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Edwin Van der Sar (Top 10 saves for Holland National)

Van der Sar vs Chelsea

Dutch national GK Edwin van der Sar of Manchester United (40) was his intention to retire from active service on full season.

 Although Sir Alex Ferguson wants United to join the coaching staff is Van Der Sar, Van der Sar is taking a vacation Last year, you like spending time with his wife to make a brain hemorrhage Annemari lying.

Van Der Sar, or when the decision was his idea, "" (the wife) was saying I'll always think from the time caused the seizure Annemari " "She came back to fight disease. We got to England I decided to stay another year. So I left Manchester United," "During the season, but too busy to come, I'm getting a little stronger feel called to say goodbye, "" How did I feel like why not ask.'m Suddenly you know.I'm enough of "I'm spending the time has come for the family firm time"

"The family so far not complain at all. However, such was the situation that you have to think first of all me all the time. I have to do a lot in return" "No, age has nothing to do. But 40 years old, I think I still tune "

As for the rest of the season, not over yet. There's still three months. The title yet, "Trophy" is just what everyone is aiming for. I hope you finally get "
 About life in the United players, "At first when I came here, I'm just glad that the only two-year contract. I can compete to win the league before retiring"
"Fortunately, I was a little more successful than I thought. And could continue a little longer than two years" "I'm glad you can go for years longer, where This is life. Does not always get what one wants. , At least do it with everyone here, it sent a great number of years, it was nothing but happy """ I'm glad. I like the big clubs can stay united until this age, it was the best experience. This is what it was a pleasure, "and commented.

 Van der Sar played in 245 games for United so far enrolled for 5.5 years. Between 2007 and 2009, has achieved three consecutive Premier League in 2008, Chelsea dominate the final PK and tangled up in the land against Moscow, UEFA Champions League are playing.

In addition, Ferguson is "fantastic. A great man. Keeper professional. Which boasts the most amazing career "" It is a model of goal keeper "," Edwin has been living all players remain unchanged.'m Not changed at all. Is stable.I'm quite agitated, "" He is calm. Feel any pressure to get lost. He is happy to have achieved in my life. I will not hesitate at all. I'm such a great guy ""He takes a vacation. It is understood that, he still (as coach) I got to serve something alive in football. Like a few years, "and commented.

 Red Devils absolute Guardian, Edwin van der Sar


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