Inter Milan _Giuseppe Meazza_answered reporters questions_Yuto Nagatomo _Leonardo_Cesena_San Siro_Maicon_長友 佑都

The Path of the Samurai - Yuto Nagatomo Best Video - 侍の通り道 - 長友 佑都

Inter Milan home "Giuseppe Meazza" debuted at the Nagatomo Yuu has drifted DF satisfaction, answered reporters questions.
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 ―First appearance at home.

 "Too excited. Stand on the pitch from the first half, stand on, I thought. (Leonardo) was able to communicate in remembrance of the mind as much supervision"

 ―Aggressively attacked.

 "If there is time to go out, I wanted to go fast"

 ―Played for big clubs.

 There is goodness in the Cesena Cesena, love. San Siro, but special. (Turns) enters the mind trembled "

 ―Played right along with a wing had been longing for the Maicon.

 "Longing to say anymore. To become a wing of the world to work hard"

 ―Sent a good cross.

 "Please decide, I put the path. If we continue playing like that, but I definitely have all the good players (points) will take"

 ―Integration defenders.

 "Still better. The practice is not yet properly only about two times. Features gradually dawned on everyone"


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