Rooney in the Manchester derby decision overhead_The goal of a lifetime_Manchester United _Wayne Rooney_Overhead so beautiful_Premier League _Manchester United VS Manchester City

Manchester United 2-1 Manchester City - Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney's amazing goal in the Manchester derby

Rooney in the Manchester derby decision overhead.

"The goal of a lifetime."

Determined by it in this big fight, because it's a final point about it is, amazing.
Determined by it in this big game, it's from the finishing line yet, it is amazing ~. As expected, Manchester United ace Wayne Rooney. -Overhead Section 27 Premier League Manchester United Rooney .2/12, at Derby. Overhead so beautiful, I have never seen. Rooney, goal of a lifetime! ! Premier League 12 "Manchester derby" [Manchester United VS Manchester City] showed Rooney scissors kick in transcendence. Manchester U and this is the final point wins. Rooney is also "It's definitely a career-best goal" It was a great goal self-congratulation about this.Mandabi winning goal Rooney was doing that before, and that gaiety Well maybe I'm not the enemy, because it's what Robin substantial.
From around last season, the goal with his right foot has been increased, as has been determined to be heading. "Armpits, I only course left off," does not mean that the level robin.
I thought I ace. Mainstay.


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