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Coletiva da despedida de Ronaldo FENOMENO 14/02/2011- Ronaldo's farewell

Myself, the history of soccer, Ronaldo announced his retirement the most favorite. Ronaldo himself has learned, soccer since I started it. I think about the World Cup in 1998. From that time, had unparalleled speed and scoring ability. Will be an opportunity as their favorite to Brazil.Ranked by eventually I forgot, there was only time Brazil has not been used. Set to a 4-1-2-3 formation, Ronaldo Adriano Ronaldinho Top 3, OMF Juninho Kaka that was challenged in the lineup. The time was most drawn to Brazil this time, Brazil is the age was the strongest in the world. Honestly, I still want to continue active, in order to be capable of an explosive, like take a considerable burden on the body,The tears continued to be hurt every day. If you still can do is age 34 years, if not in the best person to say,

As one fan of Ronaldo, "cheers for good work," I give a word.


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