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Chivu Vs Rossi (Chivu From a punch in the face of Rossi) 03/02/2011

Not long after joined the prestigious Inter City DF Nagatomo Yuu (24), did not turn. Black gloves, in preparation for the cold bench. Move with the body early in the second half Inter repeated late scoring change was made just two people. Received after the game because doping and left the hall in silence for no interview.

During the game hit a suspected opponent vying for the seat left-Kivu and Yuu Nagatomo, the future could receive a suspension. The next section may have a better chance of playing.

Directed by Leonard "various possibilities were considered. It was such a fine balance needs to be adjusted and that the wounded in the flow of the game" and explains why having been Yuu Nagatomo. While "It is important that diversity may be" welcomed the increased number of tactical choices to the subscriber.

Serie held on against Intel for 3 A of Section 23 of Bari, Bari Intel DF DF Kivu was hit in the face of Christian Marco Rossi.
After the match, Inter coach Leonard, "for that matter, he will talk," I spoke to, in fact Kivu appearance before television cameras showed, he said the words of apology. -

Chivu has apologized for everyone, from Rossi himself was connected to apologize for the relay, especially those tears. He did it during the game, is what can not be justified.
But at least, Kivu, without trying to make excuses, I regret to show that courage and honesty. The following players said, has left that place crying. -

To explain what happened is difficult. That moment, because I lost sight of him. Came here to apologize because Marco Rossi. I do it because there is little dignity. I want to apologize to him. I'm sorry. I feel like shit my guy. -
I never did such things ever, people are watching football team who have been chasing,


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