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Barcelona is certainly strong. Barcelona win games, but this season because there was not need to think about what has gone wrong. Man U first half reached the half-time is catching up,

That is bad, it will not think anyone should have been. Man U has also been beaten no matter how their football was unconstitutional. At the time of adopting the tactics of the measures was a moving second round. Also things like the Messi speed, even though much faster than I did in Barcelona as if the season was addicted to surgery in Barcelona path connecting clean. And weak physical defense is not any reason strong,It's a team that won the only attack that just need to put pressure on the offensive. Was finally agreed Mourinho's defensive tactics. In order to avoid the attack, have to fight with emphasis on defense, not offense.

Best defense is attack. I was too eager for the defeat. Honestly, something happens, Intel's decision in the semi-Giuseppe Meatsutsa last game was most impressed by an equal footing with balsa. It was a complete victory for Inter Victory because he was the first time in decades. Barcelona future measures, such as in football like Real Madrid crushed pressing too boring. What to say, and on 90 minutes when the press turned over only that path will be difficult.

 Uncharted territory for Barcelona, ​​the team might stick to their same style? Specifically, from the press over the defensive line, such as ultra-aggressive on defense showed against Arsenal and Barcelona, ​​Copenhagen,Possession is a way to compete in the possession before the middle of absolutely do not face it. I like playing in front begins multiplied by the press throughout the front is not much of Barcelona.But this is a very pressing, as demon strength Arsenal 1st but will continue as plain as practiced throughout the leg press and the momentum is needed.Another is the way to solidify Pressing the vital in crushing defense led by defensive over Real Madrid but Mourinho showed the familiar every time. I wanted to personally offensive to defensive as well as ultra-Arsenal

Barca's first and the first half, I think there might be functional enough. Barcelona has two and measures for now this did not feel that other tactics have been developed to man mark specific player.

Barcelona whether any measures to develop the future will be the trend of football.・ ・ ・ Barca's most troubled mind or even what Arsenal.

Arsenal FC 2-1 FC Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Highlights 16/02/2011

これからどんなバルセロナ対策を開発するかが、サッカー界のトレンドになるだろう。 ・・・何気に一番バルサを苦しめたのはアーセナルだったりする。


Champions League final_Barcelona _Manchester United _Pujol _Xavi _Pedro _man U_Rooney_GOAL_Villa_Messi_football _Giggs_Hernandez_Abidal _Man of the Match

Yesterday I watched the Champions League final.

Barcelona and Manchester United drawing card! It will be quite far to watch the whole game but it also did not enjoy this race.

Pujol bench like a bit of a shame. Xavi I'm going to cheer, but the first strike in 27 minutes early Pedro received a pass from Xavi and I thought GOAL ~.

The man U at the mercy of the fast, slick path Barcelona will become absolutely reliant on Rooney. Rooney equalized 34 minutes earlier that GOAL. No chance to make Man U.

Barcelona suddenly pass out from the stop position of the Messi, I can not read the signs of great players move as usual. 9 mins GOAL decided to light the second half. Villa's 24th minute second half to press on and GOAL!
Volley shot like this was very impressed. Barca were attacked nearly pulled the game like this. Rate of 63% dominate the ball? Barca Man U for 16-man shoots only 3 U of CK was also present.

Barca were always dominated for 90 minutes. There have been condensed to a football fun, just fun to watch, especially once that path! ! On the other hand, Man U but do not give up until the end was hard to Giggs, the team will defend the fullest.
Rooney is still only win. I was worried about the appointment Hernandez, work any guessed. He is still young. Of course, I would be alive now this experience, we were disappointed in the final.

This is a knee injury in the starting lineup was Puyol had to move around the pitch wearing the captain but also time remaining few minutes. Abidal good arrangement to give the award trophy.

Messi is expected, "Man of the Match" award, it was a brilliant performance from. Barça Messi as well, but this would be a lot of things that a strong secret other great players. Guardiola and great command of the director, yet to believe in evolution as a strong and overall the strongest team.

Anyway, the game was fun. Man U but I wanted to see the pride of a little, and now it is no balsa enemy. From a very good team.

Barcelona Vs Manchester United 3-1 David Villa Goal 28-05-2011



Barca still love _FC Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United _Modern football _Messi_Soccer _Rooney _バルセロナ_メッシ

CL FINAL FC Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United HD 28/05/2011

Barca still love

FC Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United

Entering the path length and at high pressure, but showed potential, Manchester United had broken a minute in the bottom 10 .
Modern football is limited to space and time, one game to prove once again that is what football is the ideal type of technology combination to challenge Barcelona.

Barça football funny too. The tactic itself is what was Messi. Still a good shot everyone. Soccer boy in this game inspired by how much do they in the world.No, it should be player of professionals and even longing.

There are also quite amazing how I enjoyed playing the game!
Barca will want to decide, decide quickly and then Manchester United Rooney.

After all, the movement of the messi around Barcelona was great! Really enjoyed this game. There you got up early.



The best final _Two years ago the same thing, something different _Man U_Barcelona

The best final

Two years ago the same thing, something different

Yes. Man U is also absent Cristiano Tevez too.

Even Barcelona, ​​Eto cited opening goal - even Henry too, had left the team.

Final at Wembley and it's Stadio Olimpico. I do wonder how come no different.

Burning would have revenge, and the man would be good to say about U home game, in terms of maturity or maturity of the team two years ago was definitely a level several steps.Draw from the attack, with a focus on defense and Biditchi Ferdinand, now that the most brilliant personalities of different offensive FW Dimitar Berbatov and Wayne Rooney. A bold move in front of goal and Berbatov are delicate, beautiful but sigh out. I, personally I love. What an elegant tall players.

Against Barça, Xavi Iniesta Messi triangle lantern is Needless to say, deadly, evil is the world's most powerful. Possession of a build-up from the midfield and overwhelming.The final two years ago, "Man U is not anything" likely to expand the football is in the well. Rather, the best Barça state the past 20 years, I can see. I mean, I can not stop feeling that even the best team this century.

No matter what Where will the final terribly fun.

Yeah. No doubt. Ferguson also "be the best final in 10 years," I say. Have been excited just to write.

Dimitar Berbatov - Superman

Xavi Hernandez - The Best



football_CL final _Wembley _Barcelona _Man U_balsa_DF line _Abidal _Pique_Puyol_Alves_Mascherano _Berbatov _Chicharito_Valencia _Rooney_Giggs _Evra_Biditchi_Lionel Messi_Sir Alex Ferguson's_soccer

Some more sleep and have an annual festival of football fans have been waiting in the galaxy, it is started. Yes, the CL final at Wembley ahead of the weekend, Barcelona × ​​Man U

What worries me is balsa, DF line to see what the starting lineup? What about. Because they can never change the way because you do not fight by opponents. The DF line if Abidal played the left side,(From left), Abidal, Pique, Puyol, Alves, but if I feel I have Iishi Mascherano form (also from left), Puyol, Pique, Mascherano, and Alves.

It is widely expected. Mascherano if appointed, high Barca never felt at a disadvantage likely to be higher but,,,

So, point is still anxious for the attractive football of the highest current Barca, Man U or challenge the way how the fight went? I'm become a thing.

In the Ferguson 4-4-1-one fight scene. Berbatov loves me as I'm afraid not, perhaps Chicharito top front, it must be under the form of Rooney.

