end plus two goals against Messi FW.

 60 Distefano was a member of the expert to coach Guardiola season record 61 R Madrid since Comfort "Incredible honor. Testifies to the difficulty of the record was not broken for half a century," and satisfaction. Barca Pedro in Brazil - Ronaldo FW 96 yuan in six league volley game season since 1997 to record "I'm very happy," she said, smiling.

Real Madrid is very painful! ! This is one loss too painful ・・

Slow to defeat Osasuna defender. 7 It has become the difference between now Barca. Hey - this is really painful. The victory will be far retired Riga ・・・

Real has only keep winning now.


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