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allenamento del 05-02-2011

But I did not check the information from Intel to retire so Figo (Figo Intel executives did I become?)、Intel's good news flow led to the transfer of players in recent Nagatomo is very pleased that this time. However, Now Intel's director Leonard (I was in the Antlers earlier) that I was surprised. Did not Leonard surely the AC Milan coach? Milan and Intel are both based in Milan that, "Milan derby" eternal rival engaged in heated derby match is called.


Speaking of surprises, and another that ate the four-match ban by the violence after his first match Nagatomo Kivu. "Only my child," Well I is not, just because it was much excited during the game, but I'm not a guy that Ne something like that.It looks like after the game was quite serious soul-searching. Why the Japanese press, "get out the next game will be suspended from Nagatomo Kivu" and listen to the news by feeling like that,Makes me a little more complex. . . No wonder the feeling that I want players playing for big clubs but there Nagatomo as a Japanese, Not like this development is where I want to win a position in one's own means. Anyway, hang in Kivu!

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