Valencia Park side of midfield. I wonder if the central Giggs and Carrick? But here is a little know whether you are hired to kill the middle of the Barca players, whether to appoint a player from taking the ball to lose?Man U are taken immediately once the ball comes over the Catalans took the ball in midfield but press, and even put out counter, they fall into the Barusapesu Hey, after all) around here Man U players in the appointment Isn `t know whether in the Go to Barcelona to fight in what way?
DF Line (from left), Evra, Biditchi, Rio, how vain and O'Shea.

2009 CL final two years of fighting. In the last race, though it was a strong age bias England, Man U 2-0 Barca was the game down on. In the CL final again, this time between looking attractive football's top man in Barca challenge the U shape.

Magazines and the internet, or anti-Man U's Lionel Messi, Alves matchup Park or ×, and with many simulations, but are analyzed and the end, I'm not exactly something. Because football. But this point, the man Sir Alex Ferguson's players U completely mental, I think I'm able to bring the state or more. Will be decorated with a single point may be the last runway Van der Sar.

Well, I do not know whether the ball rolling and do you want to start the game. So eventually, I hope you enjoy the day without the big time I prep soccer.

Manchester United GOAL



football _Ferdinand_Manchester United _Piquet_Barcelona_Gerard Pique _Champions League _CL_English football _Lionel Messi _soccer _Messi _Cristiano Ronaldo's _バルセロナ

Gerard Piqué, Cristiano Ronaldo's nightmare (10.04.2010) Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona

Gods only knows football

Ferdinand: "Even though Manchester United remain Piquet ..."

DF Rio Ferdinand Manchester United, Barcelona, ​​once belonged to the United DF Gerard Pique If the residual, if he had the like right now we seem to understand.

The picketing was to join United in 2004, great success can not, four years later he moved to Barcelona. But after Blake. Champions League (CL), including the championship has grown into a major contribution to winning numerous titles.

While Ferdinand Pique appreciate the power of whether the player was successful in English football said sure.

"Piquet is a talent that everyone knew. But English football is different. If he played for United, which asked him whether they like it, I'm sure he [know] would say "

"Got a chance. He went to Spain. And won the trophy in Barcelona, ​​and is doing fantastic. So, you have to evaluate him."

United and Barcelona will play soccer in the final of the day 28 CL. FW Lionel Messi Barcelona for Ferdinand, it is impossible to stop one person said you need to stop Messi as a team.

"Do not be stopped in one way mesh. I have to do as a team.

The team that played well against Barcelona, ​​had always played well as a unit. Defend as a team, then I have a chance "



Inter_Cesena _Nagatomo _Brazil _Maicon_Intel _Serie A_Catania _Gazetta dello Sport _Real Madrid _世界一のサイドバック

長友Nagatomo Goal Nagatomico! Inter-Catania 3-1. 22-05-2011

Inter, the Japanese team won in the transfer in DF rental Cesena Nagatomo Yuu permanent move , and DF Brazil could instead release a Maicon, Italian media reported that.

 Nagatomo rental and transfer to Intel in January to increase the rating for each game played in Serie A match against Catania last section marks the first two goals. Date Gazetta dello Sport [24], the "Inter's new hero," and will be featured with clubs, media and received high praise from fans, full transfer is seen as sure. - Meanwhile, the candidates have been released, but Nagatomo "a wing of the world" and I applaud the Maicon. The player was shown a better performance this season, showing the brilliance that was achieved the triple crown last season were few. Also been pointed out the problem of motivation, which are reported to have a shot this summer's transfer to Real Madrid last summer was rumored.

 However, if the Maicon, which is likely to transfer from the perspective of the business rather than a performance issue. If you can sell a home computer still has the contract this summer, because it provides substantial transfer fee, best "time to sell," That's how it is.
 Moreover, [the] Gazetta dello Sport "performance was well enough to grab the position of Maicon have built a wing position and steadfast in the right" to be gained in ensuring a permanent move and praise Nagatomo.

High performance can be affected on both sides, "a wing can be calculated" by acquiring a Nagatomo holes So they can stave off the to a High performance can be affected on both sides, "a wing can be calculated" by Maicon minimum.

 When you moved to Inter, Nagatomo said, "I want to be a wing in the world," he said. And now, seems to have gained a reputation as a wing is considered the best in the world can make up.



UEFA EURO_2012 world champion Spain _Europe_Germany _Netherlands _Italy _Greece _Slovakia _UEFA EURO 2012 _Hungary _Lithuania_Spain_Sweden _Soccer _2010 FIFA World Cup _Messi _football

Soccer UEFA EURO fighting since the beginning of the team last summer aimed at 51 finals, 2012 world champion Spain aiming straight victory in Europe, while Germany and the Netherlands to keep the undefeated, unbeaten in five games so far in Italy and Greece too. Slovakia even more, to maintain a strong finals for the first time.

UEFA EURO 2012 qualifying Group E and Group I victory in the Netherlands, Hungary and Lithuania, Spain, respectively, keeping the lead group. On the other hand, Sweden won the day, Turkey raised the qualification for the rank and Israel.

Topped the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifying undefeated, both the Netherlands and Spain also advanced to the finals of this tournament will be held jointly by Poland and Ukraine in the UEFA EURO 2012 qualifying, the undefeated record so far has been. Held in Budapest against Messi Hungary on 25 and won 4-0 Oranje (Dutch national nickname), but reached home game on April 29 in Hungary struggled somewhat the same.

Scramble game point and, five minutes into the second half 1-2 lead and allowed the Netherlands and Hungary, even if the deployment was tough last 15 minutes and 3-3, then scored two goals for Dirk Kuyt In the 5-3 victory. Lithuania, but was caught in the second half of the Spanish one, seven minutes before the end point of making doubly sure took the 3-1 victory over football. The same group in Spain and I Liechtenstein 2-0 in the Czech Republic, cemented second place.

Turkey, Austria win 2-0, rising to third place in Group A. Azerbaijan 4-1 win and one point from Belgium won the second place.Group F, 1-0 Georgia Israel also moved up to third place beating, has become the difference between two points for each category grabs top four countries. Romania is in group D with a 3-1 victory in Luxembourg, cited the first qualifying win.

UEFA ユーロ 2008 ハイライト  SS  THE EURO



Serie A_goal _Inter _Nagatomo _Catania _Intel_Pattsuini _Coppa Italia final_Morimoto _Milan _Napoli _Juventus _Di Natale _soccer _Messi

Serie A final section is done on June 22, capped a satisfying season for the second goal this season has raised capital for Inter Nagatomo .

Catania against Intel, the dominant forward play from the beginning, two points lead in the Pattsuini Doppietta. Reached 63 minutes, shaking the right leg Without receiving a pass and ran up the right side Nagatomo ally, swayed the net like a charm. Intel will win the match 3-1. On August 29, facing the Coppa Italia final. The Catania Morimoto Despite the bench did not turn.

In addition, the winning Milan Udinese goalless. Napoli vs Juventus 2-2, also ended in a draw.

The final points, but Milan are No.1 82,2 76,3 Intel ranked No. 70 in Naples. Di Natale was the top scorer award with 28 points.

Italian First Division soccer league (Serie A) October 22,> make the final race in this region has a Japanese representative to the Inter Milan DF exciting right foot shot 18 minutes later in the home against Catania Nagatomo, season 2 marked the first point.

It was a brilliant performance to finish it! Unfortunately, Intel is me I'm grown up, but ended in second place reliably, Nagatomo is the season finale, I will decide on the right side starting with a goal yet, Finished the season would be leaving a good impression of the top teams as well. And high expectations for the future Messi increases .



C · Ronaldo_league record _Athletic Bilbao _Hugo Sanchez _Real Madrid_Almeria Ronaldo _Football _sport _Champions League _Spanish Cup _Copa del Rey_Barcelona _Lionel Messi

40 season from C · Ronaldo! Beat the league record of 50 seasons for the first time

 40 C · season from Ronaldo! Beat the league record of 50 seasons for the first time The league record for most points the first time in 50 seasons. Reuters has reported. Nine goals in three games and now has a production C · Ronaldo scored late It approached, and the number of 38 goals in the league this season he scored twice in the previous section Sala Terumo ,1950-51 season (Athletic Bilbao ) Hugo Sanchez said of the season 89-90 (Real Madrid) has lined up a recording. Record over, and the final section started against Almeria Ronaldo does not stop the momentum of C · this day, Effortlessly record for pre-emptive raise a point early in the quarter. Pierce the mid-77 minutes more intense, put a mark 40 points. After the game, responded to interview a local TV station C · Ronaldo "This record is something the fans and I team," commented. "I want to do anything for my friends fighting together. Football is a sport from the team I want to thank them. It was this 40 goal target for All "was thanks to teammates and mouth.  In addition, C · Ronaldo Champions League (hereafter CL) scored seven in the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey) and scored six in 53 goals this season are listed in official competition. The C · league scorer in Barcelona was a battle FW Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will not play in the final section, has 31 points and left. The C · league scorer in Barcelona was a battle FW Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will not play soccer in the final section, has 31 points and left.

Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Of a Direct Free Kick | Real Madrid Vs Villarreal | 15\5\2011

ただし、メッシはCLで11得点と得点王の座を確実にしており、今季公式戦では計52ゴール。バルサは28日にマンチェスターU(イングランド)とのCL決勝を控えているため、メッシが今季公式戦ゴール数を「53」以上とする可能性も残されている。 .


I athletes earning! ?_football _Japan_C · Ronaldo _Lionel Messi _Kaka_Zakkeroni _Mourinho _soccer _Real Madrid

I athletes earning football player ! ?


・田中マルクス闘莉王 推定1億5千万円(2011)
・中村俊輔 推定1億4千万円(2011)
・遠藤保仁 推定1億3千万円(2011)


・C · Ronaldo Estimated 17 billion yen ( 2010 -)
・Lionel Messi Estimated 13 110 million yen (2010 -)
・Kaka Estimated 12 billion (2009)

Japan and abroad are significant differences out of money. About 10 times ... I have different. Incidentally, the soccer current Japan coach Zakkeroni 200 million yen salary. Mourinho said that Real Madrid coach in the world do it a 1.1 billion yen. I'm running great amount of money directed at this world ....

I wrote to the incomes of superstars, even those I'm writing, "one hundred million," "one hundred million," "one hundred million" is now just a strange feeling.

Well, the sports season has arrived in earnest Once warm.

The stars who emerged this high salary, whether he will for money to the people we see in perspective a common saying is not it? Sure ... I can enjoy that?


Lionel Messi _Barcelona _championships _soccer _world's best players_Abidal _Football

Lionel Messi of Barcelona is said to have been the best player in the world now seems a bit of trouble caused.

 Three soccer consecutive championships in Barcelona 11th league match against Levante, the party continues to back up the plane, starting with a champagne toast, flight immediately caused a sensation.

 Messi is also preparing to join the excitement, I started hitting the wall, hit the wall instead of the emergency exit. Messi struck the area off away, but hurry back to the original, a flight attendant is aware, the announcement had been admonished so quiet.Messi had a boyish face uneasy teacher became angry. Remove the mesh was too little wind. Football the world's best players, only scratched the day seems cold sweat.

Pep outraged at this level Kawaige even if not careful. (The Pep, champagne toast voice chairman fuss?)

★Abidal "outlook on life has changed"

"It has changed outlook on life. What was previously thought great, but it was not consider. And all of the car so I sold it,"

Wednesday, Eric Abidal at a press conference before the training, after liver tumor resection survived, said life had changed greatly. "When I am troubled as the car I'm good for nothing. So I sold the car, along with several associations to have, we'll fight the disease We spend money "

"I thought the play was also not go back. But it was a very short time, the tumor was found when considering the worst case scenario, it was also asked their doctor first. But so many The people I've been fighting the disease.

When visiting the hospital for sick children, our children will say that I've repeated myself. The most important thing is family, like I'm fighting to the end "



Info soccer ! _Europe _Barcelona_Spain_England_Manchester United_Milan_Italy_Germany_Dortmund _Kagawa_European football_Champions League Final _Barcelona × Man U is now a card!_soccer_Messi_Club World Cup _バルセロナ

Info soccer !

Europe in the league have a certain last-minute victory after another!

Barcelona, ​​Spain, England, Manchester United, Milan, Italy, Germany, Dortmund and we are affiliated with Kagawa.

And the conclusion of European football, Champions League Final will again!

Saturday May 28 this season, England, at Wembley Stadium in London, Barcelona × Man U is now a card!

The final two years ago with the same card! This was a time when Barca victory be?

Barca is a flavor combination and a restless ideas and improvisation soccer Messi, the Man U defense, of course, what flavor is not hard work and tactics in the attack was calculated.

Enjoy! This year's club championship held in Japan, the Club World Cup comes at the end!

The winner is still expected to do in Barcelona.

FC Barcelona UEFA champions league winner 2008/2009 Photos



Filippo Inzaghi_Football _Milan _Cagliari_goal _Robinho _Gennaro Gattuso_Areshandore Pato_Boateng_Moon Walk_Pippo back! I was waiting for you!

Filippo Inzaghi, "Football and life and something like this. Before one minute to play, even to the fight after one minute may be facing knee. But I look around after one minute . Around me, have you all. Thank you. I give up. Believe me. So as not to end, do everything. Thanks partly to the force and energy of you, I do I can do. "

Serie May 14 37 5 A section was performed.

Milan decided the league title the previous section the first time in seven seasons, at home against Cagliari. Milan show or a show to celebrate the goal as the home supporters and winning.
22 minutes, and include a cut-Robinho first goal from the left side, 24 minute second goal in pushing the loose ball head and Gennaro Gattuso.35 minutes and scored a second goal on this day received a pass Robinho returned from injury last Areshandore Pato.Although deprived of a point and then to Cagliari, to decide the fourth point of making doubly sure that Seedorf in the 77th minute on a 4-win. Have to share the joy of winning and the home supporters.The stand 82 minutes into the pitch Filippo Inzaghi six months, received a big cheer from the supporters.

Boateng's kind of "Moon Walk" was quite taken with the subject, Pippo back! I was waiting for you!




Bundesliga [German magazine Kicker Guide to Kagawa is "quasi-MVP" elected _Japan _Kagawa Shinzi _Dortmund_MVP _Asian Cup _semi-final _South Korea_Nuri SAHIN _Manuel Noia

Bundesliga [German magazine Kicker Guide to Kagawa is "quasi-MVP" elected

German magazine Kicker, the representative of Japan to MF Kagawa Shinzi belonging to Dortmund, and evaluate the players who played in the second Bundesliga.

 Bundesliga was completed on schedule last season the league has 15 sections, the magazine announced the ranking season scoring total. In the 477 players playing a certain number of hours being met, and second place Kagawa, won the MVP level.

 Kagawa Japan participated as a representative for the Asian Cup was held in January, broke in the semi-final against South Korea. Was waving a stick in the second half of the season Dortmund.MVP in the first half but the first time the magazine more active in evaluating and tow Dortmund. Significant contribution to the team that had won an overwhelming Maisutashare performance.  The first place Funmerusu Mats Nuri SAHIN in third place, dominated by players up to fifth place in Dortmund. In other club Dortmund, Schalke GK has become the highest ranking of sixth Manuel Noia.


Man U, Liverpool overtook the domestic league, the club champion._Manchester United _Blackburn _Premier League champions _Liverpool _Sir Alex Ferguson _victory_Wayne Rooney _PK_goal _football _Spanish champions Barcelona _Red Devils_バルセロナ_赤い悪魔


Man U, Liverpool overtook the domestic league, the club champion.

 Manchester United (Man U), but held on against Blackburn a 1-1 draw at 14, won the Premier League champions this season. Man U is extended to 19 the number of times in the domestic league championship,Club champion was by far the largest of Liverpool alone had it lined up.  Sir Alex Ferguson has led the team for 25 years, the Man U has brought to the league title 12 times, while Liverpool are away from ,1989-League title last season, winning 90.

After winning points from victory. "1" in a battle in enemy territory reached. Hauling decided to approach the trophy shot was the 10th ace to take some too. Reached in 73 minutes 0-1, and Javier Hernandez won the PK. Wayne Rooney is carrying high expectations for herself, calm feeling proud over time, concentrating on just score a goal.Thirst for victory, constant practice, unwavering confidence. Put it all on the right leg, left corner of the goal to shoot and stab accurate, and rushed down to Rooney fans and colleagues raised a cry of joy. Most single second league title 19 times. Manchester United finally broke the history of football "homeland" and "the most successful team" was.

The struggle continues aim for further glory. May 28, the Spanish champions Barcelona and the summit of confrontation. Toward the fourth career European title, "Red Devils" will not stop the march.



Barcelona _Real Sociedad_Xavi_Messi _Thiago Alcantara _goal_Mascherano _Xabi Prieto _Real Madrid _Zaragoza_Sergio Ramos _four races Classico

Barcelona has an away game at Real Sociedad. 29 minutes earlier, sent a through pass inside the area Xavi, Messi was a slight reaction in goods reached, Thiago Alcantara and ran to meet the first goal! It was expanded further in the game by pressing the touch of Barcelona, ​​and into the second half, R · Sociedad will flow slowly toward . 26 minutes late, but the tying goal on Ifuran, Sociedad further build on the momentum.Feeling the flow disgusting, I wish that I draw, got 37 minutes in the second half of the foul PK Mascherano Xabi Prieto is precisely determined, and reversal costs.No way, I would have lost, Barcelona would not have tried anyway, the end anyway. Took the lead 1-2 but lost in Barcelona.

Real Madrid are at home against Zaragoza. The match, dominated the real ball. , And 41 minutes early, Zaragoza took the ball in midfield. Sent a pass to the front, it is clear GK Casillas mistake.It pushed the opening goal in the Zaragoza Rafita! It is conceded rainy day. Also nine minutes late, PK decided to Zaragoza. Back Sergio Ramos headed in one point, I think that the first tie,Suppose the front but where was the Real Rafita allowing a goal back from the counter. Painful 2-3 defeat at the end now.
Barcelona and Real Madrid over two, I have become lost with the situation said. In four races Classico dawn, fighting spirit is missing, but have fallen undeniable motivation,Real had led to the defeat from mistakes. Results have become a little shameless.

However, Section 38 of the season at Barcelona, ​​the first two losses, is the first real defeat from four, is a big thing. Barcelona have decided the championship almost hard to catch the Real. 8 goal difference would have to say too much. I have to say that even before the championship game digestion would not have had lackluster teams.

Real Madrid vs Zaragoza 2-3 All Goals 2011

Liga BBVA - Real Sociedad 2-1 FC Barcelona | Highlights (30/4/2011)



Juventus _Buffon _Italian national guardian_Real _Cristiano Ronaldo _Juve_Gattuso _Fernando Gago _Real Madrid_Serie A_Roma _Baggio _football _Messi_Pele _Maradona_soccer _World Cup _サッカー_ワールドカップ


Not satisfied with the season, Juventus next season that will remain Buffon Italian national guardian. The endless transfer rumors he is referring to rumors of a director or substituted Deruneri Mercato.

Lunch and dumped the topic of Real and Juve officials, "Cristiano Ronaldo will come? - I knew he went to negotiate (joke). If true, would be great Juve.Reconstruction and reinforcement person team anyway, it's important to have clear ideas. We desire a transfer to Juve I welcome "
"Wasted many chances, a disappointing season in terms of ranking the league. But pull themselves in two games last not. After two years of negative like this, I'm of course. Myself here to remain, like last season will not be "

"Gattuso turmoil? - All for the rapture happened in the Fiesta. But I know my Rino. He will understand what I did. Deruneri coach? - It is not because of the coach.Mazzarri (Director of Naples) and the Villas Boas (Porto coach) rumors? - Deruneri have to oversee the pitch. So OK "

Fernando Gago to Real Madrid, Serie A club interested in rumors. But his agent, Vekic has denied any negotiations with Roma and Juventus. "Real have not officially announced anything yet. We are Juve and Roma, I did not touch anyone. Currently, there is no any scheduled meeting. To wait for a decision the club, say anything until then. Unfortunately, the injury was season "
●Baggio best in the world of current and past football players, mentioning the topic of Messi. Pele or Maradona, Messi and the recent controversy had outstanding soccer players and a comparison of the past. "Why did you need to compare. Everyone has their own characteristics. Without football players do not. If we're not football here. PK World Cup failure? - It very tough. But never go away, I will continue my life "



Successfully combined the philosophy and strength, his single Perfect, a new theory, which was completed in Barcelona._Total Football _Ronaldinho_Deco_Messi_Iniesta_Xavi_Guardiola_Alex Ferguson

Successfully combined the philosophy and strength, his single Perfect, a new theory, which was completed in Barcelona.

Total Football is football and the new theory, but its completion is a long preparation, you will need to stick to the philosophy that strength. Case of Barcelona, ​​after a period of one that relies heavily on power, Finally, both the individual and organization, I say I arrived at the true total football. Completion of total football that it is difficult enough, and further, that to complete it while maintaining the strength that I do not see an easy thing.
Ronaldinho, Deco, a period that was two axes are still strong, but, in a real call and was not total football. From the left side to right side of the two, it is a form of attack,The possession, but, than it was a little counter of a little football. In total football is not a predecessor to the previous one "4-3-3" was his one Perfect, Change was accomplished by adding a little football was like that. Two flat lines, starting side, a form of attack from one side the other side, counter that combines style and Possession, After making a golden age, Messi, Iniesta, and the core of players that have been directed Guardiola, compactness of the whole, that is, small fields and the true possession of the press is true, -And, of Poribarento, that liquidity was able to add it on top of each organization. I think it has been completed so total football.

We watched it completed a mesh placed in the middle rather than side, multiply it by mistake one button, there risk of a nostalgic return to the style. And some say there were in the Maradona led Argentina in South Africa. In addition, the total football "3-4-3" There is also deeply rooted illusion. In fact, not the form, press high of Poribarento, Smallfield, one of the greatest players present, the height of the potentialities of the whole It is the identity of Total Football, total football and can act even if it in any form.
There is also a realization that can not be football experience with Sir Alex Ferguson is not fact, because of the fact that, as a starting point of each type of combination, that involves changing a person from the flexibility it needs , Form rather than a fixed, maintain strength and balance is always the liquidity to keep the shape of one organization by the power of the individual, and the total football it to her Perfect is trying to complete further Barcelona I think also on the road.
Therefore, even if just to watch Barcelona soccer, I know Barcelona is not really a football, let alone realize that it can not be said of it. Application without knowing the basics can not get to know, I thing.Can be imitated, and it can not be real, I thing. Total Football is strictly derived from evolution theory or the underlying foundation there is, moreover, is improved through the application of its foundation over time.
Never, in the things which do not exist in isolation. Of course, not something completely different thing. Standing on the theory underlying the new theory also.Catalans football is there, the total football of football, it is important that in considering what, I think so.


Xavi, Iniesta & Messi vs. Real Madrid [2010/11]


Sir Alex Ferguson soccer textbook _Giggs _Beckham _Roy Keane_football _Juventus_Brazil World Cup _Spain _South Africa_Rooney_C · Ronaldo_Nani_Park Ji-Sung_Berbatov_Scholes _soccer_Manchester United

Sir Alex Ferguson soccer textbook

Top yoke with two calls, Giggs left SH, and SH Beckham to the right, double, Scholes and Roy Keane volante, the impact of this time was the best team in person.York and I can make a call originating in a combination of not just individual strength, was also scoring. Giggs on the left center and scored from the break dribble, cross and long Beckham on the right feed unparalleled accuracy.Scholes and Roy Keane have both momentum, we were able to take a while before doing the score up to the defense.

If anything was a personal best for this team because of the impact, because it was all perfect team. The point is the fabric to the top two starting combination, it puts a different type of player to the side ,"4-4-2" "4-3-3," "3-4-1-2", had in a game of ever-changing balance between keeping the double, the two volante had a high potential for both balanced, it is three.

The team at this time that even now, football has become a textbook in my system stronger in Lippi at Juventus, W Brazil World Cup meeting in America, W France, the French national cup competitions, Then, W represent Spain at the World Cup tournament in South Africa, along with a team of four, are in me, as a form has been completed based on one team. And, in common with the three points I mentioned above.Style, the type of player, although it may differ slightly depending on what has become the elements are considered to be the same.

Man U is from there, call, York, Beckham, Roy Keane, left, and Rooney, C · Ronaldo, Nani, named after the next, Park Ji-Sung, Berbatov, along with some players that, on the other hand, Scholes went to change the register from the dynamo types of play, C · Ronaldo left the team. One piece went missing from one perfect team, the players went through a little fault, or change,But Ferguson is cleverly taking advantage of individual weapons, but has maintained a strong team in combination. There was a team that for perfect balance and when there is at that time, when there are changes to accept,Theory was perfect as a team with one team always ends meet while keeping the intensity on its base that it will be Ferguson's ability to learn very much. Ferguson is in his Perfect style is not the only,But soccer、Style can be a starting point for all of us to continue to see a textbook always true football. Precisely the origin of football. What a team and a strong team like? Strong team defense and what the theory, Hired in any position players on how best to do any combination, from Ferguson's football - they are always things to learn, and let me check again. Furthermore, the use of young and veteran, make a decision at game time and not apply, where there is pretty clear, tell me plainly. If we believe that people now know more about football, if As its starting point, Manchester United, namely, Sir Alex Ferguson, I highly recommend it to the bone to try to explore its football. There is a model for soccer, football has a true textbook,Theory and unwavering, to changes in methods derived from it, you can learn most of it. Has also worked out on the theory of surprise is always reminded that it is a source of strength.

David Beckham Tribute

C. Ronaldo



Cruyff "Messi of Barcelona is undeniable addiction_Barcelona _legend_Johan Cruyff _Spanish _Champions League _Manchester United_Rooney _Messi _Alex Ferguson_José Mourinho_Real Madrid_Villa _soccer _ビジャ

Barcelona - Manchester United | Champions League Final 2010/2011

Cruyff "Messi of Barcelona is undeniable addiction

Barcelona legend, Johan Cruyff has said, an interview with Spanish , ahead of the Champions League day 28 (CL) is talking about race.

Cruyff has said, "Barcelona are a few selection of top quality players," I called. In contrast, "Manchester United, Rooney was one," the quality of players to capture the title with Barcelona, ​​said on Wednesday showed.

However, he said, "Barcelona, ​​Messi may fall into addiction. It would be undeniable," and may be ill advised, but the abilities of the players. Barça dominated amid voices, sees the weakness of balsa.

The "United is a minute away is a strong one, the team can compete in power. They, I'm not so dependent on Wayne Rooney," insists that United and advantages.

Cruyff also said that United's Alex Ferguson, begging to be touched advice Real Madrid José Mourinho, "I do not think the wrong choice.

Mourinho, I'll have five times this season playing against Barca, "did not seem to us through the exchange of information to the intention and the coach.

Messi was a misfire in this game, the state is bad, but not the power to break through the narrow aspect of this period came to be still declining. Villa or question. Can not help but feel like no noticeable play a lot of confidence. So did the previous section, but decided not to decide this on the scene, do you play led to this lack of confidence. For this man to make the team in scoring before the final two games, well let them decide, -The Villa Villa would be a threat as a united. Determines also won La Liga Serie putty is also encoded, the remaining premium. Also decided to substantially, now fighting the residual of the fun I will qualify for the European soccer game.



Aguero: "Atletico remain in 2014"_Sergio Aguero _Atletico Madrid _FW_Independiente_Chelsea _Juventus_Manchester United_Marca_Spain _Argentina_アグエロ

☆ Sergio Aguero El Kun 2010

Aguero: "Atletico remain in 2014"

Sergio Aguero

Atletico Madrid Sergio Aguero FW, wants to finish his career at former club Independiente. On the other hand, however, leaving Atletico in the near future, also said no.

Independiente debut at the age of 15, joined Atletico Madrid Aguero on the transfer fee is said to 23 million euros in 2006. Chelsea and Juventus, the player will fuss and interest from giants Manchester United, Marca, Spain [in], to emphasize the intention of remaining as follows.

"I will finish his career in Argentina. To put it more precisely, it at Independiente. I was a big fan of them, I'll be gone when you were very young"

"One day, the team would like to leave, tell the front desk when Hayo Sono. But now I do not think such a thing. I extended the contract until 2014. It stays until then. Atlético so, the fan club that I'm not hot "



Arsenal_Stoke_Man U_Ramsey _Wilshire_Robin van Persie _Arshavin _football _Roshitsuki _Nasri_Walcott _Wenger_ベンゲル監督

Andrei Arshavin Goals (Euro 2008)

stoke city 1 - 3 arsenal goal 27 02 2010 Danny Pugh Nicklas Bendtner Cesc Fabregas Thomas Vermaelen

Arsenal, beaten in the war in Stoke.

 Man U beat the previous section, the united front led to Arsenal winning one in the neck skin. In an interview before the game coach five percent chance of winning, but I said, in which Stoke won 1-3 with the possibility of defeat and disappeared.Our very deaf, Arsenal. But Arsenal has always played well when this game come out a loser.
 Against Man U in the previous section, the absence of Cesc hurriedly crossed Wilshire, the combination of Ramsey was unexpected, to function. Arshavin played a starter function for the second half of the previous section in this combination.Nasri and Clichy is also injured, Gibbs left SB in the starting lineup. Clichy was just strong, their absence may hurt.

Attack will turn the path from the beginning the overwhelming Arsenal. 1 minute, dribbling a shot from Arshavin cross Wilshire. 6 minutes to Robin van Persie has a shot from the Ramsey-thru of the song.

 But Stoke's intense press tight. Aim to consolidate the block completely counter defense. This is going to Arsenal and attack from the left side duo of Arshavin and Gibbs, put in easily.Arshavin is the inside, pass the path from Wilshire. Walcott on the right side are useless without a space, enter the path from Ramsey.

Arsenal rout. And the war season. Followed by the same football every year, finished with the same result. This year's revival Roshitsuki and Ramsey, Robin Van Persie favorable, Nasri, Walcott partly growth,I think that was showing a football better than last season, against teams like Stoke Fighter faction of the day eventually comes to pack the defense has struggled to win points off the end.Have decided that the helm next season Wenger. So how come the next season in the face of what. I think that some measures are necessary, what you do.



Man U_championship _Premier League_Manchester United _Chelsea_Park Ji-Sung _Hernandez_Viditchi_Ivanovic _Ramirez _Lampard_Drogba_Score _Scorer _チェルシー

Man U the most dominate big, significant advances victory

In determining the championship game of the Premier League, was held on October 8 Manchester United vs Chelsea, Man U are 2-1, won the first place.Man was leading by three points to win the U and almost certain to win this one over Chelsea was too painful.
The game has moved only 40 seconds to start. Time period was too early to expect anyone to shake the net to calm down the path of Park Ji-Sung had Hernandez, the Man U took the lead.Man U is squeezed for a two-point lead expanded to a header 23 minutes Viditchi, Hauling win approach.

Entering the second half, the head turned away from the cross Ivanovic Chelsea Ramirez also 69 minutes, finally returning to a point determined Lampard. But Man U will not allow any more to fight back, firmly on the remaining time to digest a 2-win.

Once interesting twist to make deployments more attacks Lampard. We are taking away points, too few such scenes too. United vigilance was the rise of physical attack on Lampard Drogba's dynamic.Perhaps it is a sealed, Chelsea did not have to have more confidence in their weapons. To enjoy the premium end, wanted to work hard here, but Chelsea also reached their wishes.



<Scorer > 
Manchester U J · Hernandez, Viditchi
Chelsea Lampard

Manchester United 2-1 Chelsea 2011 Promo



real _Spanish _Real Madrid_Champions League _semi-final_Barcelona _European Football_UEFA_Valdes_Keita_Mascherano_Pedro

Ronaldo fouling Mascherano

The real challenge for the second time

The real challenge for the second time

 Spanish first division, Real Madrid, Champions League (CL) in the semi-final against Barcelona was "anti-sporting behavior" which is not as appropriate, European Football Union (UEFA) filed for an appeal to the Disciplinary Committee.

 Action, six players in Barcelona (GK Valdes, DF Alves, MF Busuketsu, Keita, Mascherano, FW Pedro) flagrant act of deceiving the referee and touch play a big appeal for light damage, and what.As a result, the first leg DF play led to claims that Pepe sent off.

 The club has denied similar allegations made, but after the war as the first semi-final, we will seek to reconsider this decision appealed.



Madrid Classico post comments _Interviews _Casillas _captain _Spain _goalless_Complex _Goal _Higuain _Real Madrid _Mourinho _Ronaldo _Portugal_Bernabeu_Shabi・Aronso _Marcello _Busukettsu_Barcelona _バルセロナ

UCL Clasico: Barcelona1-1 Real Madrid; Casillas: "El gol anulado ha sido otra más, como siempre"

Madrid Classico post comments

Interviews Casillas (captain Les Halles ・ Madrid Spain squad captain)

Please remember the game at home. Were goalless, but today we won 1-1 in missed. Complex and that it was not worse. We have to play us. Fans proud should. " "I am angry. We came to work in July, decided these (misjudgment) I'm changing everything. (Classico) lost we were in four games only once. Goal Higuain will be nothing.And (against Real Madrid was the decision), I'm just. As always it. We can not do anything with. But it was able to have pride in the club. But Mourinho said, He was pleased with our effort, "

Ronaldo (Madrid, representatives Portugal) "It is I was not. These things happen I knew. We are living'm with these things. In the first leg at the Bernabeu,We lost a chance to advance to the final. This is different. In this case, but it was just the same. It was the Bernabeu, it was here today ... I have a lot of things overlap. ""The dressing room instead of the most aggrieved.'s Time to play in such a disadvantage is that it is very difficult"

Shabi・Aronso (Spanish national)

"If the goal is allowed Higuain, would have been completely different. We feel that has made the wrong judge for themselves many times. I like it. It was a beginning of the second half, getting a goal if it would have changed everything. That goal was not observed, since they scored, it became increasingly difficult.I really feel that that was the difference. We feel that a good job themselves. But the decision was against some of us """ (For that racist remark before the game against Marcello is Busukettsu) Relation of some Barcelona players and broke. There is not much to say. I can pretty clear. (How much anger The Dolphin) do not know. It should listen to him. "



Uchida_European Soccer _Champions League _semifinal _Manchester_Manchester United _England_Utida Atsuto _Schalke _Germany_Barcelona _Spain_Man U_Chelsea_goal

Uchida, as well as the finals

European Soccer Champions League (CL) is 04, made the second game of a semifinal match in Manchester, home of Manchester United (England) played two seasons for the first time finalists. Japan national team 4-1 in Utida Atsuto DF (23) belongs to Schalke (Germany), down a total of 6-1 and game two. Barcelona in the finals of 28 (Spain) to play against.
 The first game was March 26 2-0 win at Man U, has also declined to 08 in the league with Chelsea, will preserve the core of this game. Meanwhile, the Schalke game in difficult circumstances need to be started at least two points.
 Man U showed composure from the beginning is infused with preemptive counterattack right-foot shot 26 minutes from the Valencia half. Right from the throw-in 31 minutes, according to a second goal took his right foot near the front of the goal Gibson.
 Schalke 35 minutes, the chance to make the starting lineup in a wing cross was right Uchida, and returned to a point shot from the left foot goal Fullard exciting, back to Man U 2-1 lead in the first half or.
 The second half of Man U's offensive continued, the speedy right wing broke in 27 minutes, the third point that Anderson had screwed a left-footed shot the ball in front of goal. Anderson scored a goal and making doubly sure that even after four minutes with a 4-1.
 After all, a total of two races 6-1 Man U victory at the European challenge to win the fourth time in 28 finals. CL Schalke club blocked the first-ever finals and missed the final table was played Uchida, Japan's first full well.



Champions League semi-finals _Manchester United vs Schalke _Barcelona _final_Premier League _Chelsea _Rooney _Ferdinand _Viditchi _Evra_Giggs_Hernandez _Schalke _Raul _Farfán_Noia_ウェンブリー

Manchester United vs FC Schalke 04 (4-1) Goals & Full Highlights (04/05/2011)

Champions League semi-finals held on October 4 2nd leg, match of Manchester United vs Schalke won 4-1 by United in-one.As a result, total 2 matches 6-1 by United topped the round as it was decided to play against Barcelona in the final.
1st leg 2-0 win over United that is to refrain from direct confrontation with the Premier League title is Chelsea hang on the weekend, members changed significantly. Rooney and Ferdinand are also entering the bench Viditchi and Evra, Giggs, Hernandez and the bench, came to the game to preserve the core.
Against Schalke is appointed as head of the Raul 1. Farfán, Fullard, Baumuyohan was appointed to the thick middle Draksler simultaneously. 8 minutes but Schalke Farfan has hit the middle, Raul does not work and a top can not create a chance. -

26 minutes of the game has moved. United take preemptive point. Back to intercept a pass in midfield partner, superb through pass from Gibson, GK dominate Valencia 1:1 and calmly Noia. United is now, even after five minutes, but last throw-strong middle Gibson, playing the hand shake Noia net.
The total score becomes 0-4, or even loose gas united defense, successfully Schalke 35 minutes to return a point. Sent a cross from the right side that played full Uchida, Raul has competed at the center of a loose ball,Fullard is a strong finish in the shot. Schalke, but after allowing a goal-scoring opportunity in Valencia, where the defenders are blocked somehow. The first half finished one point behind.
Rangnick will introduce director Eduardo Baumuyohan head instead of the second half. Raúl made to vertical relationships. This rise is working, and put the chance to make close, 70 minutes Directed Rangnick,Take a trick, who returned to appoint down the Hevedesu Funteraru

But here stop attack will destroy the United Schalke. Smalling goal of 71 minutes, although there was no offside in, take the decisive third point after one minute. Anderson has sent a cross from Nani counter, but once they were stopped Uchida, Anderson poured himself a loose ball. United is also 76 minutes, Berbatov reacted wrap-thru, Anderson is infused with bad press again.
Barcelona coach Guardiola in front of the spectator stand, while preserving a large number of major United picked up a ticket to the final four goals to steal a large amount.In the final at Wembley on 28 and 0-aim for revenge and defeated two years ago, two.



Real _Barca _tournament finals _CL semi-final second leg_FC Barcelona_​​Man U_Schalke _Messi _Carvalho _Xabi _Adebayor _Higuain _Cristiano Ronaldo_Casillas _Iniesta _Classico

Barcelona vs Real Madrid 1 0 goal Pedro brilliant assist Iniesta!

Real and Barca draw that determines the tournament finals for the first time 2 ... CL semi-final second leg

The final opponent in this FC Barcelona, ​​Man U is either I or Schalke 04.As far as I felt the image digest is meant they had very thorough effort to reduce the area Messi Barça Real Carvalho and Xabi Alonso.Adebayor is scary ... check out the looks of the red sometime pretty soon you come to destroy you because there are severe physical performance?

Playing in front of goal was canceled Higuain It seems like the controversy. After achieving a superb pass through Cristiano Ronaldo, fell to Piquet and interlaced.In its aftermath seems to have taken a foul Mascherano Ronaldo beat that, I wonder how?Well, it might have been able to catch up to the place of the defense ... Higuain.

Real Barca exposed to repeated attacks of Casillas GK, I expected a big success in saving. Would be hard to keep the pitch was wet from rain.Through path is amazing and made the final point of Pedro Iniesta Anyway. It was extraordinary to have reached Pedro sock yarn to pass through a needle like.Classico four races was large and inexplicable decision struggle, I felt good to see a heated battle Somehow.


Barcelona, ​​R · Madrid CL finals and draw _Champions League semi-finals _Camp Nou _Jose Mourinho _Casillas _Higuain _Ronaldo _goal_Pedro _Di Maria _Marcelo _Classico _King's Cup _Manchester United _Puyol_Abidal_アビダル_プジョル

FC Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 1 -1 | Adios Real Madrid| Champions League 03\05\2011

Barcelona, ​​R · Madrid CL finals and draw

Champions League semi-finals held on October 3 2nd leg, Barcelona's 1-1 draw with Real Madrid, 3-1, two games total in the finals decided.
Rainy game is held at the Camp Nou against Jose Mourinho a hollow Madrid, Barcelona dominated the ball Again, GK Casillas in the first half of a fine piece of play was reduced to 0 points.

Madrid immediately after the second half, Higuain has swayed the net starting this game, as Ronaldo was fouled on the previous play, the referee showed no de Burikeru goal. Reached 54 minutes and decided to finish in the top right corner to the left Pedro thru exits a superb return from injury Iniesta, Barcelona will open the scoring. Madrid 10 minutes later, the Di Maria Lateral pass that bounced off the left post to hit their shots, but Marcelo push catch this, the three-point shooting was barely in this one.
Classico 18 in four days, but it ended in a win over two fifths of one minute, while that of the King's Cup in hand Real Madrid, Barcelona win the league almost decided. Decided to CL finals for the first time in two seasons. Manchester United win the final it rises, will meet together as two years ago.The 90 minutes instead of Puyol, Abidal, who returned from surgery to remove the appearance of liver tumors. After the game, there was also a return to the scene to celebrate the lifting Abidal teammates.



The family plays the first year he became commander! Milan V checkmate the first time in seven seasons_Serie A AC Milan 1―0 Bologna _Massimiliano Arreguri _Roma _Flamini _Inter _Inter Milan _Mourinho _Chelsea _Ronaldinho _Cassano _Seedorf _Massimiliano Arreguri _Italy_Ibrahimovic _リーグ最優秀監督

Zlatan Ibrahimovic fight, bad boy

The family plays the first year he became commander! Milan V checkmate the first time in seven seasons

Serie A AC Milan 1―0 Bologna (May 1)

 Serie A match made in day 7 of Section 35, to lead AC Milan 1-0 Bologna, and put a shot to win the first time in seven seasons at the season's first five game winning streak.Massimiliano Arreguri appointed director of the first year (43) rebuilt the prestigious 17th victory on major reinforcement of the team together. Determine the winner against Roma on 07 sections.
 The AC Milan's home is filled with festive mood. Eight different points with Inter Milan for second place. The results exceeded the enemy confrontation, but at one point victry By adding the remaining three races. Arreguri coach is "99.99% of us. Decide in the next section of Rome," she said, smiling. This day took the lead eight minutes extra points could not be started,Join Boateng under attack from the middle and top Flamini scored, a victory to hold the pace throughout 61 total score was one point short of Inter "minimum runs and scoring offense with a second place league (23) is proud defense was" proudly. 08 - Serie 09 A year as head coach at Cagliari was the first challenge is the limited forces fought bravely in the ninth. Inter Milan Mourinho won the (then) was chosen as best director suppressed league, opened the way to the inauguration of the Milan coach this season.
 Was also noted a lack of experience, knowledge absorption and visit Ancelotti led Milan to Chelsea in 2009.Ronaldinho was considered fit haste (Flamengo now) team seized the method name such as agnostic turn hired ahead. Success is "fortunate to have had significant investment in time became" but with humility, and was appointed co-exist in a flexible method of joining forces with the existing new star Ibrahimovic and Cassano from the ability of the appointed law director loud it.
 Aims to interact with the player for his honest, the veteran Seedorf temporary impact "exercises to make me feel good, clearly the philosophy of tactics," and praise.Even ahead of the DF Jepesu "respect for the players, make me believe in the idea that everyone" to trust. The team plays winning hand. "CL goals in Europe next season." Commander with the response ahead in view.

 Massimiliano Arreguri

 August 11, 1967, 43 years old born in Livorno, Italy. And as played in Pescara MF, start living in the lower league coach since 2003. When he became coach of Serie Cagliari 08 A1 into the ninth year in the first year, The league was chosen as best director, dismissed April 10 in the second year. In June he became the coach of AC Milan.



Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona _Red Card _Mourinho's surprise move Classico victory_lose battles_Classico _Barca vs Real_Spain_Football _Mourinho _Champions League semi-final 1st leg _Pepe _VTR _professional soccer player

Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona Pepe Red Card 27/4/11 UEFA Semifinal

Mourinho's surprise move Classico victory

I can not lose battles. It is a traditional game Classico Barca vs Real, Spain. If you do not lose ends, but just play nasty. Football Association chairman, is worried about end up in each other's players would be strained in the Spain squad. Barca fight has always said Mourinho would have been 10 people,Not seem satisfied with the decision of the referee is going. After the Champions League semi-final 1st leg raise even play that caused the exit of the VTR Pepe opponent in the leg validation has proven not right. Coach was dismissed as a tribute to the significance of it. This is not something accumulated. The 2nd fight on equal terms with no translation will take command of the leg.

I'm famous handedly gave incredibly detailed game analysis, team strategy Mourinho, the personal experience of a professional soccer player is not actually. Involved in football I was,He was in the first and interpreters. What were fertilizing the eye here? I will coach after this time, but it is true of the other players are very detailed analysis of this or that.DVD Features opponents gathered to tell sometimes CG seems to use a strategy for winning.
Rice stubbornness and obstinacy of their clash clouds of war seemed likely played 2nd lead leg is gone too safe, what kind of a fight?


Pierluigi Collina _2002 FIFA World Cup_Catania, a no-win record vacates enemy territory _Serie A_Morimoto Takayuki _Fiorentina _Director Mihajlovic_Maxi Lopez _Gilardino _Mutu _Uefa _Collina _Euro 2012_Platini _Italy _Russa _Inter_Milito_Thiago Motta _Ranocchia_Genoa

Pierluigi Collina 【2002 FIFA World Cup】

Catania, a no-win record vacates enemy territory

Serie A, in order to determine the residual early Morimoto Takayuki Catania is a member of the player, you have to do it . Fiorentina know well the team is former Director Mihajlovic.Simeone coach predicts tough match.

Maxi Lopez also tuned FW. "Even if a wrong step, the Fiorentina team that has a great talent. Gilardino and Mutu especially good that there are FW. In so far away, Catania are not getting desired result.This trend must change. The rankings help emerging victorious. May be a draw "

●Uefa chief referee Collina will referee yuan, an increase of the goals determined by the judge on the highest level 2012 euros, said help reduce mistakes.
"Five reviews of the referees put the Euro 2012, Platini had better win this idea before. Would be fewer mistakes in hearing more. CL game in the league and Europe. From left to right under the basket but the referee, I was right would be better. Maybe it will be the euro "

●Italy Russa La Defense, the mention of Inter's support against Genoa. "Both teams have good relations, Milito, Thiago Motta and I led the acquisition Ranocchia.The Ranocchia, Samuel and decided that can not be returned after the season important for the defense really. Italy top the next 10 years will be DF. Kharja also think our midfield won Ino Makoto.Genoa is a very powerful and unpredictable. Would not be a simple game.



Miscarriage of justice in the history of the birth of the World Cup _England vs Germany

Miscarriage of justice in the history of the birth of the World Cup - England vs Germany game; -

England VS Germany STUPID Judge!

The scoring play is related to the video judged necessary. Also, to abolish completely mechanized linesman.

But will it go down in history as a goal of suspicion was reported around the world.


Miscarriage of justice in the famous World Cup is as follows.

26 04 - What Day Is It? W - Zidane announced his retirement in the German Cup _Jizu _soccer _world's best footballers_FIFA best player award _Ballon d'Or _Great football player _Zinedine Zidane_World Cup_Juventus _Serie A_La Liga _Real Madrid_UEFA Champions League _Toyota Cup _Michel Platini_King of Football_Pele_Cruyff _Beckenbauer_Maradona_Baggio _クライフやベッケンバウアー、プラティニ、マラドーナ、R・バッジョなど各国のスーパースター

Penalty World Cup Germany 2006 Zidane vs Buffon

Zidane headbutts Materazzi - BEST ANGLE *****

26 04 - What Day Is It? W - Zidane announced his retirement in the German Cup

Jizu (nickname) has attracted a magnificent play soccer fans around the world.

26 April 2006;

God loved the world's best footballers, pulling 34-year-old act.

 FIFA best player award three times (1998, 2000, 2003), once Ballon d'Or (1998), Great football player [100] (※) was selected as a "hero of the French" Zinedine Zidane, W Germany and announced retirement last World Cup.
 From the late 1990s and early 2000s, Zidane went on to dominate the world's top times. Juventus in Serie A twice in control, even in La Liga Real Madrid, UEFA Champions League Toyota Cup and then continued to apex Unusual stand. The first win to lead the French National W Cup champion for the second time since 1984 and two years later at the European Championship. Zidane has won every major title in both the club representatives were told that even more than Michel Platini, the hero of his country.
 In Real, a representative in France, keep shining steadfast Jersey 10. The play, not seen any signs of decline. Only Zidane, however, make the fair had a feeling satisfied. "The last two years did not regain top form. In a great club like Real Madrid is not a reason to keep playing"

 Only those who know only the struggle to rule on the top -. Zidane has a year contract to leave Real and lowered the curtain on its own.

(※) FIFA at a ceremony held on March 4, 2004 to commemorate the centennial, the "King of Football" was chosen by Pele.Cruyff and Beckenbauer, Platini, Maradona, R ·Baggio enter one's name and country superstar .


Battle heats up the opposite curb appeal Classico Barca counter-countered in sports activities in Madrid _Real Madrid _club's official website_UEFA _anti-sporting _Champions League semi-finals _Barcelona _Classico curb war_Jose Mourinho _Pepe _Danieu Alves

Battle heats up the opposite curb appeal Classico Barca counter-countered in sports activities in Madrid

Real Madrid 28 days, on the club's official website, UEFA Barcelona against "anti-sporting activities" and issued a statement reporting.Champions League semi-finals held on 27 1st leg under the Madrid and Barcelona "Classico curb war" is heating up that more and more.Madrid's Jose Mourinho after the match, DF and that Pepe was sent off, by expressing dissatisfaction with the Chief Judge, judges often argued in favor of Barcelona. As a result, Barcelona is "to protect the reputation of the club" in order, the behavior of Mourinho announced that UEFA Disciplinary Committee report. UEFA about this matter, to show that the Disciplinary Committee to investigate.

On the other hand, the do-or-die resistance is also poised for Madrid, the club's official HP in the video game introduced this. Barcelona was the scene DF Pepe sent off, and not touching Danieu Alves, MF Barcelona scene collapsed face Busukettsu suppressed DF Sergi made it clear that there was no foul on Marcelo. Said further that Barca Madrid UEFA Have you ever received a complaint, Unjust decision that led to Pepe sent off, "as, UEFA announced the idea of ​​forced to report the behavior to the Disciplinary Committee of Barcelona. In addition, Mourinho on Madrid,The director said, "based on freedom of speech and expression", UEFA said that only objections to the victory against the provisions of the Discipline, "to support the overall supervision" has been claimed.

UCL Clasico: Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona | Jose Mourinho's Press Conference