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YUTO‐NAGATOMO/長友‐佑都 [The Best]

日本アジア杯優勝! Japan vs Australia 1-0 Lee Tadanari - Final

Great Nagatomo is amazing because you're the Intel world.

I report to the media on a large scale transfer of Nagatomo.

January 31, DF Japanese team decided that the capital moved to Intel Nagatomo Yuu from Cesena. About six months ago, the popularity of fixed transfer to Cesena is The not so. Today, however, is a more telling in each of the top Italian sports media. Italian sports newspaper's decision to transfer the next day , the name of Nagatomo.

Intel has decided to transfer capital Nagatomo us. Intel to rent but I can not doubt it, while still conflicting information. I bought a rental in Cesena from Tokyo Intel sold by Dano from Tokyo rental contract, the rental is for rent. I moved in there was a report to the full transfer.
Which I do not know exactly what is right. Tokyo officially not mentioned anything yet, so, I do not know.But say one thing, I decided that the club moved to the reigning world champion. No one is ever transferred a big football club in Japan. I have Arsenal.


